Hey, I'm Joe!
Hilo, Hawaii, United States · Member since December 2012

I used to manage the Aloha Guest House on the west side and came on board here in June 2014 to live in Hilo forever. I'm very busy making all kinds of improvements and expanding the number of rooms from 3 to 6 while adding guided private tours to the mix! Focused on maintaining the highest standards while playing as hard as we work to make your hard earned vacation the amazingly unforgettable experience you deserve. :)

Personally, I'm a rabid fan of all things astrophysics, snorkeling, road biking, and basically treating every day as if it could be my last. I moved here 3 years ago to basically retire in simplicity and have never looked back. I love sharing Hawaii's effect on people and seeing light bulbs go off. :) I love sharing the best spots and especially low cost adventures to explore...

So welcome to the Good Karma House, and it's really great to meet you and learn about your culture and corner of this crazy blue, and white, and green marble we're all spinnin on like a top in the middle of nowhere for this crazy adventure :)

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