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Søren Ventegodt, MD (Janu)
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Dr. Ventegodt is an award-winning scientist and a popular, sought-after speaker on subjects such as holistic health, Quality of Life (QOL), existential therapy, and sexology. As an expert he has given more than 1000 lectures and public speeches in the Scandinavian countries, reaching about 100,000 people—fans who are potential buyers of a new book. According to (website hidden), he is regarded as a leading international scientist and researcher.

In the Scandinavian countries, Dr. Ventegodt has also had 1500 appearances in major media.

Dr. Ventegodt makes a monthly appearance on Danish radio (Radio24syv), in a two-hour broadcast that reaches an estimated (phone number hidden) listeners within Denmark. According to the program’s host, Michael Jeppesen, the programs in which Dr. Ventegodt participates are the most popular and frequently downloaded, often with 1000 downloads in a single day.

He is already a bestselling author in the Scandinavian countries (see below).

Dr. Ventegodt has authored 16 books, which have published in Denmark and 20 books published in Sweden, Norway, Canada, the United States, and South Africa. It is estimated that the total number of all Dr. Ventegodt’s books, published in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Canada, USA and South Africa is around 100,000 copies.

Books Published in the Scandinavian Countries
 Dr. Ventegodt´s bestseller Livskvalitet (Quality of Life), originally published in1995, is now in its third edition and has also been released in several paperback editions. In total, it has sold about 15,000 copies in Denmark and it continues to sell. Livskvalitet is distributed through DPK (a logistic service company that distributes books to the Danish bookshops), well as the Quality of Life Research Center in Copenhagen. The paperback edition is believed to yield similar sales figures in Sweden and Norway.
 Dr. Ventegodt’s second bestseller Arbejdslivskvalitet (The Quality of Working Life), originally published in 2000, has sold about 20,000 copies in Denmark. It was primarily sold through the Quality of Life Research Center. A book club edition sold several thousand copies and the book continues to sell.

Major Books In English by Dr. Ventegodt
• A six volume Textbook On Evidence Based Holistic Medicine By Søren Ventegodt. Nova Science, NY (Volume 1-5 published 2012, last volume scheduled publication date: 1 March, 2013)
• Our Search For Meaning In Life (Health And Human Development) By Søren Ventegodt Nova Science, NY (1 Apr 2012)
• Human Development: Biology From A Holistic Point Of View (Health And Human Development) By Søren Ventegodt And Tyge Dahl Hermansen. Nova Science, NY (1 Apr 2012)
• Randomized Clinical Trials & Placebo: Can You Trust The Drugs Are Working & Safe? (Health And Human Development) By Søren Ventegodt And Joav Merrick. Nova Science, NY (1 Apr 2012)
• Sexology From A Holistic Point Of View (Health & Human Development) (Health And Human Development) By Søren Ventegodt And Joav Merrick. Nova Science, NY (1 Mar 2011)
• Principles Of Holistic Psychiatry: A Textbook On Holistic Medicine For Mental Disorders (Health & Human Development) (Health And Human Development) By Søren Ventegodt And Joav Merrick. Nova Science, NY (1 Mar 2011)
• Health And Happiness From Meaningful Work: Research In Quality Of Working Life (Health And Human Development) By Principles Of Holistic Medicine: Global Quality Of Life - Theory, Research And Methodology By Søren Ventegodt, Isack Kandel And Joav Merrick. Victoria, BC: Trafford (4 May 2006)
• Principles Of Holistic Medicine: Quality Of Life And Health By Søren Ventegodt, Isack Kandel And Joav Merrick. Victoria, BC: Trafford (22 Dec 2005)
• Principles Of Holistic Medicine: Philosophy Behind Quality Of Life By Søren Ventegodt, Isack Kandel And Joav Merrick. Victoria, BC: Trafford (Nov 2005)
• Measuring The Quality Of Life From Theory To Practice By Søren Ventegodt. Quality of Life Research Center (1996)

Brief Biography
Søren Ventegodt, MD is the Director of the Quality of Life Research Center in Copenhagen, Denmark, where he is involved in cutting-edge research into the relationship between quality of life (QOL) and illness. During his final years of medical school, he developed a controversial theory of QOL and its role in causing diseases such as cancer. His research in QOL soon became popular with the general public and in 1992—while he was still a medical student--the Pharmacist Foundation of 1991 awarded him a grant of 600,000 Euro for his research in QOL and health. In 1993, he established the Quality of Life Research Center (QOLRC) at the University Hospital. In 1994 this institution became one of the first independent QOL Research Centers in Northern Europe and moved to its present location in Copenhagen, with Dr. Ventegodt as its Director.

In 1997, the Research Clinic for Holistic Medicine was established. More than 100 peer-reviewed scientific papers have now been published, making the QOLRC one of the world’s most productive centers of new medical knowledge in the field of clinical holistic medicine. In 2003 the Scandinavian Research Institute for Working Life Quality (NFA) was established in Oslo, Norway based on the ideas, books and materials produced by Dr. Ventegodt. In 2004 the Nordic School of Holistic Medicine was established at the QOLRC. Dr. Ventegodt participated in establishing the International Society for Holistic Health (ISHH) in 2004, and he continues as an active permanent member of the organizing committee, arranging international conferences on holistic health. In 2006 he became director of Nordic Campus, Interuniversity College, Graz.

Dr. Ventegodt is the author of 10 popular books and hundreds of papers and articles in magazines and peer-reviewed scientific journals. He is often used as a speaker on QOL and holistic health throughout the Nordic countries. He is currently in the process of establishing a holistic research hospital that will study the effect of new drug-free medicine on a large number of patients with physical and psychiatric disorders. His dream is that by 2030, many more physicians will use holistic training programs to help their patients fight diseases instead of resorting only to conventional medications. Dr. Ventegodt’s research into alternatives to pharmacologic treatment has made him into a controversial figure within the some segments of the conventional Danish medical establishment, but his popularity as a public speaker and radio personality demonstrates his reach and impact and the receptivity to his work on the part of the general public. His publication of hundreds of articles in established medical journals and numerous medical textbooks demonstrates that he is also making significant inroads within the medical community.

Dr. Ventegodt’s complete CV and more oinformation can be found on (website hidden) and (website hidden) (Danish)