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Anyone noticed that "studying" is like "student" and "dying" put together?, Tripping, then looking back at what tripped you with an evil glare., I didn't slap you, I high-fived your face!, "Are you ok?" "NO Im bleeding cuz its fun.", They're not my friends... They're my second family. :), I WANNA GET CHOCOLATE WASTED!!!!!, No matter how old you are, You'll always rush for a swing in a park :'), "Why do you talk so fast?" "Why do you listen so slow?", When teachers get off track and tell you stories about their life, Money doesn't buy happiness, but I'd rather cry in a Ferrari, "Hi, Can I help you?" "No, I just waited in line for 15 minutes to say hi", If a guy says you're "hot" he's looking at your body, if he says you're "pretty" he's looking at your face, if he says you're "beautiful" he's looking at your soul., I live for Christ. He is my way, my light, my strength, and my savior :) Whose with me?, Why Is The First Name That Always Comes Into Your Head 'Bob' ?, I rather be hated for someone I am, then to be loved for someone i'm not 3(3x-7u) = i<3u, I hate when I meet someone nice and then never see them again!, "we're watching a video today" "YESS!" "Here's your question sheet" "UGH!", I've lived in 3 decades, 2 centuries & 2 milleniums & I'm not even 20 yet!, Down Home Catering, Teachers call it "the bathroom", we call it, "I'm bored, i'm leaving", i wish my friend's houses were connected to mine via secret tunnels, Hate it when you write a sentence and accidently write a word you hear., there should be a relationship satus called " Talking ", Sooo = I don't know what to say but I don't want to stop talking to you., When I hear myself eating crunchy food, I wonder if people can hear it too., Your my bestfriend because i wouldnt dare to be this weird with anyone else, Hey mom can i.... "no" but mom plea..."no" Hey daddy....., "hey can i have a sip?" "sure." * GLUG GLUG GLUG.* "dude, what the hell?", I'm so tired but I want to stay up and talk to you, I hate that mood where every little thing pisses you off., REAL HUGS, not those crappy one arm things., After an arguement I think about clever things I should have said, Befor I go to sleep, I start imagining stuff that I would like to happen, I make plans THEN ask my parents, Trying to delete useless characters in a text to make it under 160., ( ̲̅:̲̅:̲̅:̲̅[̲̅ ̲̅]̲̅:̲̅:̲̅:̲̅ )<- Look, a band-aid!, JOIN IF YOU KNOW A SAM :), At 11:11:11 on 11/11/11 I will make the most epic wish ever., i hate when i look at the clock and have 1 minute until my alarm goes off., Pretending to be asleep so your parents will leave you alone, She's my best friend, Break her heart, I break your face (:, I Like Drawing On Condensated Windows (:, YES, MOM I UNDERSTAND!!*5 minutes later* What did she want me to do again??, "You look tired" - Thanks for kindly saying I look like crap., If you have a Awesome ASIAN friend(:, It was 7am, I blinked, and it was 9am, Making unnessesary sounds when your bored., Bonfires, Drunk people taking care of drunker people, Not Remembering whether it happened in a dream or in real life., "OH, SO LET ME TELL YOU THIS STORY..." "Dude, I was there with you." "Oh.", i ran out of things to do on face book .. yet i'm still on it., "I dont want to see your room that messy again" "Dont go in it then", YEAH I STUDIED. Then I forgot everything when I saw the paper., Looking Down At Your Cell Phone To Avoid Someone Walking By, If you click become a fan, a turtle will appear on the screen., Pandas are the least racistt animal, they're black, white AND asian!, Become fans of things because you see them on your freinds' status., You look at whoever opens the door in the classroom, Dude, I'm not going if your not going..., I dislike people who only care about themselves!!, "Do your chores or go to your room""Ok,bye", "They're dating now?" "Yeah, it's Faceboook official", Texting someone to say that you are outside their house instead of knocking, I'm pretty sure that Olympic athletes DON'T eat at McDonald's., "Keep Yo Hands Off My Mama, Keep Yo Hands Off My Doritos", "Go to your room" "I was going there anyway but okay", Become a fan if you looked at this 'hot dog' and said... 'Awwwwwwwwww!!!', Moments with friends when you laugh so hard you almost pee yourself, I was so excited to talk to you until you gave me one word answers. Sweet., That Parachute from Elementary School Gym Class, Getting a 90 on a test you didn't study for in the first place., I hate when faceebook changes everything for no reason!!, The worst feeling ever is not knowing whether you should wait or give up.., Don't EVER break a pinky promise. That stuff is LEGIT., Guys Who Can Actually Stick To One Girl., Oh, Home Alone? Hello Loud Music.., If your mad at me than just tell me., They say HATE is a strong word, but they throw around LOVE like its nothing, I Was Amazed When I saw "ipod!" Is The Same Upside Down!, I play with my phone when I'm waiting for someone so I don't look stupid, I love how on Suite Life, the blonde is smart and the Asian is dumb, "You had all weekend to do the homework" "Oh, sorry i have a life...", I don't care if there are more fish in the sea... I want THAT fish :(, I say " I was like" instead of "I said", Taking one bite of fancy chocolate and then putting it back in the box., I was winning Mario Kart then found out I wasnt looking at the right screen, "Are you asleep?" "Yes.", Become a Fan if you have ever Pushed a door that said Pull, Watching "Become a Fan" turn into "You are a Fan", So, If you can't tell me, Why mention it?, seeing old people couples that are still in love, "Do you like anyone?" "No" (because its you), Trying To Hint Something Out To Someone But The Idiot Doesn't Get It, Sometimess i feel like lying randomly on the floor., Okay, i know your talkling to me you don't need to touch me., Myspacee is dead. Faceboook killed it., Im fully aware that I'm procrastinating, yet I continue to do it., I Need To Stop Becoming A Fan For Every Fan Page That Relates To Me., oh great now that song's stuck in my head all day and i only know 1 line., I asked for a drink, not a shitload of ice, I Did Not LOL When I Saw This Photo, Because I Had to Become a Fan First, The fear that emerged in elementary when a kid said "i'm telling on you!", Putting on a fake smile, so you dont have to explain why your not happy., Nowadays, "Cool" means " I really don't care.", ADHOMGLAST(Attention Deficiate Hyperactive Oh My God Look A Shiny Thing), I hate it when friends repeatedly ask who you are txting and read your txt., I DIDN'T COUNT ALL THE 'F's IN THIS SENTENCE, ''Come here!'' , ''naaah'' , ''why?'' , ''effort'' :|, Ooooooooh, That sounds a bit harsh, I better put "lol" on the end of it, i like when you text me first, cause then i know you want to talk to me, MY SISTER SAID IF I GET ONE MILLION FANS SHE WILL NAME HER BABY MEGATRON, I HATE This New "Become a Fan To See the Amazing Picture" Scheme., Using rock, paper, scissors for serious decision making, You must be pretty lonely to ask your self a question on formspring, The world is beautiful, we should appreaciate it a lot more <3, Sub teacher: "Does your normal teacher let you do that?" Students: "Yes...", talking while brushing your teeth and it sounds like "ibrwrafhingmyteefth", Smiling like an idiot when you receive a cute text., HONEY! WHERE IS MY SUPERSUIT!?, Every year, I realize how stupid I was the year before., Saying "thats crazy" when you haven't been listening to someone., I use my phone as a flashlight, and hit random buttons to keep it lit, I see that you liked your first chin so much you decided to add another., This is the 20th time I've had to pause my music. PLEASE stop talking., I may not be perfect, but Jesus thinks I am to die for, Have you ever just looked at someone, and automatically felt annoyed?, I Look At Pictures And Wish I Could Go Back To That Day, I dont care what you heard, Im telling you what really happened. So shut up, I Still Love All Disney Movies!!, DUDE! We almost died!!! Yea, but it was fun though!, "YES WE'RE FINALLY LEAVING! Oh no, mom ran into a friend.", Hi. You think we're friends. I, however, think you're annoying as hell :), You screwed me over so badly it just annoys me to hear your name, Telling inanimate objects to STAY when they look like they're going to fall, Tripping in your dream then having a spaz attack in your bed, If I looked like this,(make a weird face) would u still be friends with me?, Smoking kills. People know this. They still smoke. Are they suicidal?, When something pops out at you in 3D movies and you flinch., Regretting not having done something when you had the chance!, I open my fridge, gaze inside for a while, close it and walk off., Awkwardly standing there as your friend talks to someone you don't know, When in Doubt.. Google That Sh!t, why do Dora's parents just let her travel all over the place by herself..?, you hate me? oh that's weird, because I DON'T EVEN KNOW YOU, I hate mondays, tuesdays, wednesdays, thursdays and half of friday., I'm a dude. She's a dude. He's a dude. WE'RE ALL DUDES., When i was your age, we knew him as Crazy Steve, not as Spencer, i love black and white photos, I love you, but i want to smash your head against a wall, You arent in love. YOUVE BEEN DATING 3 DAYS!, The Back Of Yo Head Is Ridikolus (Can I Have Yo Numbah), Repeatedly kicking a single pebble down the street, Starbucks Frappuccino, Hearing only the weird part of other people's conversations., "You should have come with us!" Well maybe if you invited me..., What fun is life without making your own sound effects?, " OMG YOU BROKE IT". . . No it was already like that, I Really Doubt That She Said That..., if u want me in ur life. figure out a way to put me there. im done trying., Throwing shoes at political leaders, "Uh oh" is the worst thing your barber can say., 12/22/12---"Where's your homework?"---"Ummm...I thought we were gonna die.", That one person you see EVERYWHERE...but don't know their name, I hate it when I flex and my shirt rips, Staring at someone until you make them smile/laugh;, Its funny how fast you can wake up when you realize you've overslept.., "So, who do you like?" *YOU YOU YOU OBVIOUSLY YOU!!!!!* "No one.", You don't know what you've got, til' it's gone., we dont always have to do something exciting, i just like being with you :), "In Canada do you live in igloos?" "No, in America do u live in Mcdonalds.", Dear freshman, that senior is hitting on you cuz he cant get anyone his age, Can you like, not bring that up. Thanks., Mocking someone in a voice that sounds nothing like them, Thank You, Hand Sanitizer, For Telling Me I Have a Cut On My Hand, The Most Retarded Newspaper Headline, EVER., When I'm alone in my house + hear a noise, I presume I'm going to be killed, I didn't change, I just grew up. You should try it sometime., 365 Things To Do In Seattle, WA, Oh look! ___ Became a fan of-Pfft i became a fan of that soo long ago :), reading texts half asleep.. and its like looking into the sun., After Every Good Movie Trailer I Lean Over And Say "I Wanna See That", I can insult my best friend, but if you do you're going down., when a hot person walks by and your just like "damnnnn", I have always wondered if animals had their own secret language., sorry i didnt know talking was flirting.., If you havent noticed , I completely adore you <3, Nose-Go's solves everything, why are you trying to talk to me ? i hate you., Saying "Twenty-Ten", Instead of "Two-Thousand-Ten" Because It Sounds Cooler, I can't explain something without saying the word "like", When I'm in my car and I see a scary person walk by I lock my doors, Making random noises after you get tongue-tied, then continuing, Tall people who block the sun for shorter people, Its not a man purse, its a satchel. Indiana Jones has one, I don't know what to talk about, but i wanna talk to you., shaking a soda can before giving it to someone, I've never met you, but I know your name. Please don't think I'm a stalker., Sometimes I wonder why I still bother with u :|, mmmmm WHATCHA SAAAAY!, I Have Always Wanted to Get in a Cab and Say."FOLLOW THAT CAR!!", I HATE WHEN YOUR PARENTS DON'T LET YOU EXPLAIN YOURSELF IN A ARGUMENT!!!!!, I'm paranoid because the spider I saw five seconds ago isn't there anymore., "Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my father, prepare to die.", Keeping The Txts That Mean Something To You, When I Forget My Phone At Home, I Feel Naked, I hate it when Ice Cream is so hard it bends your spoon., It is what it is, No way! You're going to bed? THEN SCHOOL? Glad you made it your status..., I remember when "I know you are, but what am I?" was the biggest diss., I hate it when i'm taking a drink and all the ice attacks my face, Wakin up on the 1st day of summer & thinking "i would be in 3rd period now", if you tickle my feet i am not responsible for what happens to your face., biggest lie ever: "i have read and agree to the terms of use" , Ok, If we get caught here's the story..., that feeling you get when you have an insanely good comeback., google + sparknotes = high school diploma, Cuddling with the clothes that just came out of the dryer, how did they get that car in the mall.....??, **Falls Over** Hahahahahahaha!!!!! .. Oh Wait Your Crying .. Are You Okay?, Shouting someone's name in different octaves until they hear you, bare feet, tanning, windows down, bonfires, cold drinks..I <3 SUMMER!, Meeting someone in the wierdest way, then they are a huge part of your life, IT WASN'T ME!!!!! Oh that........ yes that was me, copy/pasting intense conversations to your bestfriend, How did you copy me and get a higher grade than me????, "Oh cool its bendable!", *SNAP* "nevermind", "Wow, you're cool." ...You do know you shouldn't be talking, right?, trying to say something, but cant because its to funny., SUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR 2010 CANT WAIT <3 :D, Laughing harder when you try to explain WHY you're laughing hard., "hey" "hi" "who was that?" " no idea", I don't know, google it., "omg i suck at drawing" "yea you do" "hey,shut up", I feel like i can run 10x faster in Hotel hallways, loading... ] 99%...Loading Failed, Please try again "WHAT!", I hate trying to explain really long things over text, walking with your friend & randomly pushing them into someone/something ., Even if im bored on saturday, i always wait till sunday to do homework, I wonder how different my life would be right now if i didnt meet you.., 'Let's eat Grandma!' or, 'Let's eat, Grandma!' Punctuation saves lives., I hate not knowing why the person isn't replying, IM A CHAPSTICK ADDICT., i love hearing something when it starts with "dont tell anyone ok?", laughing so hard that you cant breath, missing someone you just spent the whole day with as soon as they leave., I wish Pokémon battle music played whenever I run into someone I don't like, Is It Just Me Or Is Each Year Going By Faster and Faster?, I HATE WHEN THE CHAT BOX GOES BLANK AND IDK WHAT THE PERSON JUST SAID!, P.Sherman 42 Wallaby way Sydney, CAN YOU PLEASE STOP DOING THAT BEFORE I PUNCH YOU IN THE FACE?, THATS DUE TODAY?!?!?!?!?!!!?, I hate it when people unexpectedly go offline, Being Sneaky, Lighting Things On Fire, Remember when we were 6 and we couldn't wait to grow up, I take it back :(, "hey." hey. "sup?" nmu? "same." alright good talk., I turned out liking you, A lot more than I originally planned, You're angry at me for that ? Thats cool, just let me know when you grow up, When i was little, if you ran UP the slide and made it, you were so cool., I Wish Some Of The Dreams I Have Were Real, Listening to weird peoples conversations and trying so hard not to laugh, Why was that person in my dream?!, you were born in the 90's if you remember rollie pollie ollie, I dont care how old you are, if you dont respect me i'm not respecting you, *Checks phone* 4 Missed calls, Mom. CRAP IM IN TROUBLE!, You're 5 and you have a phone, who do you talk to elmo?, screaming at harmless pieces of lint on the floor that look like spiders., "Hey mom?" "WHAT!?" "Nevermind your not in a good mood..., I hate it when your talking to someone and they just stop replying., When it gets akward at someones house...I pet their dog., dont "k" me, I know this song! I just don't know what it is called or who its by., i hate it when you miss someone, but you can't do anything about it., Yeah, Mom, All of Our Visitors Are TOTALLY Gonna Check How Clean My Room Is, Do You Ever Wonder If We All See Different Colors?!?!, "Did you really say that?!" .. "No.. BUT I WANTED TO!", I wish I could make it through a full tube of Chapstick before I lose it, THE WALK OF SHAME when u throw a paper at the garbage can and miss. . ., One day, someone is going to punch you in the face........ and i will LAUGH, "I'm tired." "Do you want me to let you go to bed?" "No:)", That one friend that walks into your house like its their home, friends that you are clearly way too comfortable around, Mistaking a stranger for somebody you know, then feeling dumb, If your going to cheat, then don't be in a relationship. Its that simple., Feeling dumb when I pretend to be on my phone and it rings out loud, Your 12. You smoke. Your not a virgin. Your bf is 17? Are you proud?, sorry, i'm not sure how to keep the conversation going after you say "k.", I randomly walk up to my fridge, open it, look, and walk away, I remember when "party" meant birthday party, not drunken whore-fest., wiping your hand across a couch to make it darker and lighter, When people ask stupid questions I am obligated to give a sarcastic reply., we can find (phone number hidden) people who don't believe in Evolution befor June, I stand in the shower aimlessly for ages just because its warm, I wonder what goes through your head when you see me, Stop using gay as an insult, should i send it? no it's stupid.. maybe.. nah.. eh what the heck *send*, People make Lame jokes about my last name, "Thank you Captain Obvious" "You're welcome Lieutenant Sarcasm" (:, Just because I won't let you see my phone doesn't mean i'm hiding anything., Me? Sarcastic? Never., Music, by (website hidden), I have texted while lying down and dropped the phone on my face., I hate it when you want to scare someone but they take too long to come out, I put my i-pod on shuffle and then skip every song, thinking someone is waving to you and you wave back like a loser, Just Keep Swimming, Just Keep Swimming, You dont just stop loving someone, either you never did or you always will., "I'm not mean, I'm just real.", Re-discovering music you used to love, Awkward Turtle, The mini heart attack you get when you miss a step going down the stairs., I hate being sick..but I love missing school..but I hate make-up work., "that spider is more scared than u are" oh really? did it tell u that?, lets face it, i'm always going to have a soft spot for you., Theres always one person in a friendship group that gets picked on the most, " i have a question" teacher-walks away "um okay thats cool too", I'm so ready for those long summer nights :), We have all tried to move things with our mind at least once., Using your phone very strategically when it hits "Low Battery", We talked about old times, and I smiled because you remembered, the feeling of satisfaction after printing out an essay at 11 at night., Yes Officer...I did see the Speed Limit sign...I just didn't see YOU, theres a fine line between tan, and looking like you rolled in doritos, *sitting in class* 1:30 *seems like 20 minutes pass* 1:33. WHAT!?, When you hit your hip on a counter and you feel like you just got shot., The embarassing screen names we all used to have, friendship isnt bout who youve known the longest, its who came & never left, We all have tried to balance the lightswitch between on and off., If you like me, Tell Me, if you miss me, Show it, if you love me, Prove it, I love days when all you do is laugh, Girls-"he's so hot" Boys-"he's gay", comparing arms to see who is more tanner., no matter how far apart were seated in class, were still going to talk, Making Life Decisions in the Shower, ughh i hate class (walk in, see sub) YES, Ummm..i already found out..So you can STOP LYING!!!, Should I Say It?, Im gonna Say It, I Said it, I shouldnt have said that..., I Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens Me, Feeling like your waiting for something that won't ever happen., Not knowing what to text back, but not wanting the conversation to end, getting caught smiling like an idiot when you get a cute text.., dont you hate it when the person in front of you is taller and you cant see, "Go To Bed!" It's 11 o clock!"... "No Dad, It's 10:43.", True, you caught me looking. But I caught you looking back..., If You Wish Someone Who lived Far Away Lived Closer! ):, Its funny how sitting "boy girl boy girl" used to be a punishment..., Guys who actually care about girls, I hate it when your trying to be serious, but then you accidently smile :), Did you know that I'm riding this horse, backwards? HYAAH!, "What do you want for dinner?" "Food." "What kinda food?" "Good food.", Im not clumsy, the house just wants to kill me, Putting "lol" at the end of a phrase so it doesn't sound so serious, I don't know if you noticed but ur face is orange + your neck is white? (:, I feel special when a lot of people like my status, Why are you yelling at me? The whole class is talking!, neighbors who don't password protect their wifi, Throwing Things At People, and Then Pretending You Are Innocent, Realizing in the middle of telling your story that it isn't actually funny, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA NO., I Hear A Song And Then Immediatly Have A Flashback About A Time In My Life, Wait Are You Talkin To Me Sorry i Just Blanked Out, Making weird noises when you stretch., Ending A Presentation By Saying "And, Yeah. . .", Hearing a plane/helicopter and looking for it in the sky., Knowing exactly how much to turn the temperature gauge in the shower, LSHMSFOAIDMT- Laughing So Hard My Sombrero Falls Off and I Drop My Taco, I fell for your personality, your looks are just a bonus ;) <3, Its ok, just ignore me, Ill go talk to this wall, Before I Go To Sleep, I Start Imagining Stuff That I Would Like To Happen, the epic moment when you find out the person you like, likes you :], Talking to you = My day made., Hates it when ur phone turns off randomly and you dont know it happened, Not being on fire and/or spontaneously combusting (ZINCH), That Awkward Moment When Someone Says You Guys Should Go Out, " guess what?".. "what?".. "nevermind".." dude you cant just do that to me", When you're busy, everyone LOVES to text you. When you're bored... nothing., I love the feeling when I wake up in summer and realize there's no school., hanging out with the same person everyday and NEVER getting bored of them., Standin in front of a closet full of clothes sayin "I have nothin to wear!", I <3 My Mom For Everything She has Done., looking through a textbook and pointing at pictures going ''thats you'', Whenever something goes wrong with the computer, my parents blame it on me., OHH! I DO THAT! I'M GONNA BECOME A FA....nvm. Its a group. Too much effort., "Hey whats up"............."Or you can just ignore me thats cool", "Maybe it's Maybelline" ... Maybe it's Photoshop., I always wondered who would cry if i died., I'm Trying To Be Mad At You; Can You Stop Making Me Smile For a Second., Looking at a friend and saying: "I will if you will.", Lol has gone from meaning, “laugh out loud” to “I have nothing else to say”, I hate when people sit in front of you at movies & take away your foot rest, I hate when my parents rush me to get ready and then when I am, they're not, When you turn on a song and its singins your life story., I hate going to sleep knowing I'm the only person in the house still awake., Almost sneezing, making that face, not sneezing, and looking like an idiot, I Don't Know You , But I think You Are Ridiculously Hot, "Shh..Ok, don't say ANYTHING, I'm putting you on 3 way...", Trying to feel for your phone, and panicking when you can't feel it., Getting your phone out to check the time, then forgetting to check the time, OMG STOP SNIFFING AND F*CKING BLOW YOUR NOSE!!!, Chase Community Giving, I Want A Colored Profile, Unlimited Texting, Cash, Not Being Stabbed Repeatedly, I really hate slow computers, Sleeping Under the Stars, Texting, Sleeping Late, Safeway, Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies, Seattle, I Hate Mosquitoes, Sleeping, Slurpee , Seventeen Magazine, The feeling you get when you understand something in math class., I Have Died Over 147 Times for Not Having Forwarded Those Chain E-mails, I sing the alphabet in my head when I look up a word in the dictionary., Join if you want these stairs in your house! :O, I redo high fives if they weren't good enough the first time, "Can you shut my door please?" sure! *leaves door cracked* "sigh...", paintball, I'm Not Cranky, You're Annoying., I'd rather carry 10 grocery bags in each hand than make two trips..., Saying you're from Seattle when you're really from somewhere nearby, I was obsessed with the automatic coupon dispensers when I was little., When your pencil flies out of your hand randomly during class, Open a pack of gum, and suddenly everyone is your bestfriend., I accidentally typed ;) instead of :) and now it's awkward., talking to you is a part of my daily rountine without it i feel incomplete, Pouring Peanuts on People's Head, I dont care about your farm, or your fish, or your park, or your mafia!!!, I Hate it When I Tell A Guy to Shut Up and They Copy You In A Higher Voice, Awkwardly Saying "you had to be there" After Telling a Dumb Story, Stopping the microwave before it hits 0:00 to avoid hearing the "BEEP"s, Texting the person next to you stuff you cant say out loud, I hate it when someone else takes the piece of food I have mentally claimed, Procrastinators UNITE... ... tomorrow, i hate it when i forget something i really wanted to say, Sliding on wood floors in socks, Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, Starburst, Making up a dream before you go sleep, Hot Topic, Oreo, I Use My Cell Phone To See In The Dark, I Hate Getting Texts That Only Say "k", Dislike Button, British Accents, I Love the Sound of the Pouring Rain By Jm Jimenez Duban, Raw Cookie Dough, Spinny Chairs, Being Alive, I HATE DRAMA!!!, Not Drowning, vitaminwater, Dr.pepper, Wicked, Coca-Cola, Shiny Objects, Long Weekends, Spirit 105.3, Pizza, Starbucks, Bubble Wrap, The Twilight Saga, That awkward stop when choosing the same path when walking past someone, i trip on flat surfaces, push doors tht say pull, and laugh at lame jokes, "OMG I want that shirt!" You look at the price tag. "Nevermind..", girls can communicate with each other using just their eyes., Tackling people with hugs after you havn't seen them in a long time., Late Night Grocery Store Runs, Become a fan if you want this bed in your room, Overcast Clothing, Google Chrome, We Wear Hoodies Because We're Cold, Not Because We're Going To Knife You, You can't be best friends without insulting each other constantly, Guys, if you like a girl, tell her because she won't tell you she likes you, i know my family so well i can tell which of them is coming up the stairs, greatest game ever: DON'T LET THE BALLOON TOUCH THE FLOOR, I like how you do your makeup. Do you use a brush or just dip your face in?, That Moment of joy when you see your food coming in a restaurant, joining groups/ becoming a fan because you saw it on your friends profile, I'm a girl and I actually like to eat :), "yea he is cute""OMG U LIKE HIM!?" "no i think hes cute theres a diffrence", Hey. You're with me right now, so STOP TEXTING EVERYONE ELSE!!, Deep down, we've all wanted to try a real Krabby Patty., I love it when someone you miss randomly texts you :), Guys have no idea how long something they said can stay in a girl's mind.., I love your accent, it's awesome! Say more words!!!, I immediatly look in my rearview mirror when i pass a cop, Using Facebook Mobile, I hate when you reallllllllly want to say something, and the topic changes!, I Hate it when there are 50 people online but no one you want to talk to, "I'm bored." "Wanna do some schoolwork?" i said I'm BORED, not insane., You Are Exhausted But You Still Want To Be Awake, Yelling inappropriate things when your friend is on the phone with a parent, I always look at my headphones which one is L and R before I put them on, The guy who talks really fast at the end of a commercial, Blanket America, Breaking your candy cane is extremely depressing, Spinning around on a spinning chair, If you tailgate me, I will intentionally slow down to piss you off., Don't Just Chomp Down On Your String Cheese, Peel It Properly., My earphones must be untangled before I can listen to any music, I love how my best friend and I can say one word, and crack up (:, Talking Too Fast, Shortcuts... because I'm lazy, Taking One Last Sip Of My Drink Right Before Leaving A Restaurant, ARCHIE COMICS, Singing in the Car, Corny Pickup Lines, Seattle, WA, Arizona Ice Tea, The Sound & Smell of Rain, ChapStick, Arizona Iced Tea, Skittles, YouTube, You like me, I like you... who cares about anyone else?, when life gives you lemons. who is he? where'd he get all the friken lemons?, I hate when I don't forward a chain letter and I die the next day, Hearing,"Just a small town girl." and shouting, "Livin' in a Lonely World!", Spending Half Of My Car Ride Trying To Find A Good Song To Listen To, Pants on the ground, looking like a fool with your pants on the ground!, Mom and Dad...when I lie to you, its for your own good, If this page gets 2 million, KFC will change their logo to a black guy., "Quick, pretend you're sleeping!" never gets old, Just walking into your bestfriends house like you live there., don't you just love it when you find something you forgot you had?, The little asian man inside your calculator, i ask my parents a simple "yes" or "no" question and i get a lecture..., Saying "I'm almost there" when you actually haven't even left the House, That feeling when you think you have lost your phone :|, the "would you still be my friend if i looked like this" game, Falling asleep on your couch and waking up in bed when you were little., Frozen Computer...maybe if I click EVERYWHERE it will start working again.., It's only awkward if you make it awkward, Dear Mr. Monopoly and Mr. Pringles, you have such epic moustaches., mom look!"oh thats nice sweetie"oh thats cool how you saw without looking.., I Never Finish My Eraser Because It Is Either Stolen,Lost,or Cut In Half, When a letter on the neon sign goes out, and then it makes a funny word., I may seem shy at first after awhile BAM! I'm a total different person :)!, If you don't want a sarcastic answer, then don't ask a stupid question, Shouting at your phone when you click the wrong button., I want to meet a 30 year old me, and see how I turned out, Shouting "You're welcome!" when people don't thank you for holding the door, "Do You Need A Bag With That, Sir?", "NOO, I WILL DRAG IT HOME YOU MELON!", instant smile when the person you wanted to text you, texts you., When I was a kid I........no wait, I still do that, Being Distracted by Really, Really Soft Things, I Hate When Its Quiet and You're Eating Something Crunchy, i hate it wen ppl like thier own status. obviously u like it if u wrote it!, thinking if u raise your cell phone 6 inches in the air u will get service, I can't tell you.. but I REALLY want to., wimpy wimpy wimpy. HEFTY HEFTY HEFTY, Panicking when your finger gets stuck in something stupid, Please go wash your greasy hair., infomercials make everyday tasks look like rocket science, "Can I have a coke?" Is pepsi alright? "Uh, Is monopoly money alright?", I HATE FIGURING OUT THERES NO MILK AFTER I ALREADY POURED CEREAL, Listening to Music, "I'm hungry." "What do you want to eat?" "Food.", Face book Stalking... Admit it, you do it., "THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID" jokes, Popping bubblewrap, I hate it when my friends add my other friends, who they dont know!, "Good Morning" Text Messages, I THE BEACH, We Need A Sarcasm Font, ICEE, Brownies, Pick Up Lines, Tolerating your crap even though I know.. deep down.. that I am right, Listening to a certain song over and over and over again, Ramen Noodles, Converse, "Goodmorning" Texts From The Person You Were Texting The Night Before :), That time of year when caring about school just goes downhill., dont you hate it when everybody loves the person you hate? :\, DO NOT CALL ME IF YOU GONNA TALK TO EVERYBODY ELSE IN YOUR BACKGROUND!!!!!!, texting with cold hands is like typing in slow motion, Having those friends who make everything seem 10x funnier than what it is, "My house is boring." "So is mine." "Yah but you have food.", when you realize you over slept you jump off the bed like a ninja, reading a status and going 'HA, i know exactly who thats about', I always write neatly on the first page of a brand new school book :'), Kicking a stone along a street, then going out of your way to kick it again, i just love talking to you. that's all. , Studying in those few seconds before a test really do make a difference, I hate it when the person you really want to talk to doesnt reply!, Samoas® Cookies, I hate it when everyone is online exept the person you want to talk to!, doing your chores like a ninja while your parents pull up the driveway, When i get a new calendar, i always check what picture is on my birthday, Having my whole body under a blanket in bed makes me invincible to monsters, Seeing Japanese Tourists Taking Photos of the Most Pointless Things, I Wish That All Of My Friends Lived On The Same Street As Me, Yawning Uncontrollably, I'm a teenager and i still love going to the park, Choking on a lifesaver, how ironic, when im singing and you start to join in ....DID I ASK FOR A SING ALONG, MY BED IS SO MUCH MORE COMFY ON A SCHOOL DAY, Finding stars on Tootsie Roll Pop's, How did my earphones get so tangled up???, if i say brb, don't ask me if i'm back. i will tell you when i'm back!, Listening to music while doing homework, When I Was A Kid I Used To Think The Moon Was Following Me, I still sing the alphabet song to remember alphabetical order, I Hate when tall people sit right in front of you in the movie theaters!!!!, I love putting on warm clothes straight from the dryer!, Ew this is disgusting! Here taste it., Y DO PARENTS CARE IF UR ROOM IS DIRTY.....ITS NOT THERES, Roller Coasters, The kid in The Incredibles that yells out "THAT WAS TOTALLY WICKED!!", If u put ur hand over my mouth. I swear, I will lick u., No Justin Bieber you don't love that girl, you're 12., I Only Make Fun Of You, Cause I Love You. :), Julian Smith, Writing grammatically correct text messages., I feel bad when someone punches my abs and their knuckles break., Those moments you wish you had caught on camera :), "If i were you... " "well you're not!", Oh, you heard it from somone.. yes because that ALWAYS makes it true :/, Bad breakup? There's a Taylor Swift song for that., What are these chips doing inside my packaged air?, "I'M SINGINGGGG. I'M IN A STORE AND I'M SIIINGGGINGGGG!!!", Did she just....... oh helllll naw gurl hold mi earrings, if you eat any louder i am actually going to punch you in the face., , I mean "Became a Fan" of, We asked for a dislike button, and you gave us ANOTHER like button?, Please take that leash off your child., I hate how my best friend goes to a different school., Guys who do cute things for their girlfriend without being told, i like you, i get over you, i see you, i talk to you, i like you again.. :/, Spell Check has made me a TERRIBLE speller, PETA (People for the Eating of Tasty Animals), Proud to be an American, What happened to the fan pages? What is this "Like" button junk?, him:"why isn't she texting me?"...her:"when is he going to text me?", ...What test?, comparing peoples faces to animals, R.I.P "Become a fan" button. (phone number hidden), you., I have to have the T.V volume on an even number or a multiple of five, Use your left hand....no, your other left hand., Watchin Awkwardly As Your Friend Gets Yelled At By His/Her Parents, No, Im Not Liking a Page, Im Becoming a Fan, I'd swim the ocean for you... LOL jk, there are sharks in there., Sarcasm!, I love rumors. They tell me stuff i didn't know about myself., Ending an argument with "Nope, they did it on mythbusters", Not Being Pregnant, *wake up in middle of night, look at clock* yes I still have time to sleep!, Life Pacific College, "Liking" a page doesn't feel a