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Hey, I’m Deborah!

Long Beach, New York, United States · Member since June 2010
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Dont Tell Me You Like Me If Your Not Gonna Do Anything About It ., Best revenge? 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But other girls annoy me., Without Music I Think I Would Die, Royal Flush Magazine, Results-Only Work Environment, New York Jets, JetBlue Airways, Fight Cancer, Rainbow Cookies, The Weekend, Dark Horse Comics, NEW YORK, Hoodies, Forest Park, The Daily Beast, Vans Warped Tour, Asbury Park Boardwalk, bubblewrap, Tattoos by (website hidden), Slurpee , Live Nation NYC, Ice Hockey, Food Network, Napping, Mister Softee, Chocolate Milk, In Erika's Kitchen, Groups, Boro 6 Indie Music Fest, Richmond Hill High School, I leave all my assignments until the last minute then I want to die., Everyone seems to hate New Jersey, I kinda like it., That status was so about me, you're just to pussy to write my name on it.