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Hey, I’m Lizzie!

Leeds, United Kingdom · Member since May 2013

I'm originally, and very proud, to be from Lancashire but also technically half Yorkshire. Even though I love and live in the t'other side of the Pennines, I'm an absolute coward when asked my preference of the two counties. Rather than favouring one coloured rose (white or red, a weak reference to the War there!), I opt for Dog Daisies every time! A very proud Northerner though and hope the stereotypical attributes of being warm, welcoming and friendly are ever apparent for visiting guests. If you need anything, please just ask and I'll try my hardest. Truffles and Tatinger may be a little difficult to locate however!

I'm a little bit of a contradiction which I think the house represents. Tea pots and vintage; retro and classic, quirky and random, there's an eclectic flavour to my home which I really love. There's no sense to it but it works for me and everyone who has stayed or visited seems to have the same instinct to want a guided tour? I'm still not sure what to read into that but I think it's a good thing?! It's also been suggested to ask Country House/Homes and Gardens/Bella/Take a Break to do a photo shoot. I've not pursued this option as I'd have to clean the windows and wear an apron to keep up the pretence.

On that part, the house has been a MASSIVE renovation project and, as such, there are some imperfections. It's best not to look to closely at my painting cutting in skills! It's old; it's quirky and to me, it's really become a home after the seemingly endless months of taking a 'room by room' approach and moving bathrooms; knocking down walls and wondering how to tackle the , reams of woodchip wallpaper and garden. I don't have green fingers, they're still very pink so budding gardeners are particularly welcomed!

Anyone who stays is often shocked that despite the confused décor, I have a serious love of the sea. Rarely happier than when I'm racing on a boat in my wellies and fighting to steal every last bit of wind to get to the head of the fleet / closer to the pub. I also have to say that asides from a penny sweet when I was 8, wind has been the only thing I've ever stolen (I was dared for the former offence and spent several sleepless nights expecting a knock on the door from the police!). I love it (sailing!) and have faced some fairly big challenges to date but it's been arguing tactics with my now 81 year old Dad on board our beloved boat Rice Pudding which gives me the greatest pleasure these days. He's a legend and I'm wondering now why you'd want to know that?!

Speaking of which, it's predictable, but my family and friends are the most important thing to me asides from the orange velvet sofa, my eternal stash of cheese, wine and Guinness. It's also timely to note that I'm the least shallow person I know. I also think that's funny, so hope you're getting that I've a sense (strange?!) of humour!

What else? I'm Head of Comms for Adult Social Care in Leeds and LOVE my job, mostly because I work with funny, extraordinary and committed people and the best part? I get to meet the very people we serve regularly; the elderly, people with learning disabilities or mental health support needs and folk with long term conditions. They are the jewel in the small crown (tiara) of my role there. Although I'm not great in the mornings, there's no dread going to work. I'm a very lucky Lancashire Lass with a slight Yorkshire Pudding twist to be doing what I do.

Shepherd House is a home and hopefully a warm and welcoming one.

I now feel like I've written an internet dating profile! Family motto to be shared upon asking but there's a clue in letters in the kitchen. Free first night to anyone that gets it first time (and I always pay debts!).

Any questions, please get in touch and hope to see Air BnB guests soon.

Cheers you and thanks for reading. Lizzie