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University of Perpetual Help Rizal - Molino, san agustine institute of technology
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a relationship. no fuss, nobody getting involved. just me and you please :), "Hey did you just.." "No." "But you just.." "Nope." "But I saw you.." "No.", I rather be hated for someone I am, then to be loved for someone i'm not > I see you typing >> I delete everything, "Just Because Im Black You Think I Did It", I Can't Go A Day Without Laughing, "True friendship exists when silence between two people is comfortable.", When i was a kid, i hated going to bed. Now i cherish every hour of sleep, I drank Gatorade. Why am I not sweating colors?, that was funny, but I don't like you, so i'm not going to laugh., Yeah, as a matter of fact i was staring at you. Your hot., Staying up really late and deeply regretting it in the morning, Driving towards a set of traffic lights, thinking 'Turn yellow. I dare you.', hello friday, ive been waiting for you, When a boy admits he's been a dick, you know he's sorry., World Nomads, That Mood Where You Just Want To Cry, The 'i love you' speech when drunk, Saying "yeah man" to a girl., TV5, Ana Monnar, 11:10...11:10....11:10............ 11:13?! WHAT THE CRAP! I MISSED IT AGAIN, "Wanna go out?" "I have a bf" "I have a fish" "What?" "Oh I thought we were talkin bout things that didnt matter", duuude, just ask her out, she cant wait forever., worried your gonna say 'orgasms' instead of 'organisms' in science, Join if you have been asked to leave the classroom by a teacher., "Dude she just liked my status, she totally wants me.", Being so over tired you have no clue what you're saying, wait, wait, wait.. say it again, i wasnt paying attention, I hate it when I wake up in the morning and Barack Obama is President., That split second of fear when you lose control of yourself on a trampoline, i want to go to a american house party!, clicking 'Like' on all of the things in a friend's profile-just to annoy them, Passion Pop - everyone has a story, We want the "Become a Fan" button back!!, yeah, your status is obv about me, you may as well tag me in it next time.., The embarrassment of being told to swipe your card the other way around, If you ask me to hold your drink, I will drink it., I always wonder what I look like from someone elses eyes., to cuddle., 1-AHAPO partylist, Olay Philippines, Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition 3, (website hidden), I hate not knowing what to do..., My Rabbits bring lennie to the yard, and hes like 'i pet em too hard'., Watching a movie so many times you can quote every single line, coulda, woulda, shoulda, didnt..., You're Funny. I Like You., i do brilliant stuff when im drunk, its not only women that get hurt, not all guys are dicks, realise that!, Unfuckingbelievable, I want to be your favorite hello, and your hardest goodbye. <3, i wonder if the things that remind me of you, remind you of me., Dear Math, Grow up and solve your own problems., I like to blast my music when I clean up, it motivates me., i always get nervous when someone says "can i ask you something ?", The satisfaction of slamming a door when you're mad., The underbelly blow job, If I open this bag really slow no one will hear it...CRUSHSHSHI DKFDSJ IVJ, Cutting Stuff Up Just Because I Have Scissors, Group Hugs, Getting a message and thinking "How do i reply to that?", Laughing Uncontrollably When Someone Is Having A Major Tantrum, The blanket is around the wrong way ( mini psychotic fit ) ahh thats better, I WANNA PLAY A MASSIVE PAINTBALL GAME IN IKEA!!!, Ladakh, When I hug you, I don't ever want to let go :), PMS (pissed at men syndrome), I dont actually know how to play minesweeper, I just click any random box !, When the person you like is flirting with your best friend, It hurts. :'(, I hate you so much ..... Naaa kidding I love you :), 40 Things Guys Should Know About Girls, Im Ashamed Of What I Looked Like In Year 7, Ghost Drops, cry over cuts and stitches, not sluts and bitches., Rock, Paper, Scissors. 'HAHA! I win' 'No, it's best of three', I really don't get how spongebobb and patrickk light a fire underwater..., You just lied straight to my face. Wow., I hate year 12., Ending A Presentation By Saying "And, Yeah. . .", Shut Up Meg, Talking about old funny memories, I don't understand why everybody likes you., when your friends bathroom doesnt have a lock:|, I WAKE UP IN THE MORNING, FEELING LIKE...going back to sleep..., I Cannot Live Without Music <3, When your Phone Vibrates so Loud, it's Pointless Putting it on Silent., Okay I get it, I made a mistake. STOP REMINDING ME., im already looking forward to next term's holidays., We All Know Someone Who is 'Guaranteed To Be Out Drinking On The Weekend', i love your hair, your smile, your eyes, your voice, your smell and touch , when a guy pulls a girl close by the waist . ;), I hate the end of the holidays feeling!!, Saying "dude", im sorry , you know i love you <3, 'Where are you?' 'Dude u just rang my house fone, where do u think i am?', I left you fifteen minutes ago, but you know what? I miss you., the utterly heartbreaking feeling you get when you miss someone special (L), St Kilda Adventure Playground, I'm not good at the "I'm not talking to you" game, For those who have found cuts and bruises and don't know how they got there, Watching a movie and wishing that your life was really like that, McDonald's Family Dinner Box: A Happy Meal for fat people, when you havent done your homework...then you see a relief teacher, That amazing feeling you get when you see your favourite person, Staring blankly at your homework instead of doing it, Filthy Gorgeous Hair, Can you like, walk a bit faster or GET OUT OF MY WAY?!, That awkward "we just met" goodbye hug, The word "MATE", I have to pee... but i dont want to get up, The awkward moment when you want to high five someone but they dont see it, 25 Fun Things To Do At McDonald’s, iHeart, Travel Bicol, Google Chrome, Facebook Site Governance, I feel bad when someone punches my abs and their knuckles break., Billion Feet