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Travelling, Studying, Reading, Going Online, beLEEvers!, Sumazau Hip Hop, Romancesa, Anything That's Right for the Mood, Im Not Perfect, Ill Annoy You, Say Stupid Stuff, But Ill Always Love You <3, The Noise, Alvin MY - The Sabahan Soul, Stacy Angie, W.O.R.M, Uncle Kracker (Official Page), Bunkface!, Enoch Cosmic, Micheal Jackson, SUPPORT SABAH LOCAL ARTIST, The Beatles, Bens Brother, I Love Music!, Black Eyed Peas, Slash, INDIE, Bill Kaulitz, Eminem, I Music, Faizal Tahir, The All-American Rejects, OneRepublic, Weezer, Lifehouse, Drake Bell, Tokio Hotel, Lady Gaga, Tom Kaulitz, Rihanna, Oasis , My Chemical Romance, ESTRANGED, Pussycat Dolls, Linkin Park, Keith Urban, Bon Jovi, Fall Out Boy, Katy Perry, Alicia Keys, Jason Mraz, Jonas Brothers, Avril Lavigne, Paramore, Boys Like Girls, Dan Brown, Danielle Steel, Oprah, Harry Potter, Nora Roberts, Tuesdays with Morrie, Sophie Kinsella, Malcom Gladwell, Confessions of a Shopaholic (Shopaholic, #1), Notes and Textbooks, Hahahhaa, Shrek, Knocked Up, Official Avatar Movie, The Proposal, Twilight, Ice Age, Confessions of a Shopaholic Movie, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, TRANSFORMER 2 REVENGE OF THE FALLEN, Glee, Sabah Online TV (SOT), Don't Watch Much Tv These Days, SpongeBob SquarePants, Kate Plus 8, The Simpsons, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, The Oprah Winfrey Show, Kuala Belait, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Project O&O, smooch!..., Outstanding Graduate-Corporate Event (OGCE), Honda, AirAsia, Catholic Church, TOPIK PALING HANGAT HARI INI., Marsha Shoppe, Hi, I'm a proud Sabahan, and I use 'BAH' frequently when talking., kami suka tengok bola tapi tak pandai main!!!, hugs from around the waist , Rino Shini, Clothes2u 衣格一口价, CheezBox Cafe & Restaurant, nostradamuZ Tee, ~:: KAKISHOPPING ::~, wholesale in The Darling House, Sayang Collection, D'Aur Boutique, McDonald's, ★ 台湾时尚包包, MRBAR Photo Works, TrendyMix Collection, saye memang suka penuhkan lemari baju..huuuu, mycutieshop, Baskin-Robbins Malaysia, BUTIK RAIDAMAN, ORIKS Malaysia, Party People, Reality POD, Gripps Cafe, Brunei fm, PHENOMENALife, <3<3<3 Little Sunshine Shop <3<3<3, Q Beauty Shop, Cliche-Fashion, Quiksilver & Roxy Malaysia, Sayang Sportswear, I Love A Guy Who Will Text You All Night Long<3, kami suke hamster, masakan mak saya adalah yang terbaik dalam dunia, Teratai Homestay, Dairy Queen, Dunkin' Donuts, Nokia E71, Big Apple Donuts & Coffee, Where Should You Go on Your Honeymoon?, ❤ Beautiqe ❤, mix 'n' match - For Us ladies!, Milan Avenue, nanee's e-boutique, MillaShop, MORE LOOK, Karen House, Church Our Lady Of Lourdes Klang, Princess e-Closet, Saying everything is OK when all you want to do is cry., Laughing at your own joke before you tell it, I was born between (phone number hidden)... the LAST GENERATION WiTH COMMON SENSE, Distance does not matter if two hearts are loyal to one another <3 <3, Sleeping while its raining outside, staring into a wardrobe full of clothes and seeing NOTHING to wear!, I love it when I can talk to someone for hours about anything., I Ice cream, do you realise how much you make me smile, just by texting me?., Custom-Made-Tshirt, you!, ADA AKU KESAH!? like i care!, Pretty House 2 U, I love you today, tomorrow, forever, ..., BlogSpot, (website hidden), Toyota Prius, Toyota Prius, What Will Happen to you in 2012?, HEALTHY & BEAUTY CORNER, GERAKAN MEMAAFKAN SEMUA KESALAHAN ORANG LAIN YG PERNAH ADA DALAM HIDUP KITA, Jordeen Fashion Boutique, the darling house, BRUNEI JOB VACANCY, Forunigather Gift, Keningau Forum, KinabaluFM, ROHANI FM, GUESS? BSB, (website hidden), YGS Fashion, i still remember the first time you told me that you love me. , When we first met i had no idea you would be so important to me .(:, KARMA: What Goes Around Comes Around, I love it when you tell me how lucky you are to have me :], Yours Forever, Beautique, I BBQ, (website hidden), TUPPEWARE ONLINE, You didn't get to heaven but you made it close :D ~ 42, Life without music is like body without soul, People with British Accents, MJC Wholesale Centre, BawalChantique, CINTA (website hidden), ANAK-ANAK PATAU, KATAGAYAN, MAHUA, NARAYAT TAMBUNAN, CHANNEL SABAH BAH NI !!!, ANAK- ANAK KENINGAU SABAH, OnlineFM, Pencinta Haiwan, if i text you it means i miss you if i dont im waiting for you to miss me., I always look at your page because I miss you. :(, Blogshop CheChe Lynn & Rosie Posie, I Bet Brunei can get 300,000 fans before any other ASEAN countries, puanainon, Anjung Seri, The Little Secret, "Dont judge me by my past, I am not in the past anymore, Accept who i am TODAY", Glaмóróus ღ ρalacε, i hate it when you make plans....get excited.....they never happen, BeautieQQ Fashion, (email hidden), (email hidden), (email hidden), If a guy cries over a girl he must really love her, KIRANNA SHOP, The Ladies Boutique, C & CO FASHIONS, S.T.U.D.Y = Sleeping, Talking, Unlimited Texting, Dreaming, Yawning., D'J Ayu (website hidden), When I'm bored, I eat :| When I'm happy, I eat :) When I'm sad, I eat. :(, All that Jazz Shopping Haven, I want a relationship not a relationshit., (website hidden), Theatre, Canon EOS 1000D, (website hidden), Saya Sokong PATRICK STARFISH menjadi warganegara Malaysia., CUPPACAKEPALACE, I my dad, Avon Malaysia, "Are you busy?"... No.. " I always have time for you" <3, ❤ I LOVE CHINESE FOOD ❤, Boyartz Airbrush Designer, Bekas² Pelajar SMK Putatan, Matilah Kuda!!!, Kongsi Resepi, PERSATUAN PETANI - PETANI VIRTUAL CAWANGAN SABAH, Normal Is Boring~!, you cant spell universe without u and i :), Luahkan Masaalah Atau Kemuskilan anda.Pasti ada yang membantu...., Crew (email hidden), SABAH IS MY HOME, Persatuan Pemain-Pemain FutsaL Sabah, I Bet Sabah can get 100 000 Fans before any other Malaysian State, The Reader's Nook, Plaza GM, Saya Bangga Duduk Di Sabah, (website hidden), Sabah@Taman U, Eddy Eleazar (FANS) XD, FlashChat (website hidden), (website hidden), (website hidden) - 100% original iPhone accessories, Dj Langau@SabahanFM, Slang Sabah Bah Ni.. Ko Jangan!, Ryan Higa, MINOR TEATER UPSI, Pastor Mark Leonard, Adam FC, ALEX GLATES, Kelab Peminat Ivye Alexandra, Flowers, What will 2010 bring me?, OthoeFC, StarzNews : Sabahan Entertainment Blog, Business Times Malaysia, I always feel sleepy when I need to study !, PetVille, Our Lady Queen of Palestine, The H1N1 vaccine will turn us all into zombies, Landon Donovan, The Artifice, (website hidden) - World's Latest Football Highlights, I London, (website hidden), Lucas Grabeel, Steve Harvey, Coldplay Phrases, DJ Sumandak (website hidden), Princess azemah bolkiah, fortuneKooKie, Paris Hilton, Coldplaying, Luck-o-Meter, Liverpool Supporters Club Brunei (L.S.C.B.), Scrapbooking, I study at the last minute!!, Felix Agus, The Artist's Studio, HOT FM, (website hidden)ing, Vin Diesel, David Beckham, COOL Youth, I Love My Friends, Jesus Daily, AZNIL HJ. NAWAWI, Mark Zuckerberg, Ashton Kutcher, God wants You to Know, Atama Katama, Roman Catholic, Stacy Angie, Universiti Tun Abdul Razak, Edward Cullen, (website hidden), Akademi Penulis, (website hidden), MOJOJOJO, Guitar Hero, Bed, St. Francis of Assisi, Twilight Series by Stephenie Meyer, H.M. Hassanal Bolkiah Mu'izzaddin Waddaulah, 李连杰 Jet Li, Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamad, Kimora Lee Simmons, God, Wayne Rooney, Lola Meranda, LaDy Serena BOUTIQUE & ACCESSORIES, You may not be my FIRST, but YOU'RE THE BEST I EVER HAD <3 :), SaaaaaaaNa Ranau!, MCSB-PG, Meeting someone in the wierdest way, then they are a huge part of your life, MARI MENYAMPAH bila Orang Sabah Ckp Semenanjung Dgn Orang Sabah, Littlecupcakes, You lie in bed at night thinking about stuff, Inqera Wardrobe, It's Raining Sunshine, Vintage Instinct, Student Loyalty Programme, Sabah Radio Online Community, My Fair Lady Closet, SAYA BANGGA SAYA ORANG SABAH!!!!, Alin's Hair and Beauty spa, I'm Proud To Be Christian, i want a good relationship in 2010 <3, I'M BETTER THAN YOUR EX AND BETTER THAN YOUR NEXT! ;), Anti-pilak, Boonga Art Shoes, Dad . . . . . .1 day i will make u proud . ! ! ! ! ! !, "Go away and leave me alone!" means "Dont go, i need you.. give me a hug", RMS DINER, Why do parents think it's so easy to get straight A's?, BurBliss Sweet Collections, Starz Boutique, Kindra's Creations, Sarawak Travel, Malaysia, Borneo, Ridah FC, (website hidden), Music, Catching yourself smiling while texting and people look at you like a freak, Everytime i see you, I automatically smile <3, Pesta Buku Antarabangsa Kuala Lumpur (PBAKL) 2010 | KLIBF KL Book Fair, Barclays Football, ''2010, new year, new me..'' yeah yeah thats what u said in (phone number hidden), I Love Liverpool, When I do my homework, my teacher doesn't check. When I don't he checks., Unit Promosi Kesihatan JKNSabah, 1SABAH, Tdora PR & Photography, CinderellaCloset, ❤.•* Vivi Love Shu*•.❤, Life Without Music Can't Exist, Animal Shelter, Brunei, I Cant Wait For Christmas!, If i could turn back the time, Ahad's Burger, (website hidden), I love Manchester united <3 RED DEVIL <3, The Body Shop Malaysia, I Like it when Students prove Teachers wrong, Cakes Oh Cakes, Honda Civic, Manchester United Supporters Club (Brunei), Music and Lyrics, k.b. aka kaybee ( kuala belait), SABAH, Malaysian Borneo, Animalerie & Pawtisserie, (website hidden), Rumah Titian Kaseh, MyBaggies COACH Bags - SINGAPORE, Boonga Studio, Jesus Christ is our Savior, I really hate slow computers, Adam Lambert, KFC CHEESY WEDGES, KRISTALfm, SuperPoke! Pets, Liverpool FC, Azim Safwan Photography, Excapade Sushi, Baby Phat, My1Stop Virtual Shopping Mall, Sabrina & the Cupcakes, Pink Roses Cake, Baby Phat, I LoVe MySeLf, Patchi, SCRAPBOOKING, Baby Phat, A Warm, Cosy Bed, Doritos, Starbucks, Australia, cuppacakes® by +wondermilk, (website hidden): Scrapbooking Ideas & Supplies, manchester united, Mawa-Zura Collections, * PROMOSIKAN BARANG ANDA DISINI * ( Brunei ), Penulisan, Apearliqa Boutique, Narciso, SilkyTrend | Online Fashion House, maecollections, Pinky Mall, Girl Talk, Closets of AmyAmy, fantabulous.couture , Borneo Unite Clothing's ( B.u.C ), nF closet, Zattera Apparel Fashion Show, appmii, Kucing Putih Naif, The Lolipop, BagsShopper, Burberry, jimmy choo shoes, Crocs Malaysia, JIMMY CHOO, Joli Fashion Inc, Coach, Converse, English Premier League, The Twilight Saga, Scrapbooking, We BAMBANGAN!, The Biggest Bruneian Fans! Woohhoooy.... :D, Saya Suka Jadi Cikgu, UNIRAZAK, Liza's Cakes & Cupcakes, I DONT WANT TO BE YOUR NO.1,I WANT TO BE YOUR ONLY ONE :), soultana heck, Golden Screen Cinemas, UNIRAZAK@CapSquare, Fash in Motion - Your Online Boutique, I'm not good at dancing but hey! I'm having so much fun. You should try it!!! :), i love <3 the life in school!!, OMG! IT IS A SHOES ZONE!, I hate it when i walk in a shop, and the salesperson follows u, its weird., KAMI SEMAKIN GEMUK LEPAS MASUK UNIVERSITI, Dont judge me on what people have told you, get to know me first., LANTAK LAH AKU MAU BUAT STATUS APA, its my account not yours!, Canon Camera (Malaysia), Canon Cameras, artwork studio, England 2018 Official World Cup bid, Kooki, I AM NOT JEALOUS, I AM NOT JEALOUS. OKAY FINE, I AM JEALOUS ! :(, ADA SESIAPA YANG ZAMAN KANAK-KANAKNYA DI TAHUN 80an & AWAL 90an., If you like me, Tell Me, if you miss me, Show it, if you love me, Prove it, Al-Fatihah to Achik Spin, Kami Prihatin - Gerakan kempen cegah pembuangan bayi