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Saying YOUR WELCOME really loudly when people don't thank you., if i had a car, ALL my problems would be solved, I support a lower league football club (League 1 and below), Npower League 1, Laughing so hard you feel a six pack coming on, I had alot of plans for this (URL HIDDEN) August and I just realized that I haven't done shit., Why don't you have a seat? Take a seat, right over there., Hi, I'm a boy, and actually, I'm a decent bloke., The Republic of Ireland is nothing without Clinton Morrison starting., I hate it when Chris Hansen offers me a seat and has my chat logs., Jermaine Johnson, Marcus Tudgay, Joey Barton's Comedy Moustache, Bring back the free toys inside cereal boxes, Only Fools and Horses, You Sir Are A Cunt., Referee, may i ask you something.. ARE YOU BLIND?!, INTER, Davide Santon, Texting someone to tell them you're outside their house instead of knocking., Brian o sullivan is a sour c**t, The Academy, England, not a perfect football team but we will love them always., Your my boy blue!!, Be thankful for what you have because it could all be taken away tomorrow., Skittles, Newton Faulkner, For those who knew who Kings Of Leon were before Sex On Fire., You know, its amazing how much music can change your mood., Being Really Really Ridiculously Good Looking, If you watch Cinderella backwards, its a movie about a woman who learns her place, Stone Sour, Your profile picture is a car? Sorry, I didn't realize you were a transformer., i like my music LOUD, Likes Likes, knowing when the Referee has made a f**k up, and ensuring he realises it by f**king him out of it throughout the entire match., Gladiator, Declan's Hackney, Bruff, Sky Sports, Partying 'till the cows come home, then partying with the cows., "TELL ME, TELL ME, TELL ME," ok "oh- i already knew that ages ago", Taylor Hawkins, The Pixies, Football, Sheffield Wednesday Football Club, Kevin Pressman - Sheffield Wednesday Legend, Joe Cole, Carl Carlson, Crystal Castles, Yippee ki yay, motherfucker, Ben's Eurospar Quest, I'll still be a Sheffield Wednesday fan, whatever league their in :), Clinton Morrison, The awkward silence when a Meath person says they are Leinster champions, Thierry Henry, Tigerphobia - The fear that Tiger Woods wants to have sex with you, Johnny Cash, "Psst.. It's me.. The Tree of Temptation" ;), Ellie Goulding, Kubuś Puchatek, Electric Picnic, 1GOAL - Uddannelse for alle, 1 GOAL, Official FIFA World Cup 2014, The Sopranos, THE LORD OF THE RINGS trilogy book, When you turn your lights off downstairs than run upstairs so nobody kills you., Nothing says "fuck it" like bringing on Heskey., Shouting 'bus wankers!' at poeple at bus stops., Animaniacs, Lionel Messi, I Love You, Man, Russell Brand, Brandon Flowers, Playin Drums, 9/11 is a perfect example of why we can't pretend airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars., No matter how bad my life gets, I will not end up on Jerry Springer., Video Technology needed in Football, SPIN South West, De Niro, Does any one else find it abit weird how Mr CRABS lives in BIKINI BOTTOM !?, Thierry Henry's Handball Was Awesome!!, When I was younger, I wanted to be like Edgar Davids, The Temper Trap, France quitting? USA late? England left to fight Germany? Sounds familiar..., P!nk, Stereophonics, "Can I have a coke?" Is Pepsi alright? "Uh, Is Monopoly money alright?", Butch Walker, Accepting the "Terms & Conditions" without reading them. ;) Rebel., Give £2 To A Hungry African And What Do They Do?! Buy A fucking Trumpet!, Emile Heskey, John Barnes, When someone has a nickname, calling them by their real name sounds weird., Ruud Gullit, Eusébio, BAFANA BAFANA, Vuvuzela, Walking Around Naked, Match of the Day, Best revenge? Smile, be happy, never let them know it hurt., To the windows... TO THE WALLS.. to the sweat drop down my balls, Sexually Harassing the Elderly, Doing heroin with priests, selling crack to nuns, throwing dildos at nuns, steven gerrard lifting the world cup in south africa, I don't have the patience today to pretend you're not a twat, throwing dildos at nuns, Sheffield Wednesday F.C., Southwark, Bloc Party, I sent her a smiley face... Bitches l(PHONE NUMBER HIDDEN)e Smiley faces, doing Heroin with priests, Jameson Mix it Up, Whos your one, I feel so sorry for Rio Ferdinand LOL jk I'm Michael Dawson, Everybody Just Chill The Fuck Out. I Got This., How Many Bears Could Bear Grylls Grill, If Bear Grylls Could Grill Bears?, Selling crack to nuns., It's ok, I know what to do.. I've watched Bear Grylls, Grohl Dave, Ledley King, I'm more of a "haha" kind of person, not "lol", Being naked at inappropriate times, Zinedine Zidane, The awkward silence when you ask Theo Walcott what he's up to this summer..., Every time your name pops up on my phone, i smile. :), I LOVE TRANSFER DEADLINE DRAMA ON SKY SPORTS NEWS!!!, I'm disappointed when they actually are the father on Jeremy Kyle, Feel the rhythm, Feel the rhyme, Get on up, Its bobsled time, Wayne Rooney apreciation.....If not for United then For ENGLAND!!, Really wanting to say something back but it's way too harsh., i love how you can make me laugh when i don't even want to smile.