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"Mommmmmmm, can i"....'NO!'...."Daddddddd, can i"...'yeah sure whatever', Singing, Hi spider, nice spider, let me pet you ... with my shoe ...good spider, Im bored so I get off of facebook, im bored so i get on again., Teacher calls it cheating, We call it teamwork., The purpose of a child's middle name is so he can tell when he's really in trouble., Whenever I Make a Mistake, I Can't Stop Thinking About How Stupid it Was, Bart Simpson, Krusty the Clown, Oh no, don't worry about me.. It's not like I have feelings or anything., I remember when animals were crackers, not rubberbands., "Hey did you just.." "No." "But you just.." "Nope." "But I saw you.." "No.", Drum kit, I embarrass myself at least once a day ... :(, Dont walk into my life if you intend to leave me, Why Is The First Name That Always Comes Into Your Head 'Bob' ?, ѕυммer 2010, Jonathon Davis, Truth is, everybody is going to hurt you; you just gotta find the ones worth suffering for." -Bob Marley, Woodstock '94, Green Day, Green Day, Green Day, Green Day, Green Day Green Day Green Day, Green Day, Green Day, Green Day, Green Day, Green day, Green Day, Self immolation, BrainPOP, Woodstock 1999, Osiris, Breaking Up Fights, Crying, Pool, North Hollywood shootout, Selena Gomez, I laughed when I realized what Miley Cyrus would look like without a nose., can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars? , My jaw droped when i found out Ke$ha's dad is Mick Jagger., White Zombie, Pete Wentz, Boulevard of Broken Dreams, SlipKnot!, Blink 182 !!!, Official Blink-182, Green Day takes up most of my life, Green Day: The Most Underappreciated Band In The World, Nag nag nag nag every-day, it's like my mum is stuck on replay (8)., School taught me to spell bananas .....lol jk it was Gwen Stefani, Pop, Jonas Brothers = JB, Justin Bieber = JB, conspiracy? And JB backwards is..., nightmare by avenged sevenfold, Eminem, Jay-Z, The Ready Set, American Idiot Green Day, Eminem is the Best Rapper EVER, BOULEVARD OF BROKEN DREAMS, Writing Song lyrics on your status to show how you really feel !, Old Green Day Music, >>>>>>>>METALLICA LOVERS<<<<<<<<<<JOIN US YOUR MIND ABOUT METALLICA......*, Stereos, Justin Beiber, Bob Marley, Justin Bieber, _KoRn_, Notorious B.I.G, MJ!, Peter Steele - Type O Negative, ACDC, 3 Days Grace, SEARCH, Beastie Boys, Queen, Lars Ulrich, Cheap Trick, Snoop Dogg, My Chemical Romance, Linkin Park, ELVIS PRESLEY, Katy Perry, Slipknot, Nickelback, Lisa Scinta, Audioslave, Ratm, Gnarkill, GnarKill vs. Unkle Matt and the ShitBirdz, <3 Green Day <3!!!!!:], Green Day, ligh green day, Green Day Hispanoamerica, Green Day Argentina, We will love Green Day forever! <3, I <3 Green Day, green day en venezuela*.*, We ARE as good as England.We WILL fight for a Green Day show in Argentina, Slovenský fanklub Green Day, Green day For Ever <3, <3 Green Day <3, GreeN DaY <3 <3, Tengo un/a amig@ fan de GREEN DAY, I Believe in St. Jimmy (I <3 Green Day), I love GREEN DAY, Green Day Fans Page, Green Day by Green Day, Green Day, Green Day, Green Day, Green day, Green Day, °Green Day°, Green Day, Green Day, Green Day, Green Day, EVERY DAY IS "GREEN DAY", Green day, Green Day: the real fans, Green Day , Fans de Green day VS Fans de Tokio Hotel [ Coté Tokio Hotel ], ...<3..All on...GrEeN DaY....<3, 21 guns - Green Day, Green Day-ECUADOR, Green Day Lovers, green day fans!!!!!, Green Day Live Crew, All the Green Day fans out there!, Green Day, Green Day, Green Day, Team Green Day, Green Day Guatemala, Green Day en Colombia !!!, 22 DE OCTUBRE GREEN DAY EN ARGENTINA (PEPSI MUSIC) , Old Green Day, Green Day: Rockband, Green Day @ Ullevi GBG, 5 June, We want GREEN DAY in Serbia, Green Day is our life !, Citazioni, Frasi e Canzoni dei Green Day, ._Tιмє Of Yσυя Lιfє_. (website hidden) Day.-, ♪ Extraordinary Girl - Green Day <3, for those who listen to Green Day all day!!, 100% GREEN DAY, Green Day en Lima, Paramore really are better than Green Day, GREEN DAY*-* <3, Green Day LIVE on Tour, MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE AND GREEN DAY !!!!, ♪ Everyday is a Green Day <3, Green Day IS Better Than Paramore, GREEN DAY 4EVER, GREEN DAY , Korn !!, I love the ARE YOU READY? part in the song Blind by Korn, Zack de la Rocha, Tom Morello, R.A.T.M, Justin Beibers in the Hospital.He fell off a ladder trying to reach puberty, Petition To Shorten Lil Wayne's Jail Time. (NEED 1 MILLION), I wonder if P. Diddy wakes up feeling like Kesha, "I'm Awesome" "No your not, dude don't lie", Jay and Silent Bob, Restarting the song you were listening to because somebody interrupted you., Green Day, Joseph Utsler, Listening to a song, and remembering all the memories that go with it, Slipknot Is Soooooo Much Better Then The Beatles, Lil Wayne songs, Lil Wayne, Gene Simmons, I knew Drake when he was Jimmy on Degrassi., Justin Bieber, Rock You Like a Hurricane, Tommy Lee, Rob Zombie, Alice Cooper, Rob Zombie, White Zombie, R.I.P Jimmy "The Rev" Sullivan, Escape The Fate, I Liked Green Day Before American Idiot!, 21 Guns - Green Day ft. American Idiot Cast, Weird Al, Beach Boys, Fans of General Larry Platt - Pants On The Ground - He's a hero!, North Hollywood Shootout, Tenacious D, Tales from Jabba's Palace, Goosebumps, Land Of The Lost, So umm.. when do Phineas and Ferb go back to school?, Never Back Down, Toy Story, The Karate Kid, Baby Carlos from The Hangover, Bullet In A Bible, K-PAX, Jawbreaker (1999), Alice in Wonderland, Pinapple Express, Detroit Rock City, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Quoting The Lines From "The Hangover", The Hangover, Step Brothers, Tom and Jerry, The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie, Mafia!, House of 1000 Corpses, Woodstock, NOT THE GUMDROP BUTTONS!, Little Nicky, Tenacious D: The Pick of Destiny, Cheech & Chong's Hey Watch This, Good Luck Charlie, The Simpsons, The Itchy & Scratchy Show, Classic Cartoon Network (phone number hidden), Family Guy, i carly, Ghost Adventures, repeating every single thing zak, nick, or aaron from ghost adventures says, Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen - He was #1, CZW TÜRKİYE, giggity giggity goo, WWE is fake, That Filet-O-Fish Commercial With the Talking Fish, COPS, Ghost Adventures, Snoopy, Ghost Hunters, (phone number hidden) to get Boy Meets World back on TV!, The movie 2012 is gonna be really funny when we're watching it in 2013, Spongebob's face when he figured out Squidward likes Krabby Patties., I forget what show I am watching during commercials, "Dude, you're singing the wrong words" " No i'm not because I'm making a remix", Best Buy #1380 | Vestal, NY, Vestal Central High School Class Yearbooks, OMG! I can't beileve this is what Ke$ha looked like in High school!, I was blown away when i realised the word ' OK ' is a side ways person., If you are going to say 'lol' as a text response, this conversation is over, Blue Ridge School, dude. never. hit. a girl., Noodles, The average person can see 18 faces in this photo, This picture makes most girls laugh and almost all guys cry!, Snapple, Adam Sandler, HeAvY MeTaL, Boulevard Of Broken Dreams is my home, Spencer Shay, Spencer Shay, I wish Spencer Shay was my older brother., i Carly!, I Carly, "Blink 182", Class of 2018!, Class of 2017!, dude............your an ass, tripping and falling in public and hoping nobody saw it., EVERYONE FROM GHOST ADVENTURES!!!, C.L.A.S.S = Come, Late, And, Start, Sleeping, I can't clean my room because I get distracted by the cool stuff I find., Wanna do something fun, lol jk I live in Pennsylvania., the ocean WITHOUT oil in it, "Hi is this the Krusty Krab?" "No, this is Patrick", Not Being On Myspace, I don't hate you. I just hate what you did to me., Silly Bandz (Animal Rubber Bands), Eminem will always be the only good white rapper, popping Bubblewrap, Join if u have stayed up past (phone number hidden) in the morning, Stop the oil spill by stuffing BP executives into the leaking pipe, I Hate It When My Hair Looks Perfect Before I Get In The Shower, Wow, That Just Ruined My Day.., Save The Free Credit Report Guys!, BEACH LACROSSE, The guy that screams "My leg!" in spongebob, Tony Awards, TOP 10 illegal tattoos, marylin manson, Challenge: I Bet You Can't Look At These 5 Pictures Without Laughing!, Hi i'm Jason Derulo. LOL Jk. i'm Jaaaaaayson deruuuuuuulo, Jack The Ripper*, Wait..WHAT! you liked me? :\ Why didn't you tell me.. i liked you to!, Im Looking Foward To Summer 2O1O, Emo's, RVD, Hundred Year Old Woman With Horn (You Will Not Believe Your Eyes!!!), what green day song are you?, If u don't like Green Day then u don't know what real music is :), "Thats what she said" is just one big reference to Green Day ., What Green Day member are you ?, What Green Day album are you?, Billie Joe Armstrong's Eyes, pancino di Trè Cool, (phone number hidden) Jews were murdered during the Holocaust by the Nazis - let's reach to 6 million people who remember them, The urge to smile when someone is yelling at you, Little Debbie, I LOVE this song so... I'm going to listen to it 100 TIMES IN A ROW., Champs Sports, R.I.P Paul #2 Gray Of Slipknot, "911: What's your emergency?"... "Nothing. Sean Kingston told me to call you..", The Greased Up Deaf Guy From Famiily Guy, "A, B, C, or D?" "Well i haven't had a B for like 4 questions so I'll choose that", it's gonna happen in (phone number hidden)......, Puberty is going to hit Justin Bieber harder than Chris Brown hit Rhianna, ALLLL THE GIRLS MAXX RICKY LOVES CURTISOEY OF EMILY AND JULIA, i hate fighting with the one person i want to talk to most, Lover of the day, My Top Fans, Crazy Taxi, Ramen Noodles, Lamborghini, Pug's are so cute!!!!!<3, roxwelmetal, (website hidden)... oh wow no.. (website hidden), 100000 Farmville cash, We ARE Columbine!, World of Warcraft Feeds, Scene It?, What Outkast song are you?, Which METALLICA song are you?, I Dont care How Comfortable Crocs Are, You Look Like A Dumbass., Not Panicking Over Swine Flu, TEXTING, Games, What Slipknot song are you?, Full Tilt Poker, Porno stars, What Avenged Sevenfold Member are you?, what slipknot member are you?, Online People, My Family, MindJolt Games, School of Wizardry, YouTube Video Box, PackRat, South Park Character Creator, "The Master of Pain" Thumbtack Jack, Who you callin pinhead?, Wazzz up -Scary Movie 3, Kat Von D Canada, That "S" thing we all drew in elementary school, Emily Clark, que THE REV (James Owen Sullivan de A7x) descanse en paz (F), "Mom, mom, mommy, ma, mom, mom, ma, ma, mommy, mommy... WHAT!!... hi!, The Chips Ahoy Cookie Guy, Stacy's Mom., The guy who always yells "MY LEG!" on Spongebob Squarepants, I'm Trying To Go To Sleep, But I Can't Stop Thinking About Random Crap, Seussical The Musical, Jonah Hill, Cheech & Chong, Mc Lovin, (website hidden), Scary Movie, Jason Voorhees, Flo, the Progressive Girl, Megan Fox, Pinhead, Freddy Krueger, Jeff Dunham , The Chief Rocker - Ricky T, - NeVer BaCk DoWn -, Comebacks that make the whole room go "OOOOOHHHHHH", I wonder if kids in China push their eyes in and say 'haha, I'm American!', JeFF HaRDY, I hate when I call Lady GaGa and she's kinda busy., JEFF HARDY, JEFF HARDY, Jeff Hardy, Chris Allen, Jeff Hardy, Eva Longoria Parker, aŞK aĞLaTır, Jeff Hardy - WWE, Jeff hardy, Jeff Hardy!, Jeff Hardy, Selena Gomez is awesome, Grunts!, Jeff Hardy, THE JOKER!, Jeff Hardy, Pillsberry Dough Boy, Perry The Platypus, Freddy Mercury, acdc, Jeff Nero Hardy, Dr. Percival Cox, Jeff Hardy, jeff hardy, WE WANT JUSTIN IN BINGHAMTON!!, Jeff Hardy, Jeff Hardy, 'ellooo, I'm Nigel Thornberryyyy, JEFF HARDY!!!, JEFF HARDY, JeFF HaRDY, jeff hardy, JEFF HARDY, -----JeFf HaRdY-----, jeff hardy, Jeff Hardy, Jeff Hardy, Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated, Shel Silverstein, jeff hardy, Aaron Goodwin - Ghost Adventures Crew (GAC), Aaron Goodwin, Jeff Hardy, Jeff Hardy, Jeff Hardy, JEFF HARDY, Dr. Doofenshmirtz, Brett Farve, Last Day of School, Jeff hardy, jeff hardy, Jeff Hardy, jeff hardy, jeff hardy, Jeff Hardy, Adam Sandler, I hate it when I get Comfy in my bed a realize I forgot to do something, Copying the way people walk when you are walking behind them, Teachers call it Cheating, We call it Teamwork :), I hate that ninja Crayon that looks blue but turns out to be purple!!, I Am Stuck On Band-AIDS 'cause Germs Don't Stick on Me, "HAH YOU FLINCHED!" "NO SH*T! YOU ALMOST HIT ME IN THE FACE!", the way Zak Bagans holds a flashlight!, Zak Bagans Fact List of Awesomeness!, Jeff Hardy, Crazy cabbie, SHUT UP! I was in the middle of my story!, When i was little, i connected markers together to make a sword., Tatil, I WANT MY 90'S NICKELODEON BACK, Zak Bagans, Late night swim on a hot summer night ;-), VOODOOHOP, Split Second Video Game, Korn Chatikavanij, John Marshall, (website hidden), Virginia Tech Hokies, Pedigree Adoption Drive, Dippin' Dots, MiniClip, Crazy Taxi, jeff hardy, If you (LIKE), (LOVE), or (MISS) SomeOne Right NOW <3, I <3 convers xx, Ok, If we get caught here's the story..., i <3 alice in wonderland the new version!!, Saying Huh? Then answering the question before they repeat it., I was shocked when I found out it was duct tape and not duck tape, We All Have A Really Short Friend, I study for a test then I fail, I dont study for a test and I pass!!!, Spandex City Comics, Free YoVille Coins, I miss Billy Mays yelling at me to buy things :(, One day, someone is going to punch you in the face........ and i will LAUGH, "I'm tired." "Do you want me to let you go to bed?" "No:)", theres always that one person who always catches you doing something weird, I HATE WHEN MY PARENTS ASK WHO IM TEXTING., Why do we have to be quiet during a fire drill? Will the fire hear us?, I use my phone as a flashlight, and hit random buttons to keep it lit, Columbine High School, i burst out laughing in dead silence cuz of sumthin tht hapend yesterday..., Breathing, i <3 converse, Mum: im not a taxi service!! Child: i no thats why i dont pay you!!, Sylvan Beach, I'm from Vermont, I do what I want!, oreo cookie, why do Dora's parents just let her travel all over the place by herself..?, When someone says "you don't wanna know", i wanna know even more., Don't Say Santa Isn't Real When Little Kids Are Around, Idiot, Doing what he just told me to do is a big difference to jumping off a cliff, I need a blanket touching me when im sleeping no matter how hot it is, i wish our summer was as long as Phineas and Ferb's, i hate being cut-off mid sentence and having to restart 20 times, BIGFOOT, Stewie, i wish life came with a remote to rewind play pause fast forward, Penguins!!!, Valley Lanes, The memory will never die <3, Dude...I was there.... don't try to change the story., that person that just PISSES YOU OFF with everything they do or say, Wakin up on the 1st day of summer & thinking "i would be in 3rd period now", I love days when all you do is laugh, I used to twist my swing, so when I sit and let go, i spin in circles :), "I won't forget, I won't forget.." "So did you bring it?" "Sh*t..", Keeler Motor Car Co., Midway Lanes, pleaseeeeeeee shuuuuuuut the fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck upppppppp, bannas in pajamas :), Jeff Hardy, It's my turn to ask the question now. "What's on your mind," Face Book?, They say HATE is a strong word, but they throw around LOVE like its nothing, when i was little, if you had a 64 pack of crayons you were the bomb, TEA BAG THIS, JACKASS, Shitday, Shitday, Shitday, Shitday, Friday!!!!, Jeff Hardy, HOT SURFACE, DO NOT TOUCH! "Hmmmm, I wonder how hot is hot...........AHHH!!, "Hey do you want this?" "Yeahh Sure... Wait! Whats Wrong With It?, I'm Not Cranky, You're Annoying., Grotto Pizza, I Stick One Leg out of my Covers When It Gets too Hot, Jeff Hardy, Blue Mountain Dew, If Taylor marries Taylor they will both be Taylor Lautner. Creepy., Jeff Hardy, Sour Gummy Worms, Adam Lambert, Gummy Worms, Cellphones, kiss (band), I Hate When I Get In One Little Fight and Have To Move To Bel-Air., I turned out liking you, A lot more than I originally planned, Referring to everyone who is younger than you as, "like 12.", When i was little, if you ran UP the slide and made it, you were so cool., actually, i CAN take a joke, ur just being a dick, if you tickle my feet i am not responsible for what happens to your face., Okay I get it, I made a mistake. STOP REMINDING ME., When you hit your hip on a counter and you feel like you just got shot., join if you remember drinking these bad boys, I can spend hours with you, and I still miss you as soon as i leave.., oh dont worry bout me, it's not like i have feelings or anything.., Studying hard the day of a test only to realize the tests tomorrow, MY SISTER SAID IF I GET ONE MILLION FANS SHE WILL NAME HER BABY MEGATRON, become a fan if u wanna stay in a hotel like this :), Every year, I realize how stupid I was the year before., The face spongebob makes when he collects dust!, hanging out with the same person everyday and NEVER getting bored of them., If You Wish Someone Who lived Far Away Lived Closer! ):, "Hey, I haven't seen u in years!"..walks away "OMG THEY'VE GOTTEN HOT!", sweatpants, hair tied, chillin' with no make-up on.., I WANNA PLAY A MASSIVE HIDE AND SEEK GAME IN MY SCHOOL AT MIDNIGHT, Telling inanimate objects to STAY when they look like they're going to fall, I Hate Being Free When Everyone Else Is Busy, I say "haha" too much when i text and IM, i love when you text me first, cus then i know your thinking about me:), I hate when i have a great comback and then i ruin it by stuttering, I Learn More From Snapple Caps Than I Do In School, I have tried to splash my face with water like the Neutrogena commercials, I Feel My Cell Phone Vibrate When It Doesn't, JEFF HARDY, Slushies!, Zak Bagans - Ghost Adventures Crew (GAC), Jeff Hardy, I was owning on mario cart, then i realised i wasnt the top screen...., Going to bed, and realizing u forgot to do your homework., I wait for my parents to be in a good mood before asking something., screaming DIE when you spray bug spray on a bug., Becoming a Fan, I say "ow" even though it didn't hurt., I hate when you burn your tongue and it feels weird for days, Canada Remembers, I Flip My Pillow Over to Get To The Cold Side, POOP - People Order Our Patties, New York Army National Guard, You knocked something over in a store and you just awkwardly walk away., Clicking furiously when the computer freezes, making the problem worse, When you're busy, everyone LOVES to text you. When you're bored... nothing., I hate it when I wake up in the morning and Barack Obama is President., iTunes, vitaminwater, Make a "don't like" button on facebook!!, Slushies, Saving a file as "dyjjyggffj'', because I'm too lazy to write a proper name, FaceMoods, UFC: Ultimate Fighting Championship, Papa John's Pizza, Converse, Chocolate Milk, "It's like I want you to know, but I don't want to tell you", Syracuse Orange, 34,616, shit happens, Those hugs when both of you don't wanna let go, I always wanted to spin around in my chair and say, I've been expecting you, I hate when fat girls wear tight clothes!!, As soon as the headphones are in, I'm in my own little world, I met you. I liked you. I got to know you. Your such a dick., Letting the phone ring so the person doesn't know you're ignoring them, Syracuse Basketball by Citizen Sports, Trying not to laugh when someone falls over., CZW, Dr.pepper, Enema of the State, The Twilight Saga, Ohh thats a tan?.. I thought you got attacked by a mob of orange markers.., Open Mind Attire, I always peek out of my 3-D glasses, just to see the difference., Become a fan if you know someone who needs a smack in the face witha shovel, I totally forgot what i was just about to say, I love it when someone you miss randomly texts you :), Eating a lot of random snacks when you get home from school, Everything is 4x Funnier when you are supposed to be quiet, since barney swore on live TV, it makes him that much cooler!, Changing a word because you can't spell the word you wanted to use, I can only handle so much stupid before i have to say something, I still say "What?" even if I heard you the first time., Yelling at things when you get mad at them when they don't work, Calling "Shotgun", Phonezoo, Pepsi - Refresh Everything, Mtn Dew, A LION would never cheat on his wife..... but a TIGER WOOD, I hate Weis Markets!!!!! It was better as the Giant!, Saying "What?" when ur parents ask u a question so u can think of an excuse, Skylark Diner, greatest game ever: DON'T LET THE BALLOON TOUCH THE FLOOR, Cure Type 1 Diabetes!!!, Do British People Fake American Accents?, i hate it when people die :(, Biting down on Jolly Ranchers and getting your teeth stuck together., The Official Binghamton Senators Fan Page, I Really Liked That Song Untill The Radio Overplayed It And KidzBop Sang It, Dollar General, WKGB 92.5 FM, Unshackle Upstate, LAMBORGHINI, Brownies, Coca-Cola, Atlanta Braves, Ramen Noodles, Playing With My Cell Phone To Avoid Awkward Social Situations., Kicking a stone along a street, then going out of your way to kick it again, KIN, Running/Walking Fast Through The Dark So Something Doesn't "Get" You, The Hangover Changed How I Pronounce "Retard", JEFF HARDY, becky w is a loser :), Join if you have ever pushed a door that said "Pull", Texting someone right after you were with them, I don't care how loud I'm laughing, I'm having fun and you're not., Stacy's Mom Has Got it Going On, I'M DRUNK AND YOU'RE STILL UGLY !!, I open my mouth when applying mascara or eyeliner, Smackdown - Raw Turkey, Oh hey, I'm bleeding., if i could delete you from my life, that would be amazing., Pep Boys 1st Annual Car show, Vodpod, Running, Glow sticks, Fizzy Blue Cola Bottles, Lamborghini, Soda, Hoodies, Gummy Worms, Lamborghini, Lamborghini Reventon, lamborghini, AT&T Share, Lamborghini, Best Buy, Lamborghini, Target, Mobile Web Server, Lamborghini - Murcielago, Saying:" Run forest Run!" when someone is in a hurry, jeff hardy -alim, DAMN IT, the swings are taken, FishVille, Happy Aquarium, FarmVille, Starbucks, Phil Wenneck (Bradley Cooper) from The Hangover, Guitar Hero, Foot Locker, When this TEXT MESSAGE is sent, he/she always replies "Will you be my gf/bf?", You hear your favorite song, turn to your friend and sing it dramatically, Looking at an old picture and wishing you could go back to that moment, My mouth automatically says "sh*t" when something wrong happens., your such a boring texter that i can predict what your going to say next., Don't text him back..Oh i'm not!...You texted him back didn't you? ..Yea, WHEN THE F*CK DID WE GET ICE CREAM, The Green Room - Organic Salon and Day Spa, Bambini idioti che criticano i Green Day., GREEN DAY 4EVER, Green Day <3, Green Salon & Day Spa, THE GREEN DAY'S, Green day LIVE, Green Day Italia, w i green day, Day on the Green, Green Day, green day, Green Day, green day, God's favorite band is Green Day!, Green Day fans......... UNITE!, Green Day Sudamérica, green day 4 ever, Green Day en Lima, We Green Day : ), Green Day The Best!, Green Day Rocks!, Green Day , If GREEN DAY is my religiion, Billie Joe is my God!, Fans de Green day VS Fans de Tokio Hotel [ Coté Green day ], Green Day Basketball Community, Green Day : Rock Band, I Green Day, ._Green Day_., Green Day Paradise, Green Day Inc, Green Day's drunk bunny, I <3 Green Day, ~~ Green Day ~~, Green Day f***ing rocks, Green Day are the best punk rock band in the whole world XD, Green Day <3, "Green Day", Perú quiere verte en el 2010, ~Green Day~, Green Day Helsinki, Green Day 2K, The Green Day Authority, GREEN DA'Y, C. S. Lewis, BooKoo Bounce Indoor Inflatable Playground & Party Place, Buddy Valastro, Call of Duty: Black Ops, " Yea, I saw it on Faceboook.", Who else thinks when the Monopoly Man was younger, he was the Pringles guy?, How about we stop blaming George Bush for what Barack Obama is Doing, "Hey:(" "What's wrong?" "Nothing..." OMG WE BOTH KNOW YOU WANT TO TELL ME!, I'm in America, I shouldn't have to "Press 1 for English.", Nike Football, Saying Hi To Random People, I was gonna post a status, Then I remembered I have family on faceboook.., The Oxi Clean commercials aren't the same without Billy Mays!, i'm so done with school., I LOVE MY SISTER, Thank you sweatshirt for messing up my hair., That awkward moment when someone says "You two should go out!", Looking in the fridge, then the cupboard, then the fridge, then giving up., Running really fast through a dark room so nothing will kill you ., Passing Gum Like It's Illegal., S (H E) B E (L I E) V E (D), "Do you have gum?" "No", "Can i have a piece?" "Fine, here", Calling parents by their real names, when they don't respond to "mom" or "dad.", Trying not to cough, when you're in a room full of silent people :/, I woke up, it was 6am, I blinked , it was 8am, If i had a dollar for every time i clicked "become a fan".......id be rich, Things magically appear when your mom looks for them., Mom, Dad, don't worry, EVERYONE failed that test :), You brought it up, now you have to tell me., "Mom, I'm going out!" "With friends?" "No mom, with chewbacca.", you!, *Sneeze* "Bless you." *Sneeze* "Bless you." *Sneeze* "DUDE?!?!?", Laughing so hard you clap like a retarded seal., Monster Energy, I love when we both look at eachother, & smile. (:, study..study ... stud .... sta..ah ..... staf .... stafay ... fay ... face ..facebook :D, The Great New York State Fair, Jason Mewes, skinny jeans are awesome, Woah! thats a low price!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, I sooooooooooooooo regret telling you that., Say this fast [ I, 1, 2, 1/2 6] Join if you get it ;), The Official Ronnie James Dio Fan Page, Slim Jim, Cherry Coke, World's Ugliest Men, Awful Plastic Surgery Accident, World's Ugliest Girl, The Girl with the Longest Nails, Social Interview, Where is it, i can't find my pen...*looking everywhere* Oh its in my hand, Cool Hwhip, Motorola, where's the remote?...oh. all the way over there....guess i'm watchin this., Epic Fails, Money, You're right. It wasn't my last piece of gum. Go buy your own., lacrosse players are sexy, WEEKENDS GO BY WAAAAY TO FAST!!!!, Did she just....... oh helllll naw gurl hold mi earrings, 101 Things To Do With Your Boyfriend / Girlfriend, What Do Boys Do At Sleepovers?, I love that kid who argues with the teacher and wins, singing really loud in your house when no one's home, I didn't fall , i attacked the floor., Detroit Red Wings, Official Detroit Red Wings, If Biggie and Tupac were alive Lil Wayne would be working at BK, Can Jack, Dalton, and Trevor Get More Fans Than Twilight?, Wormy (from spongebob), DJ Not Nice, Being Texted First, NEW YORK MAFIA {NYM}, Tim and Moby <3, Tim & Moby!! ;D, BrainPOP, I randomly walk up to my fridge, open it, look, and walk away, *Checks phone* 4 Missed calls, Mom. CRAP IM IN TROUBLE!, You Act Like Yourself And People Think You're Smoking Something., I wish i could start my life all over, knowing what i know now, "Quick, pretend you're sleeping!" never gets old, When I Was Younger, I Put My Face Close To The Fan To Hear My Robot Voice, Hanging with old friends and saying remember when......, Google, Alan from "The Hangover", Eating Candy, I dont hang my feet off the end of the bed cause Im afraid theyll get eaten, Listening to a certain song over and over and over again, Cheerios, FaceDouble® Celebrity Look-alike Doppelganger, I'm so ready for those long summer nights :), I HATE WHEN IT FEELS LIKE SUMMER... and then you remember you have school., Dear 12 year olds, just cause you smoke and drink doesnt make you cool., When I'm in my car and I see a scary person walk by I lock my doors, "cheerleading isnt a spor..." "DO YOU WANT TO GET SLAPPED!?!?!", I HATE WAKING UP FOR SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, Syracuse Lacrosse, Hot Chocolate after getting in from the snow, as soon as you break a $20 bill your basically broke, "Omg I Had A Dream About You!" "Really" "Yeah You Died"., Rihanna 'shops for sex toys in Paris', The guy who discovered milk....What was he doing with that cow?, The 3 eyed monkey in the end of Jimmy Neutron That Said, "Hi Im Paul", The Poor Asian Guy Who Never Gets Paid In Gum., I Miss Someone Really Bad Who Is In Heaven :'(, "I cant open it", "give it to me" *opens jar*, "I LOOSENED IT!", If you've ever blown water out of a pool noodle-at someone, KFC - Kentucky Fried Chicken, No I'm not lying, but when you look at me like that, how can I not smile?, Osiris Shoes, Kit Carson - American, manhunt during summer, My First Or Last Name Will Constantly Be Spelled Or Pronounced Wrong, I try not to laugh during serious moments, but end up laughing anyway., I feel stupid when I say "what?" a thousand times because I can't hear, ((( I HATE SCHOOL ))), Silly Bandz (rubberbands shaped like animals and ect), Dear Face Book: If it ain't "broke", don't "fix" it!, sour gummy worms, EASTER EGG HUNTS :D, Sorry its an itouch not a utouch, Skate Estate, Dr. Seuss Books, Crazy Taxi, Mafia Wars, Pool, Snooker, 8-Ball, MAKE MARCH IRISH HISTORY MONTH NOW!!!, Im an a**hole to the ones I love dearly, The Old Nickelodeon "1990's", FarmVille Cows, <3 easter eggs <3, A girl kisses 2 guys - She's a SLUT; A boy bangs 5 girls - He's a LEGEND.., I smile because i have no idea what is going on, I HATE Man Utd, Staying Up Late, 'Can i ask you something?.. Oh never mind'.. NO, TELL MEEEE!!, I hate when its quiet and your eating something crunchy, EL CUCO, Garlic Bread, Noo, don't go offline you gay!, milkybar kid its been 49 years why are you still a child?, Milk, The Hamburger Bed, Titanic, Songs that describe EXACTLY how you feel, Well that's embarrassing...., When I was your age, we had theAmanda Show. Not iCarly., Just Because I Live in New York Does NOT Mean I Live in New York City!!, Happy Pets, Happy Island, I Use My Cell Phone To See In The Dark, Metrogames, Icy Tower, I walk around in circles when I talk on the phone., hey, remember me? I used to Be Your Best Friend., You look at them, They look at you, You quickly look somewhere else..AKWARD, "I hate homework", You give 1 person chewing gum & suddenly everyone within 10 miles wants one, BRING NAPP TIME BACK!!!, kidz bop ruins every good song., Dora. Are you blind? Dude. Swiper's right behind you., I <3 Turtles!!! =D, Anyone who was born in the 1990's and doesnt have a kid and isnt pregnant ., Icey Tower, ٩(•̮̮̃•̃)۶ ٩(-̮̮̃-̃)۶ ٩(̮̮̃•̃)۶ ٩(͡๏̯͡๏)۶ ٩(-̮̮̃•̃)۶ HOW ARE THESE MADE, Bigfoot, WWE Turkey..!!, that ONE person you can't stop thinking about, With a smile like yours, how can I not smile back? :) <3, I Hate It When My Hair Goes Frizzy!, Laughing at a text in front of people, then looking comepletely Retarded., Saying "ow" even though it didn't hurt, or happen to you., I don't remember getting this bruise..., Gertrude Hawk Chocolates, Macy's, Those Late Night Talks At Sleepovers About ANYTHING, Adding "ish" onto the end of a word when describing something, You copied my answers... How the hell did you get a higher grade than me?, I was going to do something, then I got distracted for 5 seconds and forgot, "umm can i have a coke?" "is pepsi ok?" "I dont know is monopoly money ok?", EVERY PHONE SHOULD HAVE THE SAME CHARGER!!, When I have a highlighter, I feel the urge to use it as much as possible., Vivo Girls Sports, The feeling of wanting to drop kick a customer in the face when working, "Good Morning" Text Messages, when you realize you over slept you jump off the bed like a ninja, OFFICAL FARMVILLE -NEW!! 1000 GOLDEN EASTER EGGS!, Nintendo DSi Camera