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Hey, I’m Sue!

Vancouver, Canada · Member since March 2012

Hello John & Elizabeth! My name is Sue - I live on a ski hill in British Colombia. I travelled to Hawaii in the fall of 2010 and loved every minute - can't wait to get back to your beautiful island. Both my sister and I are in our early 40s and are reasonably athletic (I can understand with 100 steps you'd need to check!). We don't smoke, might have the odd bottle of wine, but mostly want to spend some time looking at water and spotting turtles. My sister lives in Calgary, and has not visited Hawaii before (though I'm sure this will be the first of many!). My daughter is right now trying to choose between skiing in Whistler with her dad (my husband), and coming to Hawaii with us - tough choices for a lucky kid.

One other thing I'd like you to know is that we'll be flying standby - which means that our plans might end up not quite as we hope. I'm not angling for any leniency in the booking as a result - more just to let you know that there's a (hopefully slim) chance that we'll be delayed in our arrival. If things go sideways on us I'll be sure to let you know!

Is there a place we can park a small rent car while we're staying with you?