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The Ohio State University, Mechanicsburg
SUBWAY, Heritage cooperation
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Hey, I’m Jessika!

Mechanicsburg, Ohio, United States · Member since June 2010
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I never stopped loving YOU, I just stopped showing it, When I was your age, I lost my tooth. Not my virginty., Giving a certain look and your best friend knows exactly what u mean., Eating, Truth is, everybody is going to hurt you; you just gotta find the ones worth suffering for." -Bob Marley, School, Sleeping, Ohio State Buckeyes, Reading, Show Sheep, When It Rains, Cold Showers, Music, Wakey Wakey, Rock music, Oldies, 80's, Country music, I Have Jammed Out To "Don't Stop Believing", Listening to a song, and remembering all the memories that go with it, THE COMEBACK band, The Beatles, I Love Music!, Akunamatata, Michael Jackson, Taylor Swift, Gwen Stefani, Coldplay, Deas Vail, Lady Gaga, Johnny Cash, Katy Perry, Justin Timberlake, Breaking Dawn, New Moon, Twilight, Eclipse, New Moon, Get Him to the Greek, "HOW DARE YOU! SHE IS A NICE LADY!", The Last Song, EuroTrip, Others but Im Lazy, Center Stage, I hate it when I quote movies and no one gets them, Glenn Coco? FOUR FOR YOU, GLENN COCO! you go Glenn Coco., You Are Never Too Old For A Disney Movie, Dear John, Alice in Wonderland, Where the Wild Things Are, The Hangover, Love and basketball, Buddy The Elf, Twilight, Dirty Dancing, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Quantum Of Solace, The Breakfast Club, Hairspray, Grey's Anatomy, Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, Cousin Skeeter, Big Brother, All That, Scrubs, That 70's Show, Rocko's Modern Life, Gullah Gullah Island, kenan and kel, Saturday Night Live , One Tree Hill, The Office, Mechanicsburg, Ohio, Massage Therapy by Jeremy Blanton, congrats, your new girlfriend is freaking ugly. i hope your proud., Champaign Feed and Pet Supply [Heritage Cooperative], My Parents used to be Happy when I took naps. Now they think I'm lazy., Hemisphere Coffee Roasters, I'd pick a country boy over a city boy anyday ;), I use my phone as a flashlight, and hit random buttons to keep it lit, "I know your talking about me Asian Nail Lady", I Speak Fluent Smart Ass, "Oh , ! You Smell Good Hug Me Again . " : ), I Played PacMan on Google on (phone number hidden), FLIRTEXTING, "Whats your school like?" Well...its in the middle of a field..., I want to trust you. But i dont. Because i know better., " Yea, I saw it on Faceboook.", Don't text him back..Oh i'm not!...You texted him back didn't you? ..Yea, "You look pretty today!" "...Was I ugly yesterday!?", Curvy girls are better than skinny girls!, You, Me, and This Summer. Thats all I really need., I hate it when I get stuck on a roof in Vegas and my wolfpack can't find me., My car. My music. Don't like it? WALK, Do slutty girls say "That's what I said" jokes?, I am not getting out of this bed, it is warm and it loves me, To that one person who screwed you up for future relationships.... Thanks., Harmony Farm Market & Gifts, Mom I love you... but u be trippin sometimes, Text a girl 'hey beautiful', and you could make her whole day., Sarcasm (n.)- the ability to insult idiots without them realizing it., Remember how we could talk for hours? Now we can barely look at eachother, I Hate it when a good song is ruined by a bad memory, don't chase em, replace em ;), Hate it when you hear something you don't want to hear and your heart sinks, The worst feeling ever is feeling like you missed your chance, i think i verbally abuse the people i love more than the people i hate, throwing the phone when the person on it pisses u off, The Pink Ribbon, Meeting someone in the weirdest way, then they are a huge part of your life, "Oh you're going to ride my ass? Welcome to 20mph jerk.", You dont just stop loving someone, either you never did or you always will., i'm a woman. i eat. i have curves: deal with it., 92.3 WCOL, I'm actually not funny.I'm just really mean and people think I'm joking., If you ask me to hold your drink, I will drink it., The Great Urban Race, it rough., Teenagers are either drunk, having sex, stressed, b*tching, or asleep, I go to your page because I miss you, then regret it because of what I see., National FFA Alumni Association, Where I come from, Rain is a good thing !, " Nah Im Not Really Drinking Tonight" 2 Hours Later .. WOOOOOOOO!!! :], (website hidden), Not Panicking Over Swine Flu, Heath Ledger's Joker, Political Action, Cool Runnings, Ohio State Buckeyes Nation, One part in another, ever heard of that?, Behind every boy & girl with trust issues, is the Ex who made them that way, One day you're gonna look back and say: "Damn that girl really did love me", Oh I got a text!! I hope its from........ oh my god leave me alone!, Of course it's within walking distance; I went to Ohio State, BOYCOTTING VALENTINES DAY, There would be less drunk driving in the world if taco bell delivered, PANTS ON THE GROUND., Everything is funnier when you're with your bestfriend., we have too many memories together for me to just forget about you., "OMG YOU SAID THAT?!?!" .. no, but i was thinking it., Giving a sarcastic answer when someone asks a dumb question., Dancing around the house with the music blasting when your home alone., I'm The Girl. You're The Boy. You Text Me First Or We Don't Talk Today., 63 Notifications Later and I regret Liking Your Status, I WANT MY 90'S NICKELODEON BACK, Yelling at inanimate objects, Mc Lovin, Alan from "The Hangover", Ohio Union at The Ohio State University, Kat Williams, Kathy Griffin, (website hidden), Paul Rudd, Young's Jersey Dairy, Ohio FFA Association, David Spade, 4-H, Michael Jordan, Step Brothers, Gordon Gee, Brandon Phillips, Ohio State Marching Band-TBDBITL, I love summer, Will Ferrell, [Heath Ledger], Shaun White, Dippin' Dots, World Wildlife Fund, Team Edward, summer, Chris Farley, Ohio State Buckeyes, Adam Sandler, Michael Phelps, Barack Obama, The Ohio State University, There's a weight limit on leggings & skinny jeans., If you like me, Tell Me, if you miss me, Show it, if you love me, Prove it, I change into sweatpants as soon as I get home., When I was younger I would record my favorite songs off the radio onto tape, Mutual hatred of one person really brings people together :), Meeting someone in the wierdest way, then they are a huge part of your life, "Hey mom?" "WHAT!?" "Nevermind your not in a good mood..., You instantly piss me off when I see you., Did you touch my drumset? nope. Why are you so sweaty? I was watching cops., I would take a bullet for u.. Not the head but like in the leg or something, B.S'ing homework two minutes before class and getting full credit., Anyone who was born in the 1990's and doesnt have a kid and isnt pregnant ., After Monday and Tuesday even the calender says W T F, Having COD Moments in Real Life, Ooooooooh, That sounds a bit harsh, I better put "lol" on the end of it, we dont always have to do something exciting, i just like being with you :), Can you like, not bring that up. Thanks., Kiss Country 101.7, Your Hometown Country Station, Smiling like an idiot when you receive a cute text., When you look back, i hope you regret treating me that way., Oh hi, I only exist when you need something., Dude, I'm not going if your not going..., "i want you, i want all of you, everyday, you and me, forever.", I hate trying to explain really long things over text, corn hole, drinkin beer, fishin, bonfires,... looove country summer life!!, Texting someone to say that you are outside their house instead of knocking, After Every Good Movie Trailer I Lean Over And Say "I Wanna See That", DUDE! We almost died!!! Yea, but it was fun though!, You screwed me over so badly it just annoys me to hear your name, Nicol Transport LLC, Okay, we get it... your in love... now stop posting lovey crap in ur status, Hating it when people walk slow in front of you, trying to dodge someone, and you both step the same way.. twice., " It's not illegal, it's frowned upon - like masturbating on an airplane..", K? I just poured my heart out to you and all you can say is..K?, Staying in a car to finish that song thats on...then get out., When I sit on the ground I automatically pull out the grass, I change the date on my paper to make it seem like I did not procrastinate., I dont mind what we do, I Just want to spend time with you, Its not a man purse, its a satchel. Indiana Jones has one, Awkwardly standing there as your friend talks to someone you don't know, I always look at your page because I miss you. :(, Trying to delete useless characters in a text to make it under 160., Ohio State is the 2010 ROSE BOWL CHAMPS, I can't clean my room because I get distracted by the cool stuff I find., I hate it when i get a text, but its not from the person i wanted., If you really missed me, you would make an effort to hang out., I need a blanket touching me when im sleeping no matter how hot it is, I hate it when you really miss someone and they don't even think about you., If the world ends in 2012, i've wasted my whole life in school. . . lovely., 937, I Accidentally Write Down What I'm Thinking While Writing Something Else, Not Playing Farmville, Johnny Bravo!, I hate it when I'm making a milkshake and boys just show up in my yard, Hearing,"Just a small town girl." and shouting, "Livin' in a Lonely World!", Whoever said "The customer is always right" has surely never worked retail., Hate it when you read something you dont want to know, and your heart sinks, Did we just become best friends? YUP! Wanna go do karate in the garage? YUP, Valentines Day can bite me, I'd rather carry 10 grocery bags in each hand than make two trips..., Changing a word because you can't spell the word you wanted to use, Saying " It's ok " but secretly knowing its killing you inside, "BRB... IM NOT REALLY GOING ANYWHERE, BUT NEITHER IS THIS CONVERSATION", I Have A Tendency To Laugh At Inappropriate Times, RA RA RA AH AH AH, ROMA RO MA MA, GAGA OOH LA LA, Walmart, Chipotle Mexican Grill, Oreo, I Hate Getting Texts That Only Say "k", Naps, Dislike Button, REESE'S, Hanes, I HATE PEOPLE WHO CANT DRIVE FOR SH!T, I THE WEEKEND, COVERGIRL, Chocolate Milk, Red Lobster Cheddar Biscuits, Brownies, Make a "don't like" button on facebook!!, Puppy Chow, Sleeping, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Texting, Coach, Roller Coasters, Old Navy, SUBWAY, Taco Bell, OUAB, The Twilight Saga, (RED), Southwest Airlines, I'm so ready for those long summer nights :), I LOVE COMEDY WEDNESDAY ON ABC!, when i graduate, i will never see you again. thank you god., Lincisms, I love the people who keep a smile when they have every right to break down, My Stomach Drops When I Think About You Being With Somebody Else...., not gonna lie.. lifes been sooo much better since i stopped talking to you, I come from a town where a traffic jam is 4 cars behind a tractor