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My bedroom is not messy...I just chose to lay my clothes out on the floor so I can see them better :D, Relaxing in your towel for an hour because your too lazy to get dressed., Accomplishing something before the microwave reaches :00, Has LOL gone from meaning "laugh out loud" to "I have nothing else to say"?, DOOOO IIIITTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!............ I didnt think you were actually gonna do it., “When you smiled you had my undivided attention. When you laughed you had my urge to laugh with you. When you cried you had my urge to hold you. When you said you loved me, you had my heart forever.”, Restarting the song when you miss your most favorite part., "SHUT UP! I'M TRYING TO TELL A STORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! anyway...", “Falling in love with someone isn't always going to be easy... Anger... tears... laughter.. It's when you want to be together despite it all. That's when you truly love another. I'm sure of it.”, Parents spend the first part of our lives teaching us to walk and talk, and the rest of it telling us to sit down and shut up., “Love is just a word until someone comes along and gives it meaning.”, I will carry 20 grocery bags so I don't have to make a second trip, "just go ask!"..."ok can you come with me??", Life is too short to stress yourself with people who don't even deserve to be an issue in your life..:), There comes a time in your life when you realize who matters, who never did, & who always will. So don't worry about the people from your past, because there's a reason why they didn't make it to your future., Giving people really good advice, and never using it yourself., I love the feeling of taking my bra off after a looong day., Ok, if we get caught, pretend we dont speak English., Best friends. You fight, I fight. You hurt, I hurt. You cry, I cry. You jump off a bridge; I get in a paddleboat and save your stupid ass., Hate it when people assume something instead of asking you ., love having those retarded friends who just make your day:), unplanned moments are always better then the planned ones., 'iPad is thin. iPad is beautiful.' - My laptop now has self esteem issues thanks to the advert., i hate the feeling when you really want to see someone but you cant! :(, I'm not in a bad mood, your just annoying., No matter how old you are, You'll always rush for a swing in a park :'), Treat your girl right . . . or another guy will., Trying to fall asleep early so the following day come's sooner..., I've changed? Nah. Just grew up and got over your bullshit :), right now all i want to do is see you, kiss and cuddle you :( <3, You've changed. No. I just don't give a fuck anymore !, Being on the internet, watching TV, and using your phone at the same time, oh yes im talented!, A true friend is someone who sees the pain in your eyes while everyone else believes the smile on your face., the "i love you more" fight :), When I saw you I was afraid to meet you. When I met you I was afraid to kiss you. When I kissed you I was afraid to love you. Now that I love you, I am afraid to lose you <3, i'm the best, Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That's why it's called the present., What do you call a retarded chinese baby? sum-ting-wong lmaoo like if u found this funny, "I'm selfish impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can't handle me at my worst then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best." — MM Trans: I'm a bitch., Where's the remote? Oh...all the way over there...guess I'm watching this then., "I didn't do it"-"Then why are you laughing?"-"Cause, whoever did it is a freaking genius"., I regret leaving my phone on 'silent' when I can't find it., a true boyfriend is some one that will keep there promise and when they see you cry they will hold you and cry with you, I HATE WHEN MY PARENTS ASK WHO IM TEXTING., I Feel My Phone Vibrate When It Doesn't :-o, I LOVE PEOPLE WHO YOU CAN TALK TO ANYTIME EVEN IF THEY ARE BUSY., I love friends that I can talk to about anything at all., Chill. I got this., No, dude, being a total jackass to a girl does NOT make you look cool., the "sup" head nod., I can't clean my room because I get distracted by the cool stuff I find.., YES. my status is from a song. its a subtle message to you. take a hint., When you pass a cop, you IMMEDIATELY look at your speedometer, You have no idea how much you really mean to me., My life would suck without you! :), If a guy cries over a girl he must really love her, drunk people trying to convince you they're sober, the "would you still be my friend if i looked like this" game, Going straight for the fries after pulling out of the McDonald's driveway, yo come with me to the store. NO! , ill buy you something... ok :), Why should I have to make my bed if I'm getting back in it later?, the "are you kidding me right now" line, Don't go to bed yet, i want to talk to you. :), 1, 2, 3, smile! . . . did you take it yet? . . . oh crap its on video., I'm not in a bad mood, your just annoying., No matter how old you are, You'll always rush for a swing in a park :'), hate it when you ask someone for the truth, and you already know it, but they still lie to your face!! fuck you!, Kissing someone who you have been wanting to kiss for the longest time :), Mom, i could be dying and you're not answering the phone, Hoe!, 'That was really stupid..' -5 seconds later- 'Wanna do it again?', Really?!! You thought of that all on your own!!!, Can't help but feeling awkward and intimidated in front of your friend's dads, Tf it's going to happen, wait for it to happen. if it doesn't happens? FIND A WAY TO MAKE IT HAPPEN. :), Hahaha... Oh awkward moments.. :), Why is Monday so far away from Friday, and Friday so bloody close to Monday, I still say "What?" even if I heard you the first time., After Monday & Tuesday even the Calender says W T F..., Yeah, ok, yes, yeah, yeah, ok, yes, ok, i know, ok, yes, BYE MOM., I am a ninja.. no your not.. did you see me do that.. do what? ... exactly, Saying oh! like you get it. But you still have no idea., Trust Is Like A Paper, Once It's Crumpled It Can't Be Perfect, Nobody is perfect. I am a nobody. Therefore, I am perfect., Whoever said nothing is impossible never tried slamming a revolving door., Money may not buy happiness, but it makes misery easier to live with., "haha u blinked" "of course I blinked you clapped your hands in my face retard.", MUST... STOP... LIKING... THINGS........ OMG that's so true *Like*, I didn't slap you, I high-fived your face!, The best things in life are either illegal, bad, or fattening., I had a dream. Then i woke up and forgot it., No, No, I get it. You can ignore me, but if I ignore you, It's a big deal, I'm done trying. If you want me in your life, let me know. Bye., Shes like my sister. You hurt her, ill hurt you., I Delete the whole Password when i type a Single letter Wrong, I hate when I lose my internet connection., "Are you okay?" "Yeah, I'm just tired." The perfect excuse., "Oh cool its bendable!", *SNAP* "nevermind", Don't EVER break a pinky promise. That stuff is LEGIT., If a girl can look good without makeup and wear sweats, she is beautiful, babe ....i adore you :) , When I saw you I was afraid to meet you. When I met you I was afraid to kiss you. When I kissed you I was afraid to love you. Now that I love you, I am afraid to lose you, my bestfriend means the absolute world to me :), A relationship shouldnt ruin a friendship., I can't live without music, Paper beats rock? ok, i'll throw a rock at you and you defend yourself with paper, i like the friends who make u laugh til ur stomach hurts :), Be nice to your kids. they'll choose your nursing home., Girl, that is a shirt... not a dress, Can somebody please tell this bitch nobody likes her., Mom can i go to the park?
Go ask dad.
Dad can i go to the park?
Go ask mom.
OMG IM GOING TO THE GOD DAMN PARK!, "haha u blinked!"
"of course I blinked you clapped your hands in my face.... retard.", So ref... exactly how much is the other team paying you?, Tripping, then looking back at what tripped you with an evil glare., "All you do is sit on that computer". No, i sit on the chair., 1... 2... 3... Smile! *smiling for ages* ....... Oh, it's on video, Talking to someone and then realizing they are no longer walking beside you, When I Miss you, I re-read our old conversations and smile. :'), i'm not ignoring you, i'm waiting to see if you'll make the effort for once, No its okay I'm not mad at you...LOL jk I wanna throw a chair at your face. (:, If you really like her, make her yours before someone else does., Dont Say I Love You Unless You Mean It, If the hearts the strongest muscle in the body then why does it break so easily?, i hate you . go away . "fine ." no come back . <3 :), most common lie ? . . . " I'M FINE ", Can i please have you forever : ), Using your phone very strategically when it hits "Low Battery", Saying "I'm almost there" when you actually haven't even left the house, Saying " It's ok " but secretly knowing its killing you inside, ~Alarm~. . .snooze. . .~Alarm~. . .snooze. . .~Alarm~ checks time Crap!, You sir are a cunt., Don't ever underestimate the power of " ;) ", I used to think 'duct tape' was called 'duck tape', Girl, that is a shirt... not a dress, I like the Cake mixture more than the Cake, Checking the fridge every ten minutes to see if any food magically appeared, You're 1 year older than me. Don't treat me like I'm 5., Text a girl 'hey beautiful', and you could make her whole day., "You wouldn't dare!" ... "Watch me.", You are epic and beautiful, I Wish Haircutting Places Had 'Undo' Buttons., When I was a kid, I tried to lie flat under a blanket during hide and seek, Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit that wasnt supposed to happen...... Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit, My "Give-a-Fuck-ometer" is reading 0, Always listen 2 ur heart... it's on ur left side but it's always right!, Do not argue with an idiot. He will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience., Jealousy is just a sign that you really love the person., Oh no, don't worry about me.. It's not like I have feelings or anything., Laughing Sarcasticaly. Then Making A Serious Face., THEY'RE going THERE with THEIR friends. It's called grammar, use it., Making sex noises while eating something really good., Mom, Dad, don't worry, EVERYONE failed that test :), Ending A Presentation By Saying "And, Yeah. . .", I'm too lazy to bend down, so instead, i pick things up with my toes., Sometimes life needs an 'undo' button, "How do you know that?" "Facebook.", "We have to talk." Scares me to death, Saying oh! like you get it. but you still have no idea., I WAKE UP IN THE MORNING, FEELING LIKE...going back to sleep..., I hate boys who think they can get any girl., people who text back fast., Mom I love you... but u be trippin sometimes, Never underestimate a girl's abillity to find things out., Saying YOUR WELCOME really loudly when people dont thank you, The worst feeling is being forgotten, by someone you will never forget., Dont Fall For Someone, Unless They Are Ready To Catch You., drunk people trying to convince you theyre sober, "thats cute". - "your cute.", "thats gay" - "you're gay", Why is bed so suddenly comfortable when my alarm goes off?, boys with tattoos, i hate getting texts that only say: k, im going to sit back and laugh when karma punches you in the face, making life decisions in the shower, Nah Fuck That, I don't have the patience today to pretend you're not a twat, It's like: I want you to know. I just don't want to tell you., "I'm sorry!" "STOP SAYING SORRY!" "Okay...Sorry.", I hate it when people text, "K", and expect you to answer back to that. -.-, The awkward moment when a sex scence comes on the movie you're watching with your parents., Yeah, I'm quiet... around you. You should see me with my friends., that person u think about last when you go to bed and first when u wake up, I Can Do It Perfectly, Until, I Try Showing Someone. Then I Can't Do It., "I'm selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best." — Marilyn Monroe, Why Am I Bothering, Cruisin Down the Street in My Six Fo', Chill the Fuck Out, Doing nothing, Truth is, everybody is going to hurt you; you just gotta find the ones worth suffering for." -Bob Marley, Drake, Alicia Keys, Monica, Nicki Minaj, Soulja Boy Tell Em, Eminem, can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars? , "You have enemies? Good, that means you stood up for something." - Eminem, I love when a song describes exactly how you feel :), Cant touch this!........except for you.. you can, I get shivers when i hear someone sing really good!, Drinking So Much That You Dont Remember How You Got From Here To There, If someone really loves you they will prove it not just say it :), LMFAO, I love MUSIC!, "and if you don't knowwwww, now you know niggggggggggggggggggaa, uhh", BEATKAMP MUZIK, Listening to a song, and remembering all the memories that go with it, Knockout, Rob Thomas, DJ Mista, I Love Music!, Keen?, Dj Maxwell, Trey Songz, P!nk, Never Back Down, Seeing a movie so many times, you laugh before the funny part even happens!, Love and basketball, Sex and the City, Mordern family, Law & Order:SVU, Broadford, Victoria, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, I my Mom for everything she has done., Oh sorry, I didn't know having a bestfriend of the opposite sex meant we're dating. Grow up., Those moods where you just want to cuddle up to someone and fall asleep (l), Saying "I hate this song", then singing along to it, Walking into your room and saying "wow i should clean this" then walk out., New Orleans Saints, Michael Jordan, I can be with you for a whole day and still miss you that night <3, HOT GOSSIP - OFFICIAL FAN PAGE, Robert Morgan - Australian Heritage Artist, Just remember, I've seen you naked., Queensland Maroons, Those moods where you just want to cuddle up to someone and fall asleep (l), smiling at someone who hates you, i wanna be a billionaire!, I'm the Prime Minister of Australia! LOL JKS, I'm Kevin Rudd., that awkward moment when Julia Gillard takes your job, I'm a lover not a fighter, but I will fight for what I love, Your smile :), That One Person You'd Do Absolutely Anything for <3, i want to give you a massive hug and just tell you i love you. <3, that relationship where you can be your total self around that person <3, Everyone has a 'vodka incident', Tattoo's, ANZAC - Lest We Forget, You don't know what I've done, what I had to do, and what I've been through, Join if u miss someone right now <3, When you're so good at sarcasm no one can tell if you are serious or not, I hate it when your trying to be serious, but then you accidently smile :), All I want is you, I miss you., Giving people code names so you can talk about them freely, if i everrrrrrrr did that to you, it'd be a different story wouldn't it?, Being Texted First, Fuck it, il do it, I dont give a fuk what u think of me! i have nothing to prove to you!, i remember the very first day i met you <3, AGE IS JUST A NUMBER., "Wanna go?" "Yeah" Nobody moves.., Laughing so hard that you cant tell anyone what your laughing about, Can I pretty please keep you forever? :')<3, i dont care if it doesnt matter? i want to know what you said., I'd rather say 'nevermind' than repeat myself., Imma Be, Imma Be, Imma Imma Imma Be.. LOL joke, Imma Wasp :), Saying it's ok when it's killing you inside, i LOVE when you wake up and theres a text from Him/Her:), texting with cold hands is like typing in slow motion, I TRIED to see it from your view but I cant get my head that far up my arse, Did I ask you? No. Then shut up., 63 Notifications Later and I regret Liking Your Status, "Dude you got that from me.", RnB/Slow Jamz <3, lip biting (;, Saying "wow, you're cool!" sarcastically., sliding on floorboards with socks on :), You were my favourite hello, and my hardest goodbye! <3, ive only known you for a year, but it feels like forever <3, I'm never late, everyone else is simply too early..., I open my phone randomly and a txt comes. Then im like :O, your so full of shit, "Dude, i bet you cant open this", *opens it* "I loosened it for you", 7:00AM.. *massive long dream*.. 7:05AM? wtf?, "i'm coming now" LOL jk *continues to straighten hair., "Say Wallah?!?!", Txting that ONE person all day and all night and never getting tired of it, 'GET UP' ... I AM UP. im just um resting my eyes :), you mean more to me than u think, I hate it when something that shouldn't bother me, does., that one thing or person, that changes your whole mood., "Are you busy?"... No.. " I always have time for you" <3, laying on someone and hearing their heartbeat <3, Text a girl 'hey beautiful', and you could make her whole day., I don't care what other people say about you, i like you for who you are :), Every time my phone vibrates , i wish it was you, if i know what love is, its because of u., Don't you just love when you know someone elses status is about you ;), That heart sinking feeling u get when u read something u didnt want to know, using the "because you love me" excuse :), I don't wanna lose you. <3, loving someone so much , your to scared of loosing them <3, Wanting to tell somebody something when you just can't, Trying not to fall asleep because you're waiting for a text, For You I Will, Just because you don't believe me, doesn't mean I'm lying, I really do love you , I need to tell you something, but i can't find the words to say it., Accepting the "Terms & Conditions" without reading them. ;) Rebel., I hate it when my parents watch me use the computer., I'd do anything to become your everything!, When girls are quiet, they're thinking about a million things..., if people could read my mind, i'd be fucked., Thanks phone, for being strong everytime i dropped you., I love you. You make me smile. Stay in my life. Simple <3, Tears are words the heart can't say, I remember when we first met, now look at us., Thinking of You..., That feeling when someone you miss texts you., Join If You Have Stayed Up Past 5:00 AM :L, ...just saying., I check my phone twice cause I forgot what the time was the first time, don't shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh me, Behind my smile is everything you'll never know, sleeping is nice, you forget about everything for a while...., imma lover, not a fighter, but i'll fight for what what i love, Bed, when your mom starts a lecture ..you hear the first 2 words then u start daydreaming all you start hearing blah blah blah, doing an all-nighter, eating breakfast at 8am and then going to bed., Calling your mates BO instead of BRO cause your too lazy to pronounce the R, Eva Longoria Parker, Dont you hate it when you lose 5 origins in a row? LOL jk, Im QLD!, as long as i have you in my life... i'm happy :), Maccas Runs, ...anndd thats why nobody likes you., Join if you know someone who needs a punch in the face, Drifting around the house in your sock's, I know a girl that is unbelievably pretty, I hate it when your in the shower then you realise you have no towel., Meeting someone who is also drunk and immediately becoming best friends, The Global Work & Travel Co., "It's Not You It's Me" Dam Right It's You, Aint Nothing Wrong With Me, Youuuuuuuu wouldn't do it, If you're talking behind my back, you're in a good position to kiss my ass !!, Trying to Push a door open when it clearly says Pull, throwing the phone when the person on it pisses u off, Continuing to drink even though you know damn well your already PARALETIC!, Text a girl good morning beautiful, Make her whole day :), hahahaah ... yeah no ... you're not funny ... at all ., boys who treat their girlfriends right., Stop sayin you don't care . . . I KNOW you, and i know you do., throwing random things at people and acting like it wasnt you, I lost my phone. Oh wait let me call it! CRAP, it\'s on vibrate! EVERYONE SHUTUP!!, That girl/boy who used to be your bestfriend ,now you look at them and shake your head., A realationship shouldnt ruin a friendship, when guys call you beautiful., "And we're the three best friends that anyone can have ", I asked for a drink, not a shitload of ice, Accidentally texting the wrong person then things get awkward..., True, you caught me looking. But I caught you looking back..., being human, I love your smile!, You hear your favorite song, turn to your friend and sing it dramatically, You cannot fathom the immensity of the fuck i do not give, Giving your friend that look when someone you dont like walks into the room, Getting in bed, and texting the person you wish was there with you :), Whether you know it or not, you texting me first makes my day. <3, I don't care if it's 5 minutes or a whole night, i just want to see you., Slapping your best friend when you get Excited about something, I am not getting out of this bed, it is warm and it loves me, hey, remember me? I used to mean something to you., I wish life had an, I want to. But I shouldn't. But I REALLY want to., Here's to the future, because I'm done with the past, i want to sleep with you. not have sex with you, actually sleep., Hates getting colds!!! :(, If You Got Haters, Then Your Doin' Something Right, Enjoy life today, yesterday is gone and tomorrow may never come, I want to talk to you, but you're not even the same person anymore.., IM NOT DIRTY MINDED!!...i just have an active imagination!, Sshhh, They're Arguing! I Wanna Listen..., What do you expect me to text back after "lol"?, I Hate It When I Accidentally Cancel My Super Long Text, FUCK YOU I MADE IT !!!, I love that, "It's Friday" feeling, No One Will Ever Love You Like I Do... <3, Remembering embarrassing moments in the past and still feeling embarrassed, The spaces between your fingers were created so that another's could fill them in., somebody's gonna punch you in the face one day...i hope im there to watch, KTS GLOBAL, you know shits about to go down when you've got 3 missed calls off your mum, Yeah, it's fine don't worry about (website hidden) what ever you want.*dies inside*, The urge to smile when someone is yelling at you, Accidently laughing at something thats serious, that bestfriend, of the opposite sex, that you couldn't live without., I <3 MY MOM UNCONDITIONALLY! SHE IS THE BEST THING I EVER HAD, if nothing last forever, please be my nothing., I HATE IT WHEN FRIENDS LIVE SO FAR AWAY!!!, I'm not a slut, I hang out with guys to stay away from bitches like you., The word bed actually looks like a bed., I'm not talking to you anymore...-2 seconds-...I'm sorry, I love you., Boys who give you their jacket when they think your cold :), we used to talk for hours, now im lucky to get a 'hi', i fell in love with your personality, your looks are just a bonus <3, Sometimes you have to forget what you feel and remember what you deserve, I need money, not a job, I HATE LIARS, CHEATERS AND 2-FACED BACKSTABBERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, I look forward to finishing work every day!!!, Long Showers , people who make an effort to stay in your life, no matter what happens, The mini heart attack you get when you miss a step going down the stairs., Don't give up on God because he never gave up on you..:), I hate it when you dream something you really want but it’s not real, Why flirt with other girls ? Your girlfriends beautiful!, The spastic twitch you get when falling or tripping in a dream, I still laugh when everyone else is over it, when someone says 'dont look' but you immediately turn around and look <3, Your a loser... But your my loser <3, Getting up too fast and going blind for a couple of seconds., Nah, don't worry about me, It's not like I had my hopes up or anything., dude. never. hit. a girl., JOIN ONLY if you were born in (phone number hidden), That moment you lose all respect for a person who you used to like, The Problem CLEARLY Is That You, Are A Dick Head :), When you try doing different accents, but they all come out Indian., Hi. I'm a boy. I like you, now I don't. Now I do again. Now I'm in a mood., Trying to convince yourself that it doesn't matter or bother you., i tried, you didnt. i gave up, I love when we both look at eachother, & smile. (:, 'A relationship should be between two people no one else., .......And you wonder why i don't talk to you., My life has changed so much this year, You think you know people but they go and let you down !!!!!, The reaction on peoples faces when they find out how old you are, the undescribable pain when you step on lego., i wonder why my blanket is so small then i realize that its sideways, fuck what you heard and fuck who you heard it from, I REALLY WANNA TELL U BUT I CANT, "What happened to bros before hoes?" "Well this one isnt a hoe, so shes first", The feeling when you're so screwed you don't even care anymore., Hogging the Bed, Being ruthless and crossing the road before the little man goes green, putting your rubbish in other people's bins when walking down the street, that one person you laugh uncontrollably with, Those friends you always have epic adventures with, I hate when your phone dies and your texting your favorite person, Being around someone so much, you catch their habbits, I feel a text is too serious without an "lol" or "haha" in there somewhere., "Liking" pages is more addictive than crack, Somethings are so awkward to say, But so easy to text., That awkward moment when you're alone with someone you don't know so well., relationship status: depends whose asking, The awkwardness of seeing someone after meeting them drunk at a party., taking out your headphones because some prick wants to talk to you, the wink face makes everthing a little dirtier ;), That feeling you get when you have all these new songs on your ipod, Hates being in an intense text convo & other person takes forever to reply, "yo come with me to the store" "NO!", "i'll buy you something", "ok!" :), We aren't alcoholics, we just have a lot of things to celebrate!, Laughing when someone gets in trouble for something you are doing too., drunkenly stealing random useless objects., If the Australian way offends you...i'd be happy to help you pack, When I walk away from you, I expect you to pull me back.., Alcoholic?! No, i believe its pronounced Drinking Enthusiast., Rule #1, I am always right. Rule 2, if you think I am wrong, read rule #1, I'mma Be, I'mma Be, I'mma I'mma I'mma Be, LOL jk, I'm a Wasp., I don't know which face to talk to, since you have two., the feeling you get when you get to see someone you really miss., Why do good times pass so fast, and bad times pass so slow?, Guys who can actually stick to one girl., Go get ur dad..."DAAAAAD!!!"...I could've done that!...Then why'd u ask me?, *Hairdressers* Just a trim please- or you can chop half my hair off.. cool., Saying "well that went well" when it clearly didn't., i hate it when you make plans....get excited.....they never happen :@, If a girl says "Don't worry about it," you better worry about it., Don't make a girl fall for you, if you have no intention of catching her, When I get an unexpected text from you, my whole day gets better., I love it when i know something i'm not supposed to know :), being ridiculously good in bed, Posing in the backround of somebody else's picture, but .. you promised :(, WHERE THE HELL IS MYYY.... Oh, there it is., I am not, flirting with you. It's called being nice., I will always wonder if u think about me as much as i think about you., Too bad you can't photoshop your personality aye !, Dont talk sh*t behind my back, grow some balls and say it to my face!, "In a relationship" should not mean "I don't hang out with my friends anymore.", i text you. you dont text back. i feel stupid., ......well that was awkward, "Text me if you want." Means "I want you to text me." :], Mum: Im not a taxi service! Me: yeah, thats why i'm not paying you, When I Lose- "Who cares it's only a game". When I win- "HAHA IN YOUR FACE!", saying "You Had to be There" when you realize your story really isn't funny, Having a "sweatpants, hair tied, chillen with no makeup on" day, I get mad at you because I care <3, At first im shy but once you get to know me BAM!, I love finding someone who thinks the same way you do, When someone says 'hahaha' instead of 'haha'... you know you've done well., When I'm upset, I use one-word answers., MCDONALDS NEEDS TO BE MORE CONSIDERATE OF DRUNK PEOPLES' NEEDS AT 5AM!!!!!!, THEY'RE going THERE with THEIR friends. It's called grammar, use it., Watching Fäcebook Arguments, Sayin "bitch" after proving your point, Making Up Lyrics When You Don't Know the Real Ones, Having a Floordrobe, When you and your bestfriends have sayings no one else get, I love when someone texts you goodnight/goodmorning, are you fucking retarded?, having a best friend who you can actually TRUST :), " I got this ", OH MY GOD untag untag! why the fuck would you tag me in that!, We WILL be the old ladies causing trouble in the nursing home <3, Using very Large Unrealistic Numbers when Exagerating, Saying "uh huh" when you aren't paying attention, Pretending to be and sound Happy when you really aren't........, Not so tough without your keyboard, aye?, "What do you wanna do?" "Up to you" "Noo, its up to you." 'sigh'....., Mates pretending to be bf/gf's when weirdo's hit on you, Better to know and be disappointed, than to never know and always wonder. ., If i treated you, they way you treated me. You would hate me., "My friends are mature."-*BEEP BEEP* "PAGING DOCTOR FAGGGOT!", I don't care if you hate me, I don't live to fucking please you, I'm The Girl. You're The Boy. You Text Me First Or We Don't Talk Today., Everyone was thinking it, I just said it., Saying "ew" when you hear someone's name that you don't like., Im Naked and Texting You But You Don't Know It, HAHAHAHA fuck i'm funny, I walk a little faster when i see a creepy van, Get a text, start replying , forget what it said, save to drafts and re-read it, Hey how are you? Nothing much yourself?........AWKWARD, Say ahhhhhh !!!, "'If you can't find something to live for, then find something to die for'' - 2pac, if a girl says "ha" or "k" she is pissed., Laughing Sarcasticaly. Then Making A Serious Face., "you're drunk." ... "you're sexy!" ;), I Really Want to Comment On that, But Know I shouldn't, FARRRRRK YOUR HOT, Laughing so hard you clap like a retarded seal., The worst feeling ever is feeling like you missed your chance, Hiding the 11th person in the back of a maxi cab., Oh, I see your playing hard to get... I'm gonna play walk away., to have a messy room cuz i cant be botherd cleanig it, if school teaches you one thing, it's to text without looking!, -"Someone is cranky" -"Someone needs to SHUT UP", i hate it when people come over to visit and you have to put a bra on, QLD WILL WIN STATE OF ORIGIN 2010, That Air Thing on the coke ad would be SO fun!, You're funny. I think I'll keep you., we have all experanced the pain of watching a slow typer., If you really liked me ... you'd make an effort., making new friends whilst drunk, I Hate When People Bring "Gangs" To Fight For Them, i hate that empty feeling in your chest when you miss someone, being a sarcastic little fuck., Not wanting to get out of a warm bed in the morning, I bought you a cactus, LOL jk, your already a prick, DON'T YOU EVER LAY A HAND ON UR WOMAN EVER!, Going to bed and knowing you can sleep in :), sleeping in oversized t-shirts!, Hey you, stay in my life :), you're kinda, sorta, baisically, pretty much, always on my mind <3, I Don't Miss You, I Miss Who I Thought You Were., the feeling you get when you know you just fucked something up, I'm happy if you're happy, "Oh , ! You Smell Good Hug Me Again . " : ), hearing something that kils you inside and having to act like you dont care, Laughing so hard no sound is coming out & you can't breathe., Don't text him back..Oh i'm not!...You texted him back didn't you? ..Yea, i love taned boys with amazing bodies ;) <3, I find out everything..trust me., I wish you would just talk to me like we used to, I miss you., Sometimes your knight in shining armor is just a retard in tin foil, Throwing everything off the bed onto the floor when you return hammered., Snuggling, Is it just me, or is 2010 absolutely flying by?, sometimes you just need your bestfriend <3, I suffer from U.A.D "Uncontrollable Awesomeness Disorder", Being so tired that you think everything is funny, The 'I want to get someting pierced' mood., We used to talk for hours, Now it's like I don't exist., Missing the 'good old times' :(, No!! No!!! NO!!! NO!!!! "Message Sent" ... Oh God.., knowing when a status is about you., your mad at me for that?......... let me know when you grow up, I'm done trying. If you want me in your life, let me know., If a boy can play guitar, it makes him that much more attractive., i don't want just a hug ..i want YOUR hug <3, Treat your girl right, or someone else will <3, I'm not stupid, I know whats going on. You're stupid to think i dont notice, "Man up" - a simple phrase to make your friends do stupid things, No microsoft word, i am pretty sure i know how to spell my name, Sarcastically saying "Good Story" after somebody has told you something., Its crazy how much i want to just walk upto you, and kiss you., Giving people really good advice, then being lost when it comes to yourself, Doing things for SHITS & GIGGLES!!!, We Used To Text Every Day And Now We Barley Talk At All, Tripping over an object, then verbally abusing it, You told my best friend... and you thought I wasn't going to find out?, I love listening to lies when i know the truth, Yes i agree with the terms and conditions even though i didnt read them, I kick my pants/shorts into the air and catch them to avoid bending down, Anyone who was born in the 1990's and doesnt have a kid and isnt pregnant ., HIPS AND CURVES NOT SKIN AND BONE !, i wonder if the things that remind me of you, remind you of me., Drunk word's speak sober thought's, Walking into your room and saying "wow i should clean this" then walk out., You're not making me jealous. You're making me wonder what I saw in you., how weird you get when you're really really really tired, When i was a little kid i hated bed time. Now i think about it all day., "dont fall asleep," - " IM NOT , just resting my eyes " !, When you ask a question you start it with Oi, Saying "What" and seeing how many times the person will repeat themselves, Chill. I got this., "I bet you don't do that at home!" "Well, actually Miss... I do?", Mi Goreng Noodles Are The Best, You say something funny & then someone says it louder & gets the credit., Falling asleep better when you have someone next to you <3, I love memories that you randomly remember and then can't stop smiling :), That sad sinking feeling in your chest when you find out something :'|, Dark night + Heavy rain + Coldness + Nice blanket = Perfect sleep., When people remember the smallest details about you :), " Mum, mum ,mum ... mum MUM" "what" " well its not ganna be funny now coz ur angry ", Inbox (1) makes me excited., oi, i want you. :), You deleted me as your friend, WOW... you sure showed me!!!, i will be ready in a minute babe, LOL jk, i'm a female i will be another hour, I don't have enough middle fingers to let you know how I really feel, I miss you. It sucks., having a computer without internet is like having a bowl with no food in it, "HEYYYY COME HERE ITS IMPORTANT" "what" "can u turn off my light?", I love my mum, Fantastic Friday :) , Super Saturday :D , Seedy Sunday :\ , Miserable Monday :(, That Hug when someone knows ur about 2 cry <3, "Stupid questions deserve sarcastic answers.", No matter what I get on the computer for, I always end up on Face-book.., You're being nice. Way too nice. You want something, Just walking into your bestfriends house like you live there., if you want it, make it happen., Saying Huh? Then answering the question before they repeat it., Me and my bestfriend can communicate just by looking at eachother (:, seeing an old pic of urself & wondering why i was let out of the house, Being the coolest member of my family., "Dont Touch It, Dont even Look at it...Yeah you better walk off", I feel sad when i see an old person eating/sitting alone. =[, I'm Not Cranky, You're Annoying., Sorry Means Nothing If Your Gonna Keep Doing It, Blonde: "what does idk mean?" Brunette: " I don't know" Blonde: " OMG nobody knows" ", "Do it, it'll be funny", I'm NOT flirting!! its called BEING NICE!, Having A Relationship Were You Can Act Like Total Retards Together, Saying "You're welcome" to people that don't say "Thank you", Okay I'm going to bed at 10...10:30...11...11:30...12...12:30...1...1:30........, When mum can't find it, you're Fuckedd., That one person that you will ALWAYS have a thing for., Pulling out your phone when your alone in public to not look like a loner, Blanket on- too hot, blanket off- too cold, stick leg out- Just Right!!!, I text you, you don't text back. I feel like an idiot., "Hey, are you home?" "No, I answered my home phone from somewhere else.", FEAR = Fuck Everything And Run, *makes ugly face* would u still be my friend if i looked like this?, Goodmorning texts!<3, we used to be so close, what happened ?, Don't apologise, you're not sorry., I laugh during inappropriate situations., workin 2 live not livin 2 work, Being drunk, is Not and Never will be an excuse for cheating, realizing someone wasn't as great as you thought they were, it is Sunday and i already cant wait for friday!!, bitches they come they go, I just wanna be drunk, KFC chips with extra salt, Drinking til you can't feel feelings anymore, Did i ask you? No. Then shut the fuck up, f u c k whɑt ɑnyone else thinks, do whɑt mɑkes you hɑppy !", I try not to laugh at my own jokes, but we all know i'm hilarious, You. Me. Bed. Now., I'd rather be hurt by the truth, than protected by a lie., HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA no., I stay up too late and then hate myself in the morning., Take me as I am, or watch me as I go., It's much easier to turn a friendship into love, than love into friendship., 'Love U' ,'Luv U' 'Ily' 'Ly' or 'Luv Ya is NOT the same as 'I Love You' !, I have texted lying down and dropped my phone on my face., I HATE IT WHEN SOMEONE LIES TO YOU AND YOU ALREADY KNOW THE TRUTH, Curvy girls are better than skinny girls!, Boyfriends who actually care about their girlfriends., You can only deal with so much before you stop caring altogether., I'D BANG YOU! .. over the head with a shovel ..., Oh, I'm sorry. I thought you meant what you promised. Silly me., I'm Kind of a Big Deal, Lorna Jane, do you realise how much you make me smile, just by texting me?., Fuck This. Fuck Her. Fuck Him. Fuck You. Fuck it..., I die inside when I see my mum cry., You dont just stop loving someone, either you never did or you always will., S.A.S Personal Fitness, I HUGS, KISSIN ON THE NECK IS A TURN ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, using "you only live once" to make your decision, It wasn't a problem when you did it. Hypocrite., When you start to miss me,just remember,I didn't walk away,you let me go!, walking into a spider web and instantly turning into a ninja, Not Wearing Pants, i act like i dont care because i think you dont care :/, I want longer hair!, "Guys be quiet I'm calling my mom!" Person in background: "COME BACK TO BED!", S (H E) B E (L I E) V E (D), Top 10 Places To Have Sex Before You Die, I can identify my family members by the sound & pattern of their footsteps, unexpected nights out are betta than planned ones....FACT!, i <3 how we can act like total retards together and have no shame(:, Nah fuck ya, Yelling "Run Forrest Run!" when you see someone running, Winter = hoodies, trackies, rainy days, warm hugs, wooly blankets, hot chocolate :), Sometimes its easier to pretend your happy rather than explain why your not, "True friendship exists when silence between two people is comfortable.", i hate that feeling like ur geting replaced by smeone else, getting a text that says "I miss you.", i love the way you smile,laugh,kiss,dress,walk,talk... everything really <3, I'm drunk, therefore what I'm about to do is DEFINITELY an amazing idea., when i drink i can give wisdom on subjects i've never heard of, She likes him. He likes her. Everyone knows except them., Feeling your phone vibrate in your pocket when it doesnt., so i hear u hate me? Thats weird I've never even talked to you., hello friday, ive been waiting for you, Not Being Pregnant, im not gonna lie.. i really miss you, I don't care if it's 4 am, you're my best friend and ill take care of you., "I wasn't stalking you. It was in the news feed.", We all know a Man Whore, "thats cute", "your cute" ;), "Worst. Idea. Ever." [pause] "Let's do it.", A prime example why "Tops-On" policies are being introduced to festivals, I hate it when I get comfy in bed and realize I forgot to do something, It sucks wanting what you can't have., Trust takes years to build, seconds to break, forever to repair.., When I grow up I wanna be a M.I.L.F, morning sex :), i like you, i get over you, i see you, i talk to you, i like you again.. :/, "Remember that time when you-" . NOT in front of my parent dumbass, "you were in my dream". "what happened?". (we had s e x). "oh i cant remember" ;), ARE YOU KIDDING ME, ALL THAT WAS A DREAM. awwwwwwww, "STOP STOP STOP!" "What?" "I had a rock in my shoe.", you. A lot., "ur best friends passed out".. "she'll be alright", Im 98% sure someone is eating all my bobby pins., brunettes are sexier and do it better than blondes., You want a perfect girl?...Go buy a barbie (:, Did she just.....Oh HELL NO, Gurl hold my shit!, mom, i could be dying and you're not answering the phone, Lowering the music when looking for a street address so i can see better, sitting on your floor in your undies. not knowing what to wear., When I hug someone I want a full hug, not that one arm hug crap, i <3 ur smile, ur laugh, ur cuteness, ur kindness, or maybe ur just perfect, I'd rather carry 10 grocery bags in each hand than make two trips, 10 hilarious pranks to pull on a friend!! ‿, Why Are You Still Single?, your in a relationship, stop flirting with everyone., I still have a friend that i've known since primary school, i miss someone, I Do Things For You I Wouldent Do For Anyone Else And You Dont Even Realise, I Hate People That Cheat In A Relationship!!, Kisses on the forehead !, I love kissing you, then biting your lip, (:, i feel like texting you, but i want you to text me first, "I'm so tired" "go to bed" "no" "why?" "i wanna talk to you" , i'm proud to say " I DON'T SMOKE!", Saying "Or Not" When People Do the Complete Opposite of What You Just Said, My room may be a mess but I know where EVERYTHING is!, that mood where you just wanna punch everyone in the face.(:, I don't want a job, I just want money., Hate it when ur tired but get in bed & u cant sleep :@, With a smile like yours, how can I not smile back? :) <3, Trying not to laugh when someone falls over., I didn't type that message to excercise my fingers, I want a reply., Don't ask for my opinion and get mad when I tell you the truth, The feeling of relief when your eftpos transaction approves :D, Everything is 4x Funnier when you are supposed to be quiet, Sucking a cup to your face and then panicking cos it won't come off, GRAIN WAVES , falling over drunk but managing to keep your drink stable..now thats talent, There's nothing more attractive than a guy that smells REALLY good., Using the laptop in bed, when you realize you over slept you jump off the bed like a ninja, "Good Morning" Text Messages, Songs that describe EXACTLY how you feel, They got nothing on you babe , Turning into a ninja when you hear your phone ringing in another room, Brown Boiizz <3, Typing what you Really Want to say, than deleting it, Its not called being whipped, its called respecting your girl., i <3 my friends!, That one song that gets you in the mood to drink and dance!, Trying to be the last person to clap at the end of an applause., I love when you look at me then i look at you and your smiling at me, We all have that one friend who NEVER answers their bloody phone!!, Deleting all your text messages is like deleting a part of your life, When I was a kid "I'm dobbing on you" was equivalent to a death threat., Moments when u realise its the little things u love not hate about a person, Not being able to stop laughing at something thats not at all funny:), It's every girl's dream to have a gay bestfriend., I find it hard to sleep when your not here <3, Yes, I am hurting, a lot. I'm just good at pretending I'm not., When you lock eyes with a hot stranger ;), being tired for absolutely no reason whatsoever., Only I can fight with my sibling, you lay a finger on him/her and you die!, your gay, is the best comeback in any situation, "Can I Help You?" "No, I Just Waited In Line For A Half Hour To Say 'Hi'", Join if your legs are crossed and/or your left hand is touching your face, *drop something* *pick it up* *drop it again* OH COME ON!!!, I'm so tired but I want to stay up and talk to you :D, Don't you hate when you like someone way out of your league, Looking back when walking past someone hot!, songs that remind you of particular times in your life., I laugh at my own funny text before i send it because im that damn funny, Expect nothing... That way you dont get disapointed, I Actually Like Winter, Fighting the urge to put a sarcastic comment on someone else's status, That feeling you get when you realize it's Saturday and you can sleep in!!!, Girls having more guy friends because they cause less drama, I actually pay attention to the "L" and "R" on my headphones. Always., "HAH YOU FLINCHED!" "NO SH*T! YOU ALMOST HIT ME IN THE FACE!", what hurts more than losing you? knowing you're not fighting to keep me., My room is not messy; it is an obstacle course designed to keep me fit., Knowing Something Isn't Going to Happen But Still Having That Inch of Hope, Not finishing a sentence because your laughing too hard about the ending, Dropping Something, Then Catching It In Mid-Air And Feeling Like A ninja!, When a girl says "It's fine" it actually means YOURE FUUUUUCCCKKKKEDDDD, "Mom, mom, mommy, ma, mom, mom, ma, ma, mommy, mommy... WHAT!!... hi!, I know you haven't replied, but I can't help but check my phone, Guys that actually appreciate their girlfriends, WHERE THE F*CK IS MY.......... found it, Reggie Bush, I hate it when you really want to say something but you know you can't..., Yes. I Fell UP the Stairs., Bon Qui Qui, I stop typing because you are typing, then you stop typing., I'm Not staring at you, I just zoned out, THA BOOGIE LOUNGE, the feeling you get when you hug someone, and they don't want to let you go, Kourtney Kardashian, I'll do it in a minute, Khloe Kardashian, Had to be there moments, Your personality in one word, If you remember this you grew up in the 90's ..., Vin Diesel, Days cuddled up in bed when its raining outside, Falling asleep while cuddling, Support the Australian soldiers, Labby, Camilla & Stav, laughing, Hamish Blake, Hamish & Andy, I Love Australia, If i could be with you right now, believe me i would <3, I'd rather do nothing at your house than at mine, Behind every boy & girl with trust issues, is the Ex who made them that way, SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTSSSSSS EVERYBODY!, Drunk people taking care of drunker people, fixing everyones elses problems...but being lost when it comes to yourself, I hate it when I get Comfy in my bed a realize I forgot to do something, talk to you all night, die from lack of sleep next day..worth every minute, The satisfaction you get when you say "SHUTUP!" and it becomes dead silent, because every tall person needs a short best friend :), 4 The Urban Groove & ILoveRNB Community!!!, Turn off your f**king highbeems you A-HOLE!, You instantly piss me off when I see you., Referring to objects as 'pieces of sh*t when they don't work, "Can't touch me! ....except for you. You can touch me.", We didn't drift apart, you changed., 'Love U', 'Luv U' 'Ily' 'Ly' or Luv Ya' is NOT the same as 'I Love You' !, -"you coming to the thing tonight?" -"I wasn't invited." AAWWWWKWWWWAAARRDD, I Wish Music Played During Epic Moments of My Life and Not Just in Movies., That mood where you just want to cry and be cuddled :'( <3, Being so overtired, you have no idea what you're even saying anymore, I love that friday afternoon feeling. :), Giving your best friend a look and they know exactly what you are thinking, Seriously, life is better when you decide you don't care, getting caught smiling like an idiot when you get a cute text.., Being around someone so long that you pick up their habits.=), Smiling like an idiot when you receive a cute text., I Trusted You... Stupid Me, Hahahaha.. The Things I'd Do If I Was Invisible, Sleeping in just your underwear, reading texts half asleep.. and its like looking into the sun., Texting someone to say that you are outside their house instead of knocking, Getting screwed over for being a good person to someone, Saying "Can you not?" when somebody is annoying you., I have no idea what you just said (laugh and hope it wasnt a question), Guys who will go out of their way to make a girl smile<3 :), "Did you see that!!!", "See What???!", -sigh- "Nevermind...", Looking at someone you used to be close with & thinking what happened to us, that feeling after taking your high heels off after a night out <3, Spasifik Cuts BarberShop, I try to make up "serious" excuses when I'm too lazy to do something., Getting to know someone you never thought you would, Non planned nights always turns out better than expected!, looking at your best friend & laughing because you know what there thinking, If I could punch you without getting in trouble, beleive me, i would, I Just Woke Up, Don't Talk to Me., i've thought about punching you in the face on multiple occasions., I stand in the shower aimlessly for ages just because its warm, Sooo = I don't know what to say but I don't want to stop talking to you., Why is Monday so far away from Friday, and Friday so bloody close to Monday, After an arguement I think about clever things I should have said, Never give up on someone you can't stop thinking about every day, I love how you have no idea how bad you hurt me., That feeling you get when you hug someone you really really miss., i have someone like a brother/sister to me, who isnt even family <3, that split second of fear when you lean back too far in your chair, you say goodbye to someone and then you end up talking for another hour., getting kissed on the forehead while cuddling :), Thinking of something funny and start laughing randomly about it, Im waiting for you to say hello first, dont tell me your doing the same...?, Re-reading texts that make you smile =), I Wish I Could Record My Dreams and Watch Them Later, Looking at old photos and thinking how much things have changed., Promises mean everything. But once you break them, sorry means nothing, Two days is not enough time for a weekend, Pretending to look around the room when you make eye contact, I try to tell a funny story but i crack up before I can start, Saying "Yeah I'm on my way." When you're still at home., I see youve liked your own status? Someone has no friends, Finally figuring something out and saying, "OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH", Stop talking, I don't actually care., staring into a wardrobe full of clothes and seeing NOTHING to wear!, I hate when people add me & ask me who I am! U ADDED ME FOOL ! WHO ARE U ?!, Keeping The Txts That Mean Something To You, realizing you're wrong in the middle of an argument but continuing to argue, Life Without Music Can't Exist, MYSTIQUE | DESIGNER HAIR & FASHION LIFESTYLE CONCEPT STORE *** CHERMSIDE, Fundamentalz, Australian Girls Are the Coolest, Brunettes with Curves, BURSTING OUT LAUGHING AND NOT BEING ABLE TO STOP AT THE WORST POSSIBLE TIME, I SLEEP, Magic City, Kim Kardashian, Groove Theory @ Bar388, Support The Fight Against Breast Cancer, Laughing until it hurts and you can't breathe!, Nights Out With Friends, Mystique Niteclub, Cold Rock Ice Creamery, Barack Obama, Why Can't I Hate You? You Have Hurt Me So Much In The Past..., I am me an that is all I can be!, I love days when all you do is laugh, Shut up, you have no idea how much everybody wants to punch you!, oh dont worry bout me, it's not like i have feelings or anything.., guys who would rather just be cuddling with their girl then getting action, in primary school, if you could do bubble writing you were a god., Laughing so hard you feel a six pack coming on, I Automatically Start Panicing When I Cant Feel My Phone In My Pocket, I would... but I'm suffering from a serious case of CBF, Life's too short for bullsh*t., As we grow up we don’t lose friends. We just learn who our real ones are., I'm done trying. If you want me in your life, let me know. Bye., i couldnt live with out my mum <3, thank god its Friday! :D, HAHAHAHAHAHA, Oh wait, your serious..., When im on the phone i wander around not knowing where im going, saying ' Your Cool ' after someone does something really gay., When i get up too fast i cant see , stumble and walk into walls, When your in a bad mood, everything is bad., we dont always have to do something exciting, i just like being with you :), One day, someone is going to punch you in the face........ and i will LAUGH, Treat your girl right, or another guy will..., "Don't see me, don't see me, don't see me"... "HEYYY!!!" ... "f*ck", When you look back, i hope you regret treating me that way., the worst thing ever is seeing your mum cry! <3., You Know You're Australian When You Can Sprint In Thongs!, hanging out with the same person everyday and NEVER getting bored of them., "do me a favor?" "does it involve me getting up?" ".....yes." "then no.", I'm not gonna cry, i'm not gonna cry! "are you okay?" Damn it..*tears*, If your going to cheat, then don't be in a relationship. Its that simple., I dont care what you heard, Im telling you what really happened. So shut up, Guys who do cute things for their girlfriend without being told, i once had a life ... then some idiot came and told me to make a face book, Trying to find your phone when its on silent is one of life's hardest tasks, it makes sense in my head, i just cant explain it, Yes I Know Im An Adult Now................. But Its A F*ing Jumping Castle, I text you when I miss you, and if I don't, I'm waiting for you to miss me., I Still Remember When I First Saw You <3, That rage you get when you don't understand something, I finish my drink before the meal even arrives., i hate the empty feeling when you really miss someone. :/, Break up INSTEAD of cheating!!, Don't like me?? Well f**k off!! Problem solved., I TALK REALLY FAST WHEN IM EXCITED, When You Make No Sense At All , But Your Best Friend Completely Understands, Wow. i really dont like you. like at all, No, I'm not being immature, I'm having fun. You should try it, Shitday, Shitday, Shitday, Shitday, Friday!!!!, Throwing your phone away from you after sending a risky text, Don't TELL me you care, show me., Calling ur parents by their first name when they dont respond to MOM or DAD, That moment your heart stops when your chair tilts back too far, Music saves you when you're broken., Everything seems louder when you're trying not to wake your parents, laughing at the same part in a film, no matter how many times you watch it., Is It Just Me Or Is Each Year Going By Faster and Faster?, <3 ''I am who I am...Your Approval isn't needed''!! x, yes, i have texted lying down and dropped my phone on my face:|, I Love My Mum ! Shes My Everything ! xxxxxxxxxxxxx, you hate me? oh that's weird, because I DON'T EVEN KNOW YOU, seeing old people couples that are still in love, jealousy is a disease, get well soon bitches., She's my best friend, Break her heart, I break your face (:, Starting to tell your parents a story and then realizing its inappropriate, Sorry, I've Just Realised I Didn't Listen to Anything You Have Just Said., When your six "Im telling my mum on you!" Was the scariest come back ever, I hate mondays, tuesdays, wednesdays, thursdays and half of friday., "WAIT!, WAIT!, WAIT!" I Didn't Mean To Send That! "Message Sent."...Aw F@ck, Giving people the finger when they aren't looking, I hate it when you zone out and you accidently stare at someone., A Relationship Should Be Between Two People Not The Whole World!, I'm sorry, I just can't hear you over the sound of me being so awesome, I was waiting for a reply and then realized I never even sent the last text, "remember that time..? OH wait.. you weren't there", When bad words can't even begin to explain how mad you are, Pissing yourself laughing at something thats not even funny., :) waking up to cute text messages (:, Reading our 'sent' messages the morning after a heavy night....., Why the hell can't i run when i'm being chased in my dream?, Falling Asleep While Cuddling, I miss being a little kid, I hate waking up during a good dream and it won't come back!, Screaming at Random People as You Drive By, I Love My Dad, When I was a child I loved to jump into water puddles, It sucks when you try your hardest, but it's just not good enough., Hearing a song that describes your current situation perfectly, that awkward moment when you dont know if you should hug someone or not, You're angry at me for that ? Thats cool, just let me know when you grow up, Looking at yourself in the mirror and being like "Your so drunk", Refusing to restart your story after someone didn't listen the first time., Nothing more sexy than a guy with nice arms, who smells good, and hugs you., You make me happy. Stay in my life. Simple as that., I fell for your personality, your looks are just a bonus ;) <3, biggest lie ever: "i have read and agree to the terms of use" , Ok, If we get caught here's the story..., Referring to your female friends as dude/man/bro, Water has a taste you can't explain, saying "i'm not drinking tonight" never works..... ever, when you can't make a decision you say, UP TO YOU!, Responding to texts while half asleep, then realizing you made no sense., Miss... Miss... Miss!... MISS! .... MIIIISSSSS!!!! .... F*ck you, then., "mom mom mom mom mom mom" "WHAT!!" "never-mind, your angry.", "Dinner's ready!!" "Coming!" *continues using the computer*, Meeting someone in the wierdest way, then they are a huge part of your life, we're not bitchingg.. we're discussing., That bit of graffiti that makes you think, 'how did they get up there?', IT WASN'T ME!!!!! Oh that........ yes that was me, Mon :[ Tues :/ Wed :| Thurs :] Friday :D Sat (^.^ )Sun(-__-), "WHY DIDN'T YOU ANSWER MY CALL??" "because i was raving to my ring tone", I love it when I look at you and you were already looking at me.., I still remember the day when I first saw you :), Laughing so hard you cant talk, No really, I wasnt laughing with you, I was laughing at you ...., PMS allows a woman once a month to act like men do every day., That frustrating feeling you get when your trying to remember something., Bored of being bored because being bored is boring, Chillin Naked After A Shower Because Your Too Lazy To Get Dressed, F*#K IT ....U ONLY LIVE ONCE...DO WHAT MAKES U HAPPY, Dear Week, I'm so over you. I'm leaving you for your best friend, Weekend, The "IDK anymore ... " mood is the worst feeling everrr, When guys pull you back in their arms after you walk away from them angrily, Damn, who's thatt ?........... fml, no tag., "I gotta show you who I'm talking about! Let's go on faceeeboook!", Remembering important things just as you're starting to fall asleep, drying yourself in the shower cause its too cold to get out, I didn't change, I just grew up. You should try it sometime., loading... ] 99%...Loading Failed, Please try again "WHAT!", Asking your parents after you've already made plans, "Am I not turtley enough for your turtle club?", After Every Good Movie Trailer I Lean Over And Say "I Wanna See That", That one friend that walks into your house like its their home, Hearing your favorite song on the radio is more exciting than on your IPod, fffffffffuuuuuuuucccccccckkkkkkkkkk. that wasn't supposed to happen., Babe! Wait! Babe! No!! BABE! NO! BAAAAAAAAABE!!!, The worst feeling is being forgotten about by someone you will never forget, having that sudden heart attack when you drop your phone/iPod etc., Good Looks attracts the eyes, Personality attracts the heart, Lying in bed at night, thinking about mistakes you made :/, when your best friends know you better than anyone else.<3, I can hold my tears till some1 asks me whats wrong, then I burst out crying, When something exciting happens I randomly slap the person next to me, The ten seconds of confusion after a nap., I know someone who is absolutely amazing :), I cover my pets with blankets to watch the lump run around-, I love it when you say you miss me :), Saying "Love you too" when someone says "I hate you", I re-read the texts you sent when I miss you, I like it when you text me first:), I'm not mean, you're just annoying!!, When you pull an awesome comeback out of nowhere, Go Ahead, Hit Me. See What Happens., Hanging with old friends and saying remember when......, I hate when a room you're in goes randomly dark or sunny., arguments mean nothing...at the end of the day i still love you, I hate it when a person says they will text you later and then never do., Checking Your Sent Messages Because Youre Confused At The Reply :), Sleeping while its raining outside, Looking in the fridge, then the cupboard, then the fridge, then giving up., Leaning sideways when your bowling balls going the wrong way, OMG are you serious?! no, I just wanted to see your reaction, Texts that make you smile, Getting Paid, I ignored U.. So Stop Adding me!!!, If you (LIKE), (LOVE), or (MISS) SomeOne Right NOW <3, Pushing your friend into a bush, "Just putting it out there" :), the satisfaction of sleeping in your own bed after being away for so long., i EXPECT to be rich somehow, but with no real plan or effort, i know the truth your an idiot to keep lying, actually, i CAN take a joke, ur just being a dick, if you tickle my feet i am not responsible for what happens to your face., That feeling where you wake up and realise you are on holidays, " Nah Im Not Really Drinking Tonight" 2 Hours Later .. WOOOOOOOO!!! :], Using * to correct a word!, theres a fine line between tan, and looking like you rolled in doritos, Lads who are not ashamed to say "thats my girlfriend ❤", You know you have won when you block your ears and scream "LALALALALA", The spaz attack which occurs after walking into a spider web, friendship isnt bout who youve known the longest, its who came & never left, Join if you remember eating theese bad boys!!!, keep talking crap about me, i love being the highlight of your life :), Im drunk.. there for its the perfect time for a serious conversation., I can spend hours with you, and I still miss you as soon as i leave, the point where it is too late to ask what someones name is, I always wonder what I look like from someone elses eyes., "Shotty not!" "...I don't give a f***, I'm not doing it!", The laughs, the play fights, the long talks. Thats why i Love you <3, Wanna not say that in front of everyone? Kay, thanks., Brother: "Here i made u something to eat" Sister: "what did you do to it?", My brother has the coolest sister EVER., Having a bestfriend with so many inside jokes, it could be a new language, I'm telling a story, wanna shut up?, Actually, no. You don't know what my life is like,so shut up., We may not be blood related, but your still family to me <3, its hard gettin used to not talkin to some1 when u talked to them everyday, Getting out of bed in winter is one of life's hardest mission..., "It's gonna be ok.".. "Yeah..because it's not happening to you..", my mum is like the best mum in the world and my bestfriend :), I love people who text back really fast :), No sorry, im NOT like every other girl., Guys who treat their girls like the most precious thing in their lives. :), Mum can i have a lift? Do i look like a taxi? No, thats why i dont pay you, i love blasting music when im getting ready to go out :), you know you're in love when reality is better than your dreams<3, When your bestfriend is in a fight, you automatically are too, your almost asleep and you get a text, the vibrate gives you a heart attack, Talking to your best friends mum like she's your own, I love sleeping in, but I hate feeling like I just wasted my day., "go away" "fine, bye" "no come back....", sorry, i have OFCD (obsessive faceboook checking disorder), hate the feeling you get when you fight with someone you really care about, That person you will always care for, no matter what, Thinking Of Everything You Have Done When Your Parents Say "Come Here Now!", Really wanting to say something back but it's way too harsh., I'm not exactly sure how to respond, so im gonna go with "haha", I'm Trying To Be Mad At You;