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Hey, I’m Michael!

Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand · Member since August 2010
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Broken River Ski Area, Burton Snowboards, Skateboarding, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, Seeing someones status and thinking - I know exactly who thats aimed at, Hotel Au Coin du Feu - Chilly Powder, Man vs. Wild with Bear Grylls, Fats Jr Customs, Christchurch, New Zealand, MADE you LOOK, (website hidden), Kustoms Inc., Launch Helmet Cams, Wakeboarding, GoPro, Getting text messages at 2am asking if you're awake......I AM NOW!...idiot!, Thorpe Engineering Ltd, Licence to CHILL, Drifting around the house in your sock's, Those friends you always have epic adventures with, 100% Pure New Zealand, Wanaka, New Zealand, I've never been to america but i've been in some States!!, If Pubs Dont Serve Drunk People Why Do Mc'donalds Serve Fat People, Skateboarding is better than rugby!, DUDE! We almost died!!! Yea, but it was fun though!, Cardrona Alpine Resort, NZ, Using rock, paper, scissors for serious decision making, Burton NZ, Haka Tours, Coachman Backpackers, I'm pretty sure New Zealand is the best country in the world., Monster Energy, Porters Ski Area, Red Bull, Karma: what goes around comes around by PMC, Fox Racing, Tattoos by Tattoo Lovers, Ken Block, I like your makeup...LOL JK, it looks like you got gangbanged by Crayola., steve johnsons city of ink, Sorry about those texts last night...my phone was DRUNK!, I Hate It When I Can't Fall Asleep Because I'm Thinking, nah nothings wrong, LOL jk, i wanna hit you in the face with a shovel, You are well fit... LOL jk I spelt fat wrong., I've finally realized you were the biggest waste of my time, being too drunk to walk, talk or read txts, but you play pool like a PRO, Kat Von D, I'm Not an Alcoholic. Alcoholics go to meetings. i Go to the Pub.., Lake Louise, Alberta, Revelstoke, British Columbia, Whistler Blackcomb, HELL PIZZA Canada, Corona NZ, women are exactly like batteries..... LOL jk batteries have positive sides, Tattoo acceptence in the workplace, "What happened to bros before hoes?" "Well this one isnt a hoe, so shes first", INKY CHICKS....(chicks with ink are hot), Being too nice...gets you nowhere, "why you all up in my grill", My bed is so possessive. Every morning it does not want me to leave..., Tattoos and Tattoo Art, "Dont Touch It, Dont even Look at it...Yeah you better walk off", luv ur tan sweetie.. LOL jk, u look like u've been gangbanged by oranges!, Snowboarding, i hate it when you miss someone, but you can't do anything about it., Hi, I'm a boy and I ignore decent girls and choose sluts instead., you may be hot, but you have the worst personality ever, Truth is, everybody is going to hurt you; you just gotta find the ones worth suffering for." -Bob Marley, " Yea, I saw it on Faceboook.", i do brilliant stuff when im drunk, The guy who discovered milk....What was he doing with that cow?, Alpine Expeditions, McEwings Ski & Board, Life's not a garden, Don't be a hoe, I'm actually not funny.I'm just really mean and people think I'm joking., GEEZ..take a joke,like you take a dick..SLUT, Take me as I am, or watch me as I go., Police call it "reckless driving", we call it "skills", Walking past an ugly pregnant chick &thinking "who the hell would tap that", Drum & Bass Sessions (Pulzar FM), At first im shy but once you get to know me BAM!, huffer, What do you call a woman that can't make a sandwich? Single, I WONDER IF HER PARENTS KNOW SHES A HOE, You like sleeping? Same! We should try it together sometime, I'm In Like With You, i trusted you. my mistake., Its all fun and games till some one gets pregnant., I'D BANG YOU! .. over the head with a shovel ..., ''are you asleep?'' ''no im just fcukin looking at my eyelids!!!'', Tattooed Bitches, ''I Dunno. Google it.'', OPTIMUS GRYME, When I say "the other day", it can mean any time up to a year ago, Not all men just want a relationship for sex, Some want their ironing done., I'M DRUNK AND YOU'RE STILL UGLY !!, being sarcastic when your pissed off, Hi, I'm a boy, my brain is in my balls., Travis Pastrana, i hate when i find the perfect dress but my breasts dont fit :(, your about as pointless as the white crayon., I hate it when I get comfy in bed and realize I forgot to do something, I'm going to sit back and laugh when karma punches you in the face., I miss you like a retard misses the point., "Mate! Yah dreaming!" "Auzzies. No surprises there.", Overtaking a slow car and checking if they are either old or a tourist., Lowering the music when looking for a street address so i can see better, Giving Your Girlfriend Kneepads for Christmas, You act nice to my face, but talk crap behind my back? Don't worry I know., "Omg I Had A Dream About You!" "Really" "Yeah You Died"., Its called KARMA! and it just smashed you in the face!, When your BS is so legit, you even believe yourself, Sleeping while its raining outside, why do we press harder on the remote when the batteries are flat?, realizing you're wrong in the middle of an argument but continuing to argue, If you can't handle me at my worst, you don't deserve me at my best., dont you just hate hairy muffs., Oh, good morning hangover. I've been expecting you., The Rock, Meowing back at a cat when it meows at you, all women want is sex, while guys just want to talk about feelings & cuddle, Dont make someone a priority if they only make you an option, Open a DnB/Dubstep/Broken beat club on the Gold Coast, Terje Haakonsen, Metal Mulisha, Blue Powerade, (website hidden), Talking complete bollocks to taxi drivers when smashed, grabaseat, Mt Hutt, Texas Hold'em Poker, Lamebook, (website hidden) - The Home of New Zealand Snowboarding, YAGERBOMBS!, PulzarFM, Snowboard Magazine, You think i did a crap job? Do it yourself then., "do me a favor?" "does it involve me getting up?" ".....yes." "then no.", Dear liver: Thanks, you're a champ., I would take a bullet for u.. Not the head but like in the leg or something, "Can I Help You?" "No, I Just Waited In Line For A Half Hour To Say 'Hi'", The Rockpool, Put your girlfriend on a lead mate, she's barking again., I would... but I'm suffering from a serious case of CBF, Oi slag, You dropped something. Oh.. It's your dignity. :), ALCOHOLl! The cause of, and solution to, all of life’s problems., Doing Drifties with the shopping trollie, Money can't buy happiness But I'd rather cry in a Ferrari (by VC), if a girl replies "k", you did something to piss her off., Getting caught in those "Its not what it looks like" moments., Dont chase em, replace em., You used to be cool, then you got whipped by your girlfriend., Im a good enough person to forgive you, but not stupid enough to trust you, Whenever You feel Worthless, Remember, You Were Once The Quickest Sperm :), BRO.. What the fcuk happend last night?!, Your ugly, but your a slut. How does that one work?, The old you woulda done it.., If I learned from my MISTAKES, I would be a f**king GENIUS by now!!!, I'm not weird. I'm limited edition :), it sucks when u have something awesome to say but then the subject changes., we started to watch a movie, but we ended up...not watching a movie., "Don't see me, don't see me, don't see me"... "HEYYY!!!" ... "f*ck", Brown roots, bleech blonde hair, orange face, well arnt you gorgeous., deliberately driving slower when being tailgated, Lake Ohau Lodge and Ohau Snow Fields, DVS Shoe Company, Miami Ink, Nitro Circus, I Don't Hate You, I've Just Lost All Respect For You!, Everything Happens for a Reason, Kustoms Inc., Australia:The country were Pizza gets 2 your house quicker than the Police., it happend ages ago , get the f*** over it stop bringing it up !, I wish I could go back to when I met you, And walk away., If I WANTED you to read my texts, I would SHOW them to you!, "what you get up to last night","mate when i find out ill let you know", I New Zealand, I would love to repeatedly smash you in the face with a brick, 2-Pacs of Eminems are 50 Cents? Oh thats Ludicris! Can I have my Nickleback?, Your loss, I'm awesome, when you realize you over slept you jump off the bed like a ninja, You know what I like about you? Fúck all., Buy a Car from Rory McGuigan, Keeping My Pimp Hand Strong., Not Being Arrested