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City of Leeds High School, Leeds Metropolitan U., University of the Arts London, London Metropolitan University, Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design, Central Saint Martins College of Arts & Design
Traditional and Digital Mixed media artist
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Hey, I’m Garvey!

London, United Kingdom · Member since December 2012
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I just qualified as a Holistic Brief Strategic Clinical Hypnotherapist. I had studied all different kinds of subjects and always go back to wanting to help people. I like helping people start a new life in Londo. I like living in London, I like welcoming people into my home, all kinds of people from all over the world. It's fun living in London. There's so much to do in London.

I thought I would say more about myself so that you know and understand a little bit more about me.

A Shy Kid
I was a shy kid, I didn't speak till I was 16, I love books, I love the smell of old libraries. I love hanging around with old people, and I also like hanging around with people of all ages.

Being a Player
As a teenager growing up, I did martial art, Lau Gau Gung Fu, also did, Jazz, Contemporary and Ballet dancing, as well as teaching them. Needless to say I was fit physically and fit to look at, to be honest I screwed so many virgins I lost count. I discovered girls wanted a nice guy but if they could get off with a cool hard to get player it was more of a challenge and more rewarding. So if any one was to ask me over the years how many girls I ever slept with? I honestly couldn't tell you.

So what am I like now as a person? I no longer have the body of adonis, I nolonger look like an angel, I'm old and fat. But I'm happy, and I love people. I chose to be a host and live with lots of interesting people rather than to live with a single woman.

I've been to many places in the uk and lived in a lot of different places. Travelled to a lot of european countries, been to the states and to china. Looking forward to travel around europe every month for a week. Well I'm at that age and profession where working for me, allows me that freedom to do as I please.

I dislike people with no manners, may be it is an old fashion thing, to say pleas, thank you and sorry all the time, but good manners never hurt anyone, being polite doesn't cost anything.

Yet so many people will throw away the opprtunity by being rude and unfriendly instead of taking the chance to be politely curteous. I think those that are rue are afraid to show that they want to be loved. Are afraid to want to be noticed, considered, cared for and understood. It is a shame, but I do hope that in time they will find an opportunity to let go of the pain they have within themselves and share the love for life with others.

Don't misjudge me, I'm not preaching, I think it is nice to consider that we can live in a world where we can walk down the streets and instead of thinking am I going to get mugged? We can think about say hello back to the person who greeted us kindly for no reason.

Selfish people
I don't care how you are outside of my home, but when people come to my home and expect to stay long term, longer than 3 days. Then irrespective of how you were raised by your parents.

Idle and lazy people
If your parents did everything for you and allowed you to grow up without knowing how to cook, clean the house, or have good personal hygiene? Then in my house you can expect that all to change, laziness is different to being idle, I would want to help around the house, to clean up after yourself immediately. Don't even think about telling me you will do it later, it's not going to happen.

If you are used to having a bedroom full of shit everywhere, guess what? It's not going to happen in my house. I lived with some extremely beautiful women and extermely handsome men only to be shocked at how nasty they can be when it comes to being tidy. I'm no saint, but who the hell do you expect to clean up after you or live in the shit you make. Not me, no way, it aint going to happen.

Personal Hygiene
I couldn't give a rat's monkey's ass about your personal hygiene but when you live in my house and I have to see that you haven't washed you personal bits for several days and your walking around with stained underwear or hving slept in the same bedclothes on the same bedsheets for weeks, It's not going to happen in my house.

Life philosophy
this one is simple, don't piss me off and I'll do anyrthing to help you that is within my capabilities to do.

Religious view
This has always been a tough one, like anyone I have an egotistical personality, I want to be recognised and rewarded for my efforts. I watch many of my family and friends lean on religion as a crutch to make it along the road of life. I don't think there's anything wrong with it.

There's no good without bad, there's no up without down, there's no life without death. So there's no God without..... and at that point, I haven't a clue. I did come up with an interesting theory one day not so long after a very old and close friend of mine had died. He was 75 and had led a good life.

I figured that all life has a soul, only we as human are arrogant to decide what life does or does not have a soul in deciding what is and isn't acceptable as we tend to give or take away our approval of others. Carrying on, if all life has a soul, then even the simplest celln organism that has a nucleus has a soul, right. everything that lives is is made up of cells, any scientist will tell you this.

If we all agree and accept that the brain is made up of braincells, and that the blood is made up of bloodcells, where we make 15 billion bloodcells that die and live every minute. That if we know that all the cells in our body co-operate to keep us alive, then why is it not then that all the souls of the cells within our body are not co-operating to make up the soul.

that if the body is a multi- complex organism then the soul is a multi-complex soul?