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North Rockhampton State High School
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Hey, I’m Karlee!

Maleny, Queensland, Australia · Member since August 2010
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City Chic, HOME & AWAY, Cadbury Wispa, Sex and the City, Desperate Housewives, Two and a Half Men, Jason Derulo, Taylor Swift, Timon, Gossip Girl, Bed, Lady Gaga, Grease, Justin Bieber, Home and Away (Official), I love sleep!, Friday afternoons, Skittles, Private Practice, Finding Nemo, $100 notes, CQ Party Events, Yeppoon, Smurfs, Eamon Sullivan, DORY, Docteur Todd Quinlan "The Todd", The legen. wait for it. Dary. Barney Stinson, Katy Perry, Heath Ledger, Australia, A Cure for Cancer, I Don't Smoke, Cool Runnings, CHANGE FACEBOOOK BACK!!!, Google, i like the smell of rain, Vin Diesel, Peter Griffin, The Dark Knight, Very Hungry Caterpillar, Myttoos Tattoos & Piercings, Love, Steve Stiffler, I like kisses., The Simpsons, Sponge Bob, Havaianas, Disney Movies, Billy Madison, Super Mario World, Chocolate, I Am Australian, CHRISTMAS, Gummy Bears, Where's Wally?, Nutella N°1, King julian, F.R.I.E.N.D.S, Two And A Half Men Fan Club, SCRABBLE® Worldwide (excluding U.S. and Canada), Smoking Is Not Sexy, Donkey, Stifler, waking up after a big night and discovering you still have money left over., Take away, DVD, Sexytime Then Bed., Hangovers: God's way of saying "YOU KICKED ASS LAST NIGHT", I Will Go Slightly Out of My Way To Step On A Crunchy-Looking Leaf, Saying i dunno when you cant be botherd to explain something, Zodiac NightClub, Rumours inform you amazing things that you did not even know about yourself, "I dont hate you, but sometimes YOU F*CKING PISS ME OFF!!!, I'll do it in a minute, Hobble Hayana, Karma: what goes around comes around by PMC, I hate waking up during a good dream and it won't come back!, Days off!!!, Monopoly, Hate waiting for a reply text, Healthy Harold, Alan from "The Hangover", I haven't lost it, I just Cant Find It !!, I use the word 'THINGY' when i forget what thats called., i hate it when you make plans....get excited.....they never happen, You're not sorry you did it. You're sorry I found out., WHERE THE F*CK IS MY.......... found it, "WAIT!, WAIT!, WAIT!" I Didn't Mean To Send That! "Message Sent."...Aw F@ck, everything is so much funnier when youre not allowed to laugh, ONLY JOIN if your name starts with A, C, D, F, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, S, T, I'm not wrong. You are just too STUPID to grasp what i'm trying to explain., Givin your friend a certain look and they undertsand what u mean.... :), i liked you , i move on - now you like me? W.T.F is this bullsh!t, I just spent all day with you, and I miss you already., I KNOW YOU ARE MY BEST FRIEND BUT IF YOU FALL I WILL LAUGH, the good old days of catdog, angry beavers, doug, rugrats, and hey arnold, Dont talk sh*t behind my back, grow some balls and say it to my face!, I was waiting for a reply and then realized I never even sent the last text, Pretending to understand someone when you have no idea what they just said, Looking in the fridge, then the cupboard, then the fridge, then giving up., Sleeping while its raining outside, slush puppy, She's All That, Pink , Uno, Music, Days cuddled up in bed when its raining outside, Getting Paid, Sleeping In, Sour Gummy Worms, Not giving a f*ck., I SUMMER, Laughing until it hurts and you can't breathe!, I need more MONEY!!!, Billy Madison's Penguin, Summer Nights, I don't give a fuk, Not waking up with a purple Stadium Nightclub stamp on your hand., I Hate "Battery Low", Will Smith, Johnny Knoxville, Laughing when someone falls, 10 minutes no text back? Looks like Im going to sleep..OH NOW YOU ANSWER ME, Falling asleep while cuddling, Bonfires, BBQ's, Getting Drunk!, Fruit Tingles, Sid, Jim Carrey, Mario Kart 64, Clubbing till dawn, Channing Tatum fanclub, Year 1990, Staying in bed, I SLEEP, Drunk texting, Hugs, I Hate One Word Text Messages!, Money, Australian Olympic Team, I love Holidays !, Sonic The Hedgehog, I hate people who talk "lyk dis", Meeting someone who is also drunk and immediately becoming best friends, when i walk into a spider web, i immediately go physco, I laugh at my own funny text before i send it because im that damn funny, I <3 my crazy, gorgeous lame stupid physically & mentally impaired Friends, Saying to your friend "oi man there's your BF/GF" when you see someone ugly, Do you want some face with that foundation? :), Hi, I wasted a very long time liking you., Heads down thumbs up was the BOMB at primary school ;), I'm so tired but I want to stay up and talk to you :D, I Wish Music Played During Epic Moments of My Life and Not Just in Movies., I hate it when I get Comfy in my bed a realize I forgot to do something, Saying goodbye to someone then realising you both have to walk to same way, "Mom, mom, mommy, ma, mom, mom, ma, ma, mommy, mommy... WHAT!!... hi!, I panic when someone says to me 'I need to talk to you'., North Rocky High School ! REPRESENTATIVE woot woot, 'Love U', 'Luv U' 'Ily' 'Ly' or Luv Ya' is NOT the same as 'I Love You' !, You instantly piss me off when I see you., i hate acting like i dont care when it's actually tearing me up inside., trying to tell someone else about something funny but cant stop laughing, When a girl says "It's fine" it actually means YOURE FUUUUUCCCKKKKEDDDD, i love when you text me first, cus then i know your thinking about me:), Im telling the truth, but then i smile , and then they think im lying -__-, I swear, I was heaps good at it when you weren't looking., I know ill regret it later, but right now, i dont care., if i text you it means i miss you if i dont im waiting for you to miss me., You CAN'T do that to my best friend and expect me not to get involved., Seeing your ex with their new partner and noticing they have down-graded., STOP MOVING!! I need to read your shirt!, After an arguement I think about clever things I should have said, I don't care if it's 5 minutes or a whole night, i just want to see you., No microsoft word, i DIDNT spell my last name wrong., Swarv Menswear, I stand in the shower aimlessly for ages just because its warm, Excuse me, Excuse me please, EXCUSSE MEEE, ahh For Fuk Sake MOVE!, Your my bestfriend because i wouldnt dare to be this weird with anyone else, Open fridge, nothing. Freezer? nothing. Might as well try the fridge again., I need a vacation!!!, Australia, I LOVE MY MUM, Singing in the Car, I THE WEEKEND, I HATE PEOPLE WHO CANT DRIVE FOR SH!T, Hot Showers, Hot Chips and Gravy, Frozen Coke, Flipping the Pillow Over to Get to the Cold Side, Sizzler's Cheesy Toast, Glow sticks, cookie Dough, Toyota Australia, WONKAnation, Summer!, 'Mount Franklin' Well of Positivity, Blonde Is Better, Alcohol!, Tattoo & Piercing, Changing a word because you can't spell the word you wanted to use!, Texting the person next to you stuff you cant say out loud, I Can't Stand To Hear My Voice In Videos Or Recordings, Fresh Baked Cookies, Yellow light doesnt mean slow down, it means floor it before its red!, Awkwardly Saying "you had to be there" After Telling a Dumb Story, I don't care if there's a fridge full of food! THERE'S NOTHING TO EAT!!, Drinking with mates, I need a Massage!!!, B O N D S, PISS UP AND A BBQ, Hot Showers, I need more sleep!, Sleeping with one leg out of the covers, deliberately driving slower when being tailgated, I Hate Two Dollar Fees At ATM's, Coca-Cola Australia, Tattoos by Tattoo Lovers, I Hate Getting Texts That Only Say "k", Being Awesome!, Bonds, Fairy Bread, Kinder surprise, Slush Puppie, Bubble O' Bill Ice Creams, Massage, Chocolate, ICE CREAM!, Milo, Laughing, Facebook, Jumping Castles, Subway, Vegemite, Skittles, Tim Tam, LimeWire, curly wurly, WARHEADS, Chocolate Milk, Slurpee , Hubba Bubba, Going To The Pub, Pizza, Hot Baths, Gummy Worms, GUCCI- the official page, Freddo Frogs, Chupa Chups, The Sound & Smell of Rain, Having the Perfect Girlfriend/Boyfriend, Frozen coke, Coca-Cola, Dreamworld Australia, I hate people that walk slowly in front of you in shopping centres., Tattoos by (website hidden), Maltesers, House Parties, Samboy Chips, Pringles, SHOES!!!!, Rain, Wow. i really dont like you. like at all, As we grow up we don’t lose friends. We just learn who our real ones are., I would... but I'm suffering from a serious case of CBF, if a girl replies "k", you did something to piss her off., The Mini Spaz Attack When Your In Bed, Half Asleep And Imagine Your Falling, i hate fighting with the one person i want to talk to most, What happens on a night out, stays on a night out. Until someone tags you!, "hey" "hi" "who was that?" " no idea", Getting out of bed in winter is one of life's hardest mission..., Seeing someone your friend hates and saying, "There's your best friend", That one friend we all have who will get naked for no reason, You can treat me like I don't exist.. .but i've seen you naked :P, i feel like texting you, but i want you to text me first, Hearing someones story, and thinking " Fu*k, you're so full of s!*t!", "umm can i have a coke?" "is pepsi ok?" "I dont know is monopoly money ok?", the 'because you love me' excuse, Ok, If we get caught here's the story..., "Do u ride kangaroos in Australia?""No, do u ride fat people in America", friendship isnt bout who youve known the longest, its who came & never left, I am from Australia, therefore, I am amazing., Sitting in class wondering who's a virgin., i LOVE rumors! they tell me things about myself that i NEVER knew!, When I was a kid I........no wait, I still do that, When I was young our phones didn't have internet, they had SNAKE!, No matter your age... FAIRY BREAD IS THE BOMB!!!!, The Awkward Moment When You Get the Lyrics Wrong to a Song, Sleeping with the aircon/fan and the doona on at the same time, oh the good old days when WheresWally was about as stressful as life got..., You know your fu*ked when even control-alt-delete doesnt work., Saying " It's ok " but secretly knowing its killing you inside, wishing you had said or done something when you had the chance., Sick of crying , tired of trying. so yeah Im smilling.. but inside Im dying, Every girl has a slutty friend. If you dont, then you are the slutty friend, Oh hi, I only exist when you need something., get your face outta my face!!, i finally stop laughing... look back over at you and start all over again, Not All Boys Just Want A Relationship For Sex, Some Want A Good Sandwich., F*#K IT ....U ONLY LIVE ONCE...DO WHAT MAKES U HAPPY, Your in a good mood, one little thing happens and BAM.... Bad mood., Thinking about how things would have been if that one thing never happened, You Know You're Australian When You Can Sprint In Thongs!, Mr. Squiggle, Spot, Summer Heights High, FRIENDS (TV Show), Pingu!, Scrubs, Home and Away, STEWE GRIFFIN, Timon and Pumbaa, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, The Big Bang Theory, Im a good enough person to forgive you, but not stupid enough to trust you, "YOU'RE SUCH A DICK, I HATE YOU!", "dudeee, she so wants me.", Eating Tiny Teddies, ear by ear, arm by arm, leg by leg......., Great Western Hotel, Hey Hey It's Saturday, Disappointment when u pick up ur drink, then realise u already drank it =/, reading a status and going 'HA, i know exactly who thats about', One Tree Hill, How I Met Your Mother, House, Daria, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Jennifer Lopez, Gwen Stefani, Free Drinks, Katy Perry, P!nk, Akunamatata, Babar, Tim McMullen, Art vs Science, i like my music LOUD, Keen?, Rafiki, DILLIGAF [Do I Look Like I Give A Fuck], Beached Az, All those years i watched Arthur, I never knew what animal he was., The original Power Rangers, Grey's Anatomy, Disney, Disney's The Lion King, Dirty Dancing, NEMO, Happy Gilmore (1996), Pumbaa, American Pie, I PAY DAY, The Pink Ribbon, Your fake tan looks really good, LOL jk, you look like a fucking orange., The mini heart attack you get when you swing too far back on a chair., You don't even know the whole story, so shut the f*** up., REAL Men RESPECT Women, "No, I didn't do it." "Then why are you smiling?" "Cause you're so serious", Old People Marveling at How Fast I Text, You Mean More To Me Than You Think :) , My Stomach Drops When I Think About You Being With Somebody Else...., There Should Be A "Nobody Cares" Button., I like to blast my music when I clean up, it motivates me., A real girl isnt perfect, and a perfect girl isnt real., I will never cheat in a Relationship.