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The movie 2012 is gonna be really funny when we're watching it in 2013, Pineapple Express, Derek Zoolander, Justin Bieber, Jack Johnson, PHINZKING, The Mini Heart Attack You Get When You Swing Too Far Back On Your Chair, Ohh thats a tan?.. I thought you got attacked by a mob of orange markers.., Eat Pray Love, Bare Feet, Burts bees, Usher, 9 By Design, Rent, Marshwood High School, Michelle Obama, Pools, My Best Friend's Wedding, The Devil Wears Prada, The Proposal, Traveling, don't get your nickers in a twist, Cupcakes!, If the world ends in 2012, i've wasted my whole life in school. . . lovely., Katy Perry, Jason Castro, Kesha, Owl City, Vampire Weekend, Starburst, This is how Buildings will look like in 2050, Lady Gaga, Fireworks!, The Departed, Say Yes to the Dress, Pretty Little Liars, Sour Patch Watermelon, Jake Rodden - State Farm Agent, Marshwood, American Eagle Outfitters, If 1,000 People Join, My Mom will stop smoking. (Please join invite people), Brothers & Sisters, The Princess Bride, Cast Away, Blades of Glory, Survivor, So You Think You Can Dance, The Amazing Race, The iPod Stick - The next newest iPod coming out in 2015, Boston Celtics, Salt, 500 Days of Summer, Redbox, i'm really gunna miss you...., I Hate when Your About to Drive into the Driveway & Your Fave Songs Starts, I challenge u to stay 2 min. on the page without laughing, to eat. Alot., I HATE WAKING UP FOR SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, Grey Gardens, Shark. Bait. HOO HA HA., Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, VALENTINES DAY THE MOVIE (2010), My Sister's Keeper, The Glass Castle, CCDS class of march 2010!, Your not 'strawberry blonde' your ginger, deal with it!, ѕυммer 2010, Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging, Children's Hospital Boston, Eliot, Maine, Grey's Anatomy, Okay I'm going to bed at 10...10:30...11...11:30...12...12:30...1...1:30........, awkward U-turns in the hallway, If you hurt my best friend, I can make your death look like an accident., I'm not looking at you, I just zoned out., Things magically appear when your mom looks for them., Yes I Dance in my Car, Yes I See You Staring at Me, No I Do Not Care., "Keep the change ya filthy animal", John F. Kennedy, Snl, Being Ridiculously Good Looking, Step Brothers, Sshhh. They're Arguing. I Wanna Listen :), Pardon me, Sir Gangster? Your trousers are descending., I miss when the last day of school was parties, not finals, Dear Best Friend: I honestly dont know what I would do without you. <33, Six Flags New England, I say "wicked awesome" because I'm from New England, Letters to Juliet, Hugh Laurie, If you remeber RECESS on disney channel become a fan, I wonder if P. Diddy wakes up feeling like Kesha, Oreo, Having a "sweatpants, hair tied, chillen with no makeup on" day, I remember where I was when I heard that Michael Jackson died, My jaw droped when i found out Ke$ha's dad is Mick Jagger., I miss you, ya um, i don't like you, wanna not touch me? thanks., Hearing a song that describes your current situation perfectly, Being SO comfortable with someone that you can do anything around them, Can you not have sex in front of my locker?, Due Tomorrow = Do Tomorrow, Glen Coco? Four for you Glen Coco, You (website hidden)n Coco!, Welcome to Ridgewood, would you like a lacrosse stick?, I love my MOM, Hi, welcome to Hollister. Would you like a flash light and earplugs?, Summer schedule: get up, eat, pool, tan, friends, party, no bed, Thinking of Something and Laughing Alone, If U <3 Ur Mommy Join (before Mother's Day 21/3/2010) <3, Without summer vacation, I would probably go insane., Katie Finn, The Middle, Grey's Anatomy, Love Actually, The Notebook, 30 Rock, Valentine's Day, 27 Dresses, About a Boy, Pride & Prejudice, Slumdog Millionaire, The Blind Side, The Witches, Georgia Nicolson, Jane Austen, Reading, Saving Zoe, Paris, Swimming, Hanging Out With Friends, the edward j madden open hearts camp, "Worst. Idea. Ever." [pause] "Let's do it.", I Can't Sleep When My Room Is Hot., I HATE BEING LIED TO., seeing old people couples that are still in love, being barefoot, Blair Waldorf, Crêpe + Nutella, Sunshine, Maine Gay Marriage, Hot Showers, I HATe MOSQUITOES, F**king Hate Mosquitos, TEXTING!, Victoria Beckham - Posh Spice, I stay in my pajamas until I absolutely HAVE to get dressed., "They're dating now?" "Yeah, it's (website hidden) official", Traveling the World, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Chandler and Joey, Moulin Rouge!, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, FRIENDS (TV Show), Official Law & Order Page, Modern Family, US of Tara, Malcom in the Middle, Friends, Clueless, Juno, Across the Universe, P. Sherman, 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney, PSYCH, Glee, Leggings are NOT pants, If I miss 11/11/11 11:11:11 i will be soooo pissed., Hi, I'm a teenage girl, and I eat like a man., I WANT MY 90'S NICKELODEON BACK, I Will Go Slightly Out of My Way To Step On A Crunchy-Looking Leaf, Not Playing Farmville, I hate waking up during a good dream and it won't come back!, That was NOT your last piece of gum stop lying, I Knew That Song Before It Was Popular, Laughing so hard you make no sound at all, Flipping to the correct textbook page on your first try., i thought tht test was really easy........ till i saw my grade, No I'm not lying, but when you look at me like that, how can I not smile?, Writing The Wrong Year After Winter Break, Looking in the fridge, then the cupboard, then the fridge, then giving up., Deleting everything you've typed cause you saw the other person was typing., 102 Things A Guy Should Know About Girlss, Bull Moose, i hate "battery low!", Boston University, Dr. House, Barack Obama, I Love My Grandma by (website hidden), Aggie's Ice Cream, being really, really, ridiculously good looking, Café World, Being Irish!, I Dont care How Comfortable Crocs Are, You Look Like A Dumbass., I hate goodbyes :(, Pieces of Flair, The Friendly Toast, I Wish Music Played During Epic Moments of My Life and Not Just in Movies., You know you're from Marshwood if..., Only I can fight with my sibling, you lay a finger on him/her and you die!, Mr. Spencer, I hate going back to school after Christmas break., La Festa, Maine Olympics 2024, Having the urge to laugh while your parents are yelling at you., That Lady From Gilley's, Join if you have ever pulled a door that said Push., Days with no homework, I hate those awkward moments when your friends parents are (email hidden) Disaster Relief on (website hidden), I Havent Heard This Song In Forever...Yet Somehow I Remember All The Words, I Go Out Of My Way To Kick A Rock As I'm Walking, Coughing when you walk by smokers and hope they get the message, I try to tell a funny story but i crack up before I can start, Guys have no idea how long something they said can stay in a girl's mind.., no matter how much sleep i get, i'm always tired when i get up for school !, I like when Maci from teen mom says Bentley, Elmo Is Green Now Wtff?, I was obsessed with the automatic coupon dispensers when I was little., 'STOP TALKING' 'but...it wasn't me!', Sleeping Late, Wild Animal Publishing, Newbury Comics, Vitaminwater, Nutella, "Thats what she said" Who is she. Why is she saying all these dirty things?, Fall, J.Crew, Dislike Button, William Fogg Library, The Meat House, My Mind Was Blown When I Realized the Word "bed" actually looks like a bed., World's Hardest Riddle II, Keith Cowley, Party in the USA, da christian flynn, Gossip Girl, Taylor Swift, Gilmore Girls, The Office, Dear John, House, Little do you know, I am dying to talk to you. All the time., Swimming, laughing at things that arent even funny with your best friend :), Saying "I'm almost there" when you actually haven't even left the House, Eliot, Maine, (phone number hidden) fans and I will empty my bank to help Haiti, Buddy The Elf, Laughing harder when you try to explain WHY you're laughing hard., Where the Wild Things Are, The Last Song, If you (LIKE), (LOVE), or (MISS) SomeOne Right NOW <3, Wakin up on the 1st day of summer & thinking "i would be in 3rd period now", Zebra Crossings, Connor Garvey Music