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Hey, I’m Andrea!

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Keeping It Hood, And Hanging Out With My Cat, LOL, Drinking Beer, Being Short, Kittens, Petting Cats, Getting Awesome, margaritas., Eminem, Girl Talk, Grizzly Bear, Every Time I Die, Something Corporate, Justice, Drake, LCD Soundsystem, Santogold, Jack's Mannequin, Justice, Saves the Day, Blank-Tape Records, Synth City Records, La Roux, Fun, ratatat, Brand New, MSTRKRFT, Jacks Mannequin, Daft Punk, Crystal Castles, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Phoenix, Tegan And Sara, Metric, Death Cab for Cutie, The Format, Jimmy Eat World, Paramore, Death from Above 1979, Vampire Weekend, Kid Cudi, Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Justin beiber, Animal Collective, BUL!M!ATRON, Green Eggs and Ham, Hook, Home Alone, The Little Mermaid, Seven, Mrs. Doubtfire, Where the Wild Things Are, Buddy The Elf, Coraline, Fight Club, Seinfeld, True Blood, Weeds, Button Mashing, Saved By The Bell, King of the Hill, New Brew Thursday, Official - [adult swim], Glee, Scrubs, Family Guy, It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, House, Robot Chicken, All those years i watched Arthur, I never knew what animal he was., Dexter, What the Fuck Should I Make For Dinner, Fat Tire, Pedobear, Awesome-O, Los Angeles, Cholas, Alaska Nebraska, having hoes in different area codes, NO H8 Campaign, Los Angeles, CA, the ocean WITHOUT oil in it, We aren't alcoholics, we just have a lot of things to celebrate!, Your display picture is a car? Sorry, I didnt realize you were a transformer., Pronouncing "Target" like "Tarjay" to make it sound fancier, The Count from Sesame Street is a better vampire than Edward Cullen, Leopold "Butters" Stotch , Beer., Liking People's Depressing Statuses, Ask Pauly Casillas, I type things into Google to see if I spelled them correctly..., finding out people from high school got really fat., Kyle Broflovski , I Played PacMan on Google on (phone number hidden), foursquare, I hate When the metal piece around my blackberry trackball breaks!, I hate it when the Trackball on my Blackberry doesn't move!, Things magically appear when your mom looks for them., A glass of wine solves everything, I went to Target to buy shampoo, and I spent $150., Everyone I know is getting married or pregnant, I'm just getting drunk, i love my bestfriend :), dancing with no pants on, Fat Cats, If you sext, do you get a phoner?, Rach Skin Care, Kogi BBQ, I'd hit that........................with a truck., I'm going to sit back and laugh when karma punches you in the face., Screaming at Random People as You Drive By, I'm actually not funny.I'm just really mean and people think I'm joking., Eric Cartman, drunk chicks crying, The correct usage of "You're", "Your", "There", "Their" and "They're", Can this poodle wearing a tinfoil hat get more fans than Glenn Beck?, That "S" thing we all drew in elementary school, Stop hating on the Lakers just because your team sucks, So, I herd you liek Mudkipz?, OMG Facts, He was a ruh-tard, Advice Dog, The Emancipation Of Chris Ford's Imagination, I Wish Morgan Freeman Narrated My Life., Courage Wolf, 63 Notifications Later and I regret Liking Your Status, (website hidden), if your a guy and use hearts on the internet your gay, Sleeping in Tents, Alan from "The Hangover", Hank Hill, Laughing at Cats, FarmVille, Texts From Last Night, Peter Griffin, Betty White, Garbage Pail Kids, Fraggle Rock, There's a weight limit on leggings & skinny jeans., I hate when ke$ha kicks me to the curb because I dont look like Mick Jager, Reading someone's status and thinking 'oh shut the hell up', Girl time, Drunk people taking care of drunker people, When I was younger I would record my favorite songs off the radio onto tape, Smitty's Greenlight Tavern, I Wish Music Played During Epic Moments of My Life and Not Just in Movies., BioQuip Products Inc., If I had a kid at 16 I'd get my ass whooped, not a TV show., Pandas are the least racistt animal, they're black, white AND asian!, Every girl has a slutty friend. If you dont, then you are the slutty friend, The South Bay Jesus van, Fanning All These Random Pages and Then Watching All My Friends Fan Them, MEXICAN WORD OF THE DAY, I was winning Mario Kart then found out I wasnt looking at the right screen, Punching Barb in the Face Enthusiasts UNITE!!!, i couldnt stop laughing when snookie got punched in the face, ShitMyDadSays, Old people are scary, and they smell bad., Trader Joe's, I bet California can get 1 million fans before any other state, SHOUTING AT VIDEO GAMES WHEN YOU DIE ;(, Watching people's lives fall apart via status updates and news feeds., Fist Pumping Like Champs, OMG facts, TWILIGHT IS GAY, Pretending to use the Force to open automatic doors., Yelling at inanimate objects, Andy McCarthy's, Finding Money In Your Pocket, Sad Panda, Pretending to Text in Awkward Situations, Hidden Los Angeles, Islands Fine Burgers & Drinks, The Kettle, You Shutting The Fυck Up, I HATE DOUCHEBAGS, Being Wasted at 4am, Not Giving a Fuuck, Los Angeles, I don't sleep enough because I stay up late for no reason, I AM ALWAYS TIRED BECAUSE I BECOME A SUPERHERO AT NIGHT, Hermosa Beach Pier, I Hate One Word Text Messages!, Shamrock Brewing Company, Staying in bed, Cupcakes!, PANDA BEAR, Not being FAT!, World Wildlife Fund, NPR, Day of Silence, Platinum & Co, Not Being Pregnant, The D.E.N.N.I.S. System, Black People Helping Black People, Tattoo acceptence in the workplace, Smirnoff, I Hate Being Broke, DTLA, Captain Morgan, Friday afternoons, Denver Broncos, Not Being Tired, Waking Up With Unread Texts, Southern Comfort, Honda, I Hate Getting Texts That Only Say "k", I need more sleep!, Drunk Text Messages, Not Smoking Meth, Cash, Not Being Stabbed Repeatedly, I HATE PEOPLE WHO CANT DRIVE FOR SH!T, I love my warm cozy bed in winter!, Flipping the Pillow Over to Get to the Cold Side, Being on a boat, Weekends!, Not being on fire, I want to sleep...5 more minutes!, Snapple, BJ's Restaurant and Brewhouse, Thrifty's Ice Cream, Hair Straighteners, Emergency Medical Services, California, Make a "don't like" button on facebook!!, No stress, Colorado, Sleeping, Winning, "Binge Drinking", Philipson Photography, Copy & Paste, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Starbucks, Chick-fil-A, Napping, MAC Cosmetics, BlackBerry, Money, Verizon Wireless, Las Vegas, Nevada, I hate it when I'm making a milkshake and boys just show up in my yard, Intelligent, classy, well-educated women who say "F*ck" a lot, I redo high fives if they weren't good enough the first time, when i see someone walking by me at night, i assume theyre going to kill me, Texting the person next to you stuff you cant say out loud, The Hangover Quotes, Not Being Murdered, Carbs, Burritos, Pee Chee Folders, H&M, Red Bull, Disneyland, Butter, Buffalo Wild Wings, Southwest Airlines, New Belgium Brewing, Sushi, dear bed, im sorry i left you this morning, take me back? ):, I'M DRUNK AND YOU'RE STILL UGLY !!, Cool Hwip, Pukimia, If you ask me to hold your drink, I will drink it., when life gives you lemons, add vodka and throw a party, Going to McDonald's for a salad is like going to a whore for a hug, Let's Hug It Out B*tch, Google, Hipsters who hate other hipsters for being hipsters., Being Sketchy, Being Awesome, when sluts hate other sluts for being sluts, Being Classy, Not Being Killed by Hippos, Not Being Dead, Not being electrocuted, Not being a slut, not being on cocaine, Not being a creep, Being black and NOT ghetto., Not Being Canadian, Not Having Aids, Day Drinking, RUM, I don't remember getting this bruise..., If I could punch you without getting in trouble, beleive me, i would, i wonder if british people sit around trying to talk in an American accent?, My Friends Are Getting Married. I'm Just Getting Drunk., I'm sorry, I just can't hear you over the sound of me being so awesome, Tramp Stamps are Trashy