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Hey, I’m Jenna!

St Louis, Missouri, United States · Member since September 2012

Who? Me? Well, let's see. I sew a lot. In fact, I sew for a living. My husband has labeled me a "fabric artist", which I think has a nice ring to it. I have a shop on Etsy but hope to, one day, have my own storefront in the super-cool-guy area of town. My business is called "Duck Soup".
My husband, Matt, and I are musicians. We were in a band together for a while and did a lot of traveling for shows. We've slept in vans, on the floors of kind strangers' homes, cheapo, creepy motels, recording studios, and even in a train station in Europe. We're, kind of, over sleeping on hard surfaces. I wish we had known about airbnb sooner!
This band has since broken up. Matt and I now spend most of our time toddler wrangling. We have a little boy and he. Is. AWESOME. He's a good little traveler. We drove all the way from St. Louis, MO to Pascagoula, MS last winter and he did great. And, although he's easy to travel with, it's nice that he's old enough to stay with grandma & grandpa for a few days now.
Now, that stuff is all great, right? But what is it like to have me and my husband as guests? Well, I'd like to think we're pretty easy going, low maintenance people. Also, I was raised to be considerate and respectful to others and their things. Matt has the same respect. We've had many house guests - a lot of them bands. Most of them were fine but there were a couple here and there that weren't so great. We know how bad it feels when someone trashes your house and wouldn't dream of putting someone else through that.
Whelp, that's all I've got. If you have any questions feel free to message me!