Hey, I'm Julia!
Salvador, Bahia, Brazil · Member since December 2011

HI all - I am a New Yorker living in Salvador, Brazil, where I work as a teacher and translator. I work at a private school on the other side of town, but love coming back to my neighborhood to cook, relax, have a beer, etc.

I love cats, and recently adopted one. I love being social and also appreciate my alone time. I like getting to know the people I live with, and feeling like they know me, at least a little bit.

I used to work on farms in upstate New York, and in Brooklyn worked at a food-based non-profit. All this to say I love to cook, try new foods, (try to) take care of plants, and get out of the city to some of the beautiful more rural places around here.

I translate and also like to share stories on my blog, The Time Is Meow.

I like to travel light, though when I get there, I always regret having traveled so light. Happens every time.

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