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Bishop Kearney High School, St. Francis College
Champion Learning Center, St. Francis College, Bishop Kearney High School
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Hey, I’m Zack!

New York, New York, United States · Member since July 2010
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Integrals, 3OH!3, TV/TV, I've Waited 11 Years To See Toy Story 3, The Lovely Bones, Alice in Wonderland, Where the Wild Things Are, Step Brothers, Phil and Lil's mom on Rugrats was for sure a lesbian, Join if you used to watch Catdog, Rugrats, Hey Arnold, Or Ahh Real Monsters, The Official Jersey Shore Fan Page, When I was your age, we had Kenan And Kel. Not Drake and Josh., Men Of A Certain Age, Tosh.0, The Secret Life of the American Teenager, 30 Rock, Brooklyn, New York, Greg T from the Elvis Duran and the Morning Show, Skeery Jones, Get All Time Low on Saturday Night Live!, Elvis Duran Show, toodaloo mothafuckaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas!, And In The Morning, Im Making WAFFLES!, To "like" something on Facebook for ironic amusement., Completely bullshitting your way through an english essay, Finding Money In Old Clothes, Keep Great Teachers NYC, Okay I'm going to bed at 10...10:30...11...11:30...12...12:30...1...1:30........, I used to be scared of the stuff on Courage the Cowardly dog, THIS IS SPARTA!... LOL jk, it's New York, The awkwardness in monopoly when your black friend goes to jail, "Let's play hiding seek!" " Dude, it's snowing and I'm black.." "Oh yea.", Every girl has a slutty friend. If you dont, then you are the slutty friend, Looking at someone you used to be close with & thinking what happened to us, STUPID DOG! You made me look bad! BOOGA, BOOGA, BOOGA!!!, Bishop Kearney High School, LETS GET ALL TIME LOW ON ELLEN!!!, Dunder Mifflin, Zack's Farm, Staring At People In Other Cars To Make Them Uncomfortable, Photography and Design by Patrycja Adamowska, The urge to smile when someone is yelling at you, Being SO spaced out, youll read something 100 times and still wont get it., Comebacks that make the whole room go "OOOOOHHHHHH", If I get a "k" or "lol" the conversation is OVER., "FISTTT PUMPINN LIKE CHAMPPS!" -Jerseyy Shoree., DEAN MODAH, What do you expect me to text back after "lol"?, I'm so tired but I want to stay up and talk to you :D, You deleted me as your friend....you sure showed me!, Dan Gurewitch, Oh I got a text!! I hope its from........ oh my god leave me alone!, That "S" thing we all drew in elementary school, Wearing no makeup and being able to rub your eyes as much as you want :), When I was your age The Rock was a wrestler, not a tooth fairy, "Wow this girl sucks." "Actually it's Justin Bieber and yes, I concur.", Daniel Muhindi, (phone number hidden) for Snooki to Get Her Own Dating Show: Snookin' for Love, I am not a morning person. Do not pull the covers off me. I WILL KILL YOU., 2010... The year I became bored of snow., "Pants on the Ground" Guy, 1989, The year legends were born., Being obnoxious with your best friend and not caring what others think, I cannot sleep without a blanket even if it's hot, 2007=Soulja Boy, 2008= Stanky Leg, 2009= Jerkin', 2010=FIST PUMP!, Since were from New York city were already cooler then you, "Mom, mom, mommy, ma, mom, mom, ma, ma, mommy, mommy... WHAT!!... hi!, If I could remember school work like I remember lyrics I'd be like a genius, I bet we can find 100,000 New Yorkers who support LGBT equal rights, I bet females can reach 1 million before males do !!!, When I was a kid, we had Aaron Carter, not Justin Bieber, I remember where I was at 8:46am September 11, 2001., I hate it when i get a text, but its not from the person i wanted., John and Nikki, Waking up with unread texts that make you smile, ¡¡¡ɹǝsol ɐ ɹnoʎ ʇuɐɔ noʎ ɟı˙˙˙uɐɟ ɐ ǝɯoɔǝq sıɥʇ pɐǝɹ uɐɔ noʎ ɟı, ...What test?, The 20 Lies they tell you in Highschool, Ugliest Tattoos, I hate when people step on the back of my shoe when I am walking, Liking Your Own Status, 63 Notifications Later and I regret Liking Your Status, I WANT MY 90'S NICKELODEON BACK, Yelling at inanimate objects, Happy Aquarium, Patrick Cassels, Alan from "The Hangover", 718, FarmVille, The Disloyal Subjects of the Mad Hatter, Café World, Girl Scout Council of Greater New York, 100,000 strong to gain a "dislike" button., The Screaming Chocolate Guy, DR. P, I HATE WAKING UP FOR SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, (website hidden), Dane Cook, Streeter Seidell, MOJOJOJO, Jake and Amir, Ryan Reynolds, Michael Phelps, CollegeHumor, Movies, Chase Models NY, "Mom, can we go?" "Yeah, just a second" *10 minutes later* "MOM...", "hey." hey. "sup?" nmu? "same." alright good talk., You're angry at me for that ? Thats cool, just let me know when you grow up, you were born in the 90's if you remember rollie pollie ollie, Truth hurts... but not as much as getting fingered by Edward Scissorhands., *sitting in class* 1:30 *seems like 20 minutes pass* 1:33. WHAT!?, That's OK F.B. Chat, I didn't want to see what my friend said to me anyway., I had a cardboard box and wrote "time machine" on it, therefore it is one., Did you touch my drumset? nope. Why are you so sweaty? I was watching cops., I LMFAO when i saw this on Google!, I want to meet the teenage versions of my parents, forever&always? HA, i give it a month (;, Should I Say It?, Im gonna Say It, I Said it, I shouldnt have said that..., Feeling like your waiting for something that won't ever happen., She's so fake. If you look behind her neck, I bet it says "Made In China", MY SISTER SAID IF I GET ONE MILLION FANS SHE WILL NAME HER BABY MEGATRON, Flipper's in Town!, Silly Freshmen, Backpacks Aren't Supposed To Be Bigger Than You, the spaceship in the old WARNER BROTHERS store in the SI mall