Hey, I'm Curtis!
Calgary, Alberta, Canada · Member since February 2013

First things first - I love music. I sing and play guitar (among other instruments) and find that's it's a great way to connect with fabulous people whether they're other musicians or music fans. I love it so, that it is my full time profession in the city. Chances are you'll be able to catch a show during your stay with me! ((website hidden))

I love a good laugh, and so I love doing things to make me laugh - hanging out with great people, having a good time, traveling, eating yummy things together.

I'm have a weakness for all the "as seen on TV" crap. If it slices, dices and/or is wearing a boom mic, I can't resist.

I believe the outdoors is great for the soul, even though I don't always have time to get there. But when I do, I wish I never had to leave.

I make guitar faces.

I love a good dishwasher stack. I know....take it or leave it.

I do stupid things when I'm with my dearest friends.

When I dance, I look like a drunken senior citizen shaking dice at a craps table in 1970's Vegas.

My eyes go real small when I laugh. So if my eyes are wide after you told a good joke....sorry.

I love to get away. I've traveled the world and don't intend to stop. I will never stop traveling Canada - it's the best place I've been.

I have a pretty substantial man crush on Ben Harper.

I've had the fortune of making some decent mistakes in my life to learn from, so I have a bit of perspective on things. Shallow is just boring.

Dust bunnies...I hate them.

I like things. Things like motorcycles, good beer, wine, tea, cooking an awesome meal, VW Beetles, the outdoors, discovering new music, the prairies. There's lots.

I respect depth, common sense, maturity, and self awareness more than anything in a person's character.

I'm torn between the city and the country. I love water but can't swim (working on that). I love being surrounded by great people. I love to play guitar. I believe family is essential. I love to be spontaneous, but like to plan. I hate shoes. I think a smile is a person's most important feature. I love to go out, but I need to stay in sometimes.

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