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Hey, I’m Gene!

US · Member since June 2013

“Until you discover that you are the authority of your own life, you will continue to give that authority to others!" Gene Oliver

Author and Guide - “Life and the Art of Change"
Personal - Business – Relationships - Self-Realization - Life Coach

He has been a student of and integrated the understanding of the practices and teachings of Corporate America, Entrepreneurs, Tao, Buddhism, Zen, Bhagavad Gita, Sufi, Kabbalah, Mythology, Jung, Maslow, Gurdjieff, Meditation, Christian Mystics, the 12 Steps, Gnostic Gospels, and Philosophers for 50 years. He has been sharing that understanding with others for 28 years.

Gene has deep understanding of change and human behavior. His good fortune in 50 years spans the changes during epochal moments in three different industries. For many years he worked in the business community in sales, management, regional leadership, systems analysis and corporate. He also searched the disciplines of Mythology, Psychology, and World Spiritual Teachings seeking the common wisdom in each. The complexity of his work has been distilled into 7 Simple Principles that assist people in transcending the fears and emotions that control their lives. Since that time, he committed years of observation, self-reflection, study and practical application to personal growth, human behavior and how we deal with change. He has conducted seminars and workshops for over 10,000 people and 200 companies sharing simple principles. He continues to counsel individuals in their personal growth and careers on a one-to-one basis.

Gene is available for retreats of 4, 7, 10, and 14 days visits to Sedona.
Special Pricing is made for Guests who wish to incorporate their visit to Sedona and some work/counseling with him. You may inquire about this with your reservation request and pricing adjusted to your visit and what you may wish to do. If you choose to do some work with him, he limits it to 2 hours a day of counseling and discussion integrated with setting you up with local massage therapist and/or Native American Shaman who conducts Mystic Earth Tours, Astrology Readings, Energy Release Ceremony and Sweat Lodges as part of working with Gene.

(Gene is open to taking a 30 minute complimentary introductory call with you to answer any questions you may have about his work. However, phone numbers and emails cannot be exchanged until after you have made a reservation)


“Wow....I was, and am, so tired tonight. 1 + 1/2 hours sleep in 24 hours. I took the book to bed thinking I would begin, fall asleep and then finish tomorrow. Not really being able to comprehend much tonight. I couldn't put it down. Its "good" Gene. I want to say it's "great" but somehow that doesn't feel right because to me "great" usually has a beginning and end and is somehow "short lived", it rises quickly and ends just as quickly. "Good" is infinite. Good is what makes me feel like all is well and right and correct and in the order of nature or belonging with perfect rhythm. Good is innately unquestioned and you have accomplished this with your work with others, words and how you have made them flow."

Carrol Kennedy

“I was stuck in the obsession of looking for support and never finding it. You helped me change gears and get back to reality! I was stuck. Now I am able to take responsibility and turn my life around."
Linda Kujawa

“His guidance fell in many areas from my personal to business to spiritual life. In every category, he paused to ensure that I understood the connectedness of each subject and how mastery in one, lead to mastery in all ultimately coalescing into consciousness."

Ilya Elena Lerma, Esq., Northern Arizona University B.A., Philosophy, University of Arizona, J.D
“Working with Gene is an experience far beyond what I would have normally expected. His gentle, wise and crystal clear approach allowed me to feel seen and heard. His sessions sparked a natural insight on what was needed for me. This is a phenomenon I see in those who not only mastered their practice but who have the quality of being those with whom they work with the courage and insight to live a more authentic life."

Angela Le BA, History and Asian Philosophy, MS Traditional Chinese Medicine

“Gene's unassuming appearance and personality can be deceiving, but don't be fooled. Typically, we expect our spiritual guides to appear unworldly, Merlin-like or Native American. Gene's Midwestern looks and charm bring modesty, business sense, hard work, generosity, and kindness to the process."

Nicole Rousseau BS, PSY/ECON - Smith University;MBA International Marketing/Finance - NYU; Coaching Certification - Columbia University

“Gene Oliver has been business associate, advisor and personal friend over the last 30 years. His unique and well-disciplined mind has been a very useful resource to me, not only in business but personal discussions and growth of my company. His exemplary character, both in business and personal life are beyond reproach."

Cliff Piscitelli - Executive Vice President, Downey Savings and Loan (Retired)

If you are stuck, get unstuck!
Moments arise in all lives when beliefs seem to fail. What beliefs are working and which ones no longer serve you? You can discover and remove the power that negative emotions have over your life.
• Discover and let go of fears instilled in you from the past.
• Learn to welcome and embrace all experiences.
• Experience life more consciously and fully.
• Enjoy more openness and spontaneity.

Intent and Sanctuary
Intent is the causal force to all action. Self-reflection is the capacity to experience oneself, embrace, take action and resolve the conflict within. Self-reflection and resolve are the keys to growth which is what gives one a meaningful life. It you have that capacity or desire to change your life, there is much here for you. If you do not, there is probably not much for you. You should move on in your surfing, as all that is here will only frustrate, bore you or not have much meaning.

If you do have that desire, then enter Life and the Art of Change to experience the Hero Journey, Return to Personal Identity , and Realization of Authentic Self.

Beliefs, motives and values are what drive our lives. In everyone's life moments arise when we begin to wonder about those beliefs. For some reason they don't seem to be as fulfilling as before. It can be called temporary ego collapse or midlife transition and it happens to everyone, usually between the ages of 35 to 50. It can also come when a pivotal event occurs that throws our world upside down.

In the terms of many teachings, these moments may be called ‘epiphany', or ‘aha' moments of self-realization. In other traditions, they may be known as the Call of the Hero Journey, or in Mythology the Phoenix Myth. They are moments of awakening and the search begins to learn what it is that is missing.

This is not intellectual. It is the intent here to assist those in their journey by providing a bridge or tools for you to return to that original self that you have forgotten. We have an understanding of this with bridges and tools to help one transition from where they are to where they want to be. If you connect with what is said here, you have found the place you are looking for. If they have any meaning for you, it will also tell you that you have found the right place. It is a process that moves across a bridge. That bridge is transcending Fear thru Hope,Trust ,Action to Faith.

The journey to return to yourself is called “The Journey to the Land of AAH'S" .
Accept, Acknowledge and Hear Yourself.
That is our purpose.
Welcome to “The Land of AAH's"

You have found the right place.....


Extended words from one who has walked this path with me....

Gene's unassuming appearance and personality can be deceiving, but don't be fooled. Typically, we expect our spiritual guides to appear unworldly, Merlin-like or especially in Arizona even Native American. Gene's Midwestern looks and charm brings modesty, business sense, hard work, generosity, and kindness to the process. He offered me copies of his books to review and became my guide. We spent many mornings and afternoons sitting on his patio in the Sedona sun doing 'the work'. I did not even realize it was ‘the work', but soon came to understand what ‘the work' is and assuredly, it is work.

The books immediately spoke to me, but it was Gene's voice that brought it to life. Through our in-depth conversations and use of the tools and principles in the books, we began to break through some of my key issues effortlessly, but not easily as one does not 'melt the ice' without processing the pain. I was able to objectively examine old beliefs, quiet the mind, and begin to hear my own wisdom that had been calling for so many years. Gene is a tough, but compassionate guide and did not allow my ego to regain control as we examined some of my deep seated fears and hidden beliefs. As he calls it, he does battle with the 'ego dragon' and mine sure did put up a fight. Having done this for 22 years, you soon realize, Gene will not back down from the tricks your ego will perform.

As Gene explained to me, the Guide-Student relationship is one of respect for the Path. It is not about the guide, it is about the journey. Each person is different and what is needed at the time is what he will use. Working with Gene is like riding in a car with an expert driver. The road and the passenger determine tools needed at any moment. He will shift from Tao to Maslow to Jung, to Mythology, to poems, stories, music and movies - whatever is needed. I was in awe of how skillfully he listens and then brings forth the tool needed for the moment. This process with its bends and turns is truly an awakening into the controlling patterns of your life that dominate all thought, reaction and emotion.

After I left Sedona, we continued our guide-student relationship over the phone and email. The transition was seamless and the work still powerful as I was able to continue to have breakthroughs even when back in my old surroundings, responsibilities, and community. At times when I became overly distracted with my everyday life, Gene was able to spontaneously incorporate new concepts into the work, tailored just for me, that complemented our conversations and readings in the books.

Enjoy your journey with Gene, as it is worth it. Having been stuck in what Gene calls 'bibliotherapy' and 'motivational flu' for years, he finally helped me make sense of it all. He does not seek to sell DVD's, or tapes, wealth or notoriety. He is committed to the one on one work as he understands there is the value. As he says 'the legacy and wealth of his life is in the doors and wisdom that open for others'....and in turn, their ability to help others in their journey....