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Singing, Lots, Shopping mall, LOL, PARTY PARTY PARTY LETS ALL GET WASTED!, Can somebody please tell this bitch nobody likes her., No its okay I'm not mad at you...LOL jk I wanna throw a chair at your face. (:, There's plenty of fish in the sea...but you're my nemoo :) , sexy time, sex, If karma doesnt knock you out soon, I will., i hate stepping in water puddles in the bathroom when i have socks on :(, "I'd rather be hated for who I am than loved for who I am not."- Kurt Cobain, Truth is, everybody is going to hurt you; you just gotta find the ones worth suffering for." -Bob Marley, Lg, Many, Hip hop music, Losty, Reggae, Dj Kronic, Katchafire, Bob Marley, DJ MO GREEN, Kings Of Leon, Beyoncé, Michael Jackson, Sweet & Irie, DJ D-KUTZ, Deceptikonz, DJ Mista, DJ Libre, DJ EDO, DJ Victor Lopez, DJ Reminise, DJ Peter Gunz, Contemporary R&B, i like my music LOUD, MC RAFA, My Swaggers on a hundred thousand, trillion, Dj Maxwell, Knockout, Phinesse, Rebel Souljahz, Brysen G, Lol, DJ Nino Brown, DVS, P!nk, "and if you don't knowwwww, now you know niggggggggggggggggggaa, uhh", Jessica Mauboy, DJ Mac, Mysteries, Thrillers, Romance film, Dirty Dancing, Suspense film, Don't Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in The Hood, Love at first site, Horror film, The Blind Side, Family Guy, How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory, Hip Hop TV, Seinfeld, Dexter, True Blood, Glee, Def Jam Poetry Show, UNDERBELLY, Monkey Magic, Support Australia’s 2022 Official FIFA World Cup Bid, Logitech Australia, nzwineonline, STICKMAN, Mafia Wars, HOT GOSSIP - OFFICIAL FAN PAGE, Which star sign should you fall for?, Karma: what goes around comes around by PMC, Borne Naked, LOPEZ RECORDS, Celebs on Facebook, Not giving a f*ck., Days off!!!, DJ NEW-ERA REMIXES, audio indulgence, Magic City, Socceroos - Australian National Football Team, RAP CITY - FAN PAGE, O NIGHTCLUB, The Chocolate Master, Skittles, Bubble O' Bill Ice Creams, Vin Diesel, Country Road, Dreamworld Australia, Justice Dance Crew, Queensland Maroons, PISS UP AND A BBQ, PREMIER POSTERING, BOSS ENTERTAINMENT, Pocket Diva, JUICED PHOTOGRAPHY, ALIZE AUSTRALIA, (website hidden), Sleeping with the aircon/fan and the doona on at the same time, Via Design, ESO, DJ TIKELZ, Sunsilk, Nokia Australia, I'm a boy. My brain is in my penis. Will you blow my mind?, Fuck!, Blackmores, Playground Saturdays, I swear to god, if youve taken my..FOUND IT!, "how you doiinnnn' ;)", if only you knew....how much i fucking hate you, people who make an effort to stay in your life, no matter what happens, i <3 my own bed. But i'll be honest, id much rather be in yours ;), if i am not online on facebook for 2 days, call the police, throwing random things at people and acting like it wasnt you, Aussie Apples, Agreeing with people so they'll shutup, I LOVE MELBOURNE, St. Louis Cardinals, We all have that friend...who thinks they're black, I Try To Finish My Dream By Trying To Sleep Again After Waking Up, Oh, I see your playing hard to get... I'm gonna play walk away., You aint got no ice cream, I already know the truth, why do you continue to lie?, IF U LIKE ME TELL ME, every girl wants one guy to prove that they are not all the same, I still say "What?" even if I heard you the first time., I cant tell if you actually like me, or you're just a flirt., FORGIVE BUT NEVER FORGET, crossroads, Mystique Niteclub, Top 10 Places To Have Sex Before You Die, i hate it when you get your hopes up for something and it doesnt work out., DDS' Cafe Reservoir, that rapper....CHANGE, Def Poetry Jam & Other Spoken Word Artist, Lover of the day, 4 Minute shower? It takes 4 minutes to get the water to the right temp!!!!!, Friend of the Day, when sluts hate other sluts for being sluts, ANY DICK CAN MAKE A BABY BUT IT TAKES A MAN TO BE A DADDY, So Tattooed, Aaliyah True Fans, I YouTube, VDownloader, Texts From Last Night, Kiwi Biker, Pisces, MindJolt Games, YouTube Video Box, YouTube Box, Hearing someones story, and thinking " Fu*k, you're so full of s!*t!", YOU'VE CHANGED, " Nah Im Not Really Drinking Tonight" 2 Hours Later .. WOOOOOOOO!!! :], Im drunk.. there for its the perfect time for a serious conversation., hates girls that get embaressed to eat infront of guys, IT WASN'T ME!!!!! Oh that........ yes that was me, that guy from the libra invisible pad ad is a legend ;D, "hey" "hi" "who was that?" " no idea", we started to watch a movie, but we ended up...not watching a movie., "QUICK TAKE YOUR TOP OFF ! " " What? , Why ? " THERES NO TIME JUST DO IT ", Any Dick Can Make a Baby But It Takes a Man To Be a Daddy, I'm not a lesbian... I just appreciate a hot girl :), Te Moana Muri - Cook Islands, Bros Before Ho's, paper beats rock? ok,i'll throw a rock at u & u defend urseself with paper, I'd give anything to know what you were thinking.., Retro Kiwi NZ, F U C K THIS, I am going home, I Hate People That Dont Text Back, Pacific Resort Aitutaki, Cook Islands, Holden Commodore (VN-VS), BRING BACK GEORGIE PIE !, Australia:The country were Pizza gets 2 your house quicker than the Police., Herbal Essences Australia, Tooheys Extra Dry, Stick it up the NRL, STORM are here to STAY, Telecom Cook Islands, am i cute enough yet? or do you need more to drink?, Celebrating 5 years of Youtube, Smirnoff Australia, "I won't forget, I won't forget.." "So did you bring it?" "Sh*t..", "YOU NEED TO RELAX!", God gave men 2 heads but not enough blood to use both at the same time R.W., Saying "I'm almost there" when you actually haven't even left the House, Te Mato Oi Cook Island Dance Group, Te Mato Oi Cook Island Dance Group, Lehmans Cook Island Drums, Porirua Cook Island SDA, Samade on the Beach Aitutaki - Cook Islands, COCOPUTT COOK ISLANDS, Cook Islands, Polynesia By Design - Rarotonga, Cook Islands, I miss seeing your name in my inbox., Panasonic Australia, Join If You Have Ever Been Really Close To Someone..And Now Dont Talk :/ <3