Explain your price with an up-to-date listing

Recent photos and details about amenities help show the value of your listing.
By Airbnb on May 3, 2023
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Updated May 3, 2023

Accuracy is essential when it comes to hosting. A detailed listing can explain your price to guests, let them know what to expect, and help them plan ahead.

Go into detail about your space

You can help guests determine whether your place will work for them by keeping your listing detailed and current.

  • Be clear about the basics. Write a detailed listing description to share anything guests should know, and clarify how many rooms and beds are available in your listing details.
  • List all your amenities. Guests often filter their search results to find top amenities, which include wifi, air conditioning, and free parking. Add or update yours to stand out.

Give a sense of your hosting style

Showing what kind of Host you are helps paint a more complete picture of the value you provide to guests.

  • Write clear rules. Your house rules are a way to share essential info—like a no-smoking policy—with potential guests. They also set expectations and provide a preview of what kind of Host you are.
  • Use inclusive language. Make it clear in your listing description that you welcome people of all backgrounds.
  • Spotlight personal touches. Photos of details like handwritten notes, a reading nook, or artwork and decor can help highlight your style.

Be open to change

Consider the experiences of your guests, as well as other Hosts, to regularly update and improve what you offer and how you host.

  • Respond promptly. Quick replies allow you to answer common questions with pre-written messages, saving you time. And when you respond constructively to guest reviews, you show that you take their feedback and satisfaction seriously.

  • Be your own guest. Whether you’re a new or seasoned Host, you can benefit from staying in your space. Can you find your way to the entrance in the dark? Is the bed comfortable? You’ll learn firsthand where there’s room for improvement.

  • Join the club. Connect with other Hosts through your local Host Club to ask questions and share tips about hosting in your area.

“I always suggest Hosts stay in their own place to see things through the eyes of guests,” says Katie Kay, a Host Advisory Board member and Superhost in Lake Arrowhead, California. “Do you need another hook outside the shower for your robe? Is a rattling heater vent keeping you awake? Thoughtful upgrades and repairs can help push an okay stay to a great one.”

Pamellah, a Community Leader and Host Advisory Board member in Malindi, Kenya, says she does her best to stay engaged and do research: “What are your neighbors offering? What is your locality offering? And what are travelers looking for now? That’s how you grow. To make your listing stand out, you need to make a time investment.”

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May 3, 2023
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