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All finished! (..but still learning)
Of course I work! I also eat and sleep, as well.
Hey, I'm Dani!
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I am a part time cross dresser. Often referred to as a CD. I hate to put people off, so I rarely bring it up in conversation. I only feel like I should bring the fact up first, because I would hate for anyone to think I was trying to pull a fast one over on them! That is not my way. It's just one of the many facets of my personality that I enjoy exploring from time to time. I love to travel and have seen a great bit of this beautiful world we live in. Consequently, I have met a great deal of lovely people along the way. This site seems the perfect way to meet nice people. Not to date! lol I meant; to meet other congenial individuals while we make our way along the individual paths of Lfe. I suppose we help one another out, in a way... Couldn't we all use a bit of financial Blessing from time to time?!

Bless all of you who open your homes to travelers on a bit of a budget. May your rooms continue to be filled with lovely visitors. Perhaps we will have the opportunity of meeting some day. And please, if you have the slightest hesitancy about anything concerning me, I would never want you to feel ill at ease. Rest assured that I am not looking for a place away from home to run a bordello! lol Most likely, I am looking to have a lovely night out on the town and be able to come back to a comfortable bed. (Alone!) :)

I'm looking forward to my next trip to London (phone number hidden).

Thanks for reading...xxo