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i start typing...i see you typing...i stop...you stop...WTF? keep typing!!, Always Being Hungry, Association football, Cricket, Checkin Out Girls, Listening 2 Music, Hanging With Friends, Bob Marley, Serani, Notorious B.I.G, Young Jeezy, Beyoncé, T.I., Kanye West, Plies, Gyptian, Mavado, Jah Cure, Tupac, Contemporary R&B, Hiphop, Reggae, Hearing part of a song and thinking.."that's going to be my next status", Dancehall, Gucci Mane, Drake, DING DONG, Lil Wayne, STOP SINGING YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW THE LYRICS!, I Dont Read Much, Pirates of the Caribbean, Scary Movie 4, The Eye, Flushed Away, Rush Hour 3, Blood Diamond, Titanic, "I HOPE YOU GO BALD!" "I HOPE THEY CANCEL OPRAH!" "YOU TAKE THAT BACK!!!", The Simpsons, My Wife and Kids, Dave Chappelle, George Lopez, Basically Anything That Makes Me Laugh, Bermudian Jackasses/ Turbo Circus/ Playa Squad, Join if you used to watch Catdog, Rugrats, Hey Arnold, Or Ahh Real Monsters, 106 & Park, Hey ARNOLD!!!!, Family Guy, kenan and kel, Family Matters, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Full House, MTV, You know you're living in 2010 when..., Awkwardly standing there as your friend talks to someone you don't know, My Parents used to be Happy when I took naps. Now they think I'm lazy., I use my phone as a flashlight, and hit random buttons to keep it lit =), When I Was Younger, If You Could Run Up The Slide, You Had "Skill!", Rap lyrics translated for white people!, You hear your favorite song, turn to your friend and sing it dramatically, Marijuanaaah!, PROVEN STUDY: Men AREN'T ABLE To See a TREE in This Illusion!, Trying not to cough, when you're in a room full of silent people :/, Putting "lol" at the end of a phrase so it doesn't sound so serious, top 22 things NOT to say to police officer!, that one person you laugh uncontrollably with, I hate one of my ex's, Can You Answer These Riddles (95% of people will say "oh yeaaaaaah"), DONT friend request me unless you know me.... or your fine as hell, Schools Almost Over, 5 Images you wont believe are NOT Photoshopped!!, I bought the gum for ME, not the WHOLE SCHOOL., when twins say they're better looking than the other...you look just alike!, WHERE IN THE HELL ARE "MAX" & "RUBYS" PARENTS ?!, It's 12AM & I'm WIDE WAKE!, I actually pay attention to the "L" and "R" on my headphones. Always., Happy Aquarium, I Use My Cell Phone To See In The Dark, Multiplayer Pool, Family Guy, WTF..did that Bitch just do what I think she did?, MICHAEL KYLE, Chris Tucker, Katt Williams, Donkey, BernieMac (R.I.P), Mabel "Madea" Simmons, Gummy Bears, (website hidden), mavado, Political Action, Myttoos Tattoos & Piercings, Stewart Griffin, The Simpsons, Cookies, Usain Bolt, Barack Obama Fan, Sky Sports, Carlton Banks, Tia & Tamera Mowry, Premier Football, The Bible, › iTunes, Graffiti, Skype Me, Premier League Fantasy Football, Wish Summer 2010 could hurry up/ then have a never ending summer break, Saturday Supermix, That "S" thing we all drew in elementary school, Join If You Ever Watched Rocket Power, For all those who have experienced pain by stepping on a lego., My parents didnt give me a "time-out"....THEY WOOPED MY ASS!, FACEB00K is the ONLY reason why I know it's your BIRTHDAY, a b c d e f g h i j k "ello menno" p q r s t u v w x y z, The White guy singing "Candy Shop" at Doug's wedding in the Hangover, " IF U KNOW G.O.D LOVES YOU BECOME A FAN" :), YOU STUPID COMPUTER! ** It starts working** im so sorry....i love you :), Hype Energy, umm, was i talking to you?, sometimes when im walking i try keeping my feet in the little square tiles., when i say i miss school, i mean my friends and the fun. not the school :P, Pretending to look for your homework when you know you dont have it, i thought u were hot until i clicked on "view more images", "!f yUh t!yp3 Lyk3 Dihs", DON'T TALK TO ME, 63 Notifications Later and I regret Liking Your Status, Tiger Woods, Cristiano Ronaldo, Fresh Prince, Chris Rock, Last Day of School, Bernie Mac, King, Martin Luther, Jr, Robinho, West Indies Cricket, God, Wayne Rooney, Meagan Good, Vybz Kartel, Teachers call it Cheating, We call it Teamwork :), Legalize In Bermuda, Without God I Am NOTHING!!, I DONT GIVE A FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCKK, Tripping over an object, then verbally abusing it, Keep Hamilton's Voice: Say NO To Government's Takeover, "HAH YOU FLINCHED!" "NO SH*T! YOU ALMOST HIT ME IN THE FACE!", COMING HOME HAPPY THEN YOUR PARENTS RUIN IT BY YELLING AT YOU, since when do 9 year olds date and have cell phones?!?!?!?!?, When teachers act fake when the principal comes in the classroom, I Love when people act smart, but are totally wrong, Two days is not enough time for a weekend, The ONE DAY i'm absent from school is the ONE DAY everything happens!, He doesn't really like you, you're just a hoe(:, Laughing uncontrollably with your best friend over something stupid. (:, EA SPORTS FIFA, Jesus Is Coming Again by Isaac Kubvoruno, BADA - Bermudians Against Domestic Abuse, Make a "fuck that" button on facebook!!, Proud To Be Black, I Love Jesus, No Homework, Progressive Labour Party, Barack Obama, Manchester United, You're Not My Boyfriend/Girlfriend.. I Don't Owe You An Explanation!, Behind every boy & girl with trust issues, is the Ex who made them that way, I hate it when I get Comfy in my bed a realize I forgot to do something, Why Do You Add Me & Then Ask Who I Am!? T_T, O Crap i Didnt Mean To Send u That Text Message, WHATS THE POINT OF HOMEWORK IF WE JUST SPENT A WHOLE DAY AT SCHOOL?, i cant think of anythink good to talk about but i wanna talk to you!, Those who critisize our generation forget who raised it., I stay in my pajamas until I absolutely HAVE to get dressed., I Love the Kid that makes the class fun by arguing with the teacher., I HATE WHEN YOUR ABOUT TO DRIVE INTO THE DRIVEWAY & YOUR FAVE SONGS STARTS, Making eye contact with attractive strangers ;D, Life Without Music Can't Exist, Oh sorry G2G bye *Appear Offline* ...thank god that's over., I HATE GOING BACK TO SCHOOL AFTER THE HOLIDAYS!, Finding Money In Your Pocket, sleeping, RIP Michael Jackson You will be missed.., I hate waking up during a good dream and it won't come back!, Will Smith, Laughing when someone falls, I Hate Waking Up For School!, Ronaldinho, Make a "don't like" button on facebook!!, I hate goodbyes :(, Laughing until it hurts and you can't breathe!, I HATE WAKING UP FOR SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, i hate "battery low!", I love staying up late!, I Hate One Word Text Messages!, NO SCHOOL!!!, Must fill every waffle square with syrup, "Lil Wayne: The best Rapper Alive" Group, Nike: Just Do It, Disney Channel , weezy f, I Hate Waking Up For School, Why Can't I Hate You? You Have Hurt Me So Much In The Past..., talk to you all night, die from lack of sleep next day..worth every minute, M.I.D.T.E.R.M.S. (Man, I Doubt These Exams Really Mean Sh*t), MANCHESTER UNITED, 'leave all your things' I AM NOT LEAVING MY THINGS IN A FIRE, THANKS!, "Do you want to share that with the class?" "No that's why I whispered it.", Crap! I still have homework to do.... CRAP! I forgot it at school!, The Grammy Awards, It's "Football" Not "Soccer"!, I have my headphones in because I DON"T want to listen to you., FORWARD TEXT MESSAGES ARE SO STUPID, SO DONT SEND ME ONE UNLESS ITS FUNNY!, Sesame Street Is The Only Form Of Education I Ever Needed!, having a day where you wish it would happen over and over again<3, TALKING IN WEIRD ACCSENTS FOR NO REASON., paper beats rock? ok,i'll throw a rock at u & u defend urseself with paper, i'm so glad no one can read my mind..., I already know the truth, why do you continue to lie?, MOM PLEASE SHUTUP!, "Hey".. 2 hours later.. "Hey".. No its to late i dont wanna talk to you now, i have someone like a brother/sister to me, who isnt even family <3, that split second of fear when you lean back too far in your chair, "Wait, how'd you find out?" "Faceboook told me.", Alright! I made a mistake, no need to keep going on about it!, if my parents knew half the things i did..i'd be dead, "Did you just..." "No." "But I just saw you..." "No.", I HATE COCKBLOCKERS, Heyy a message! Oh, its you, what a waste of excitement., I have a feeling summer 2010 is going to be one hell of a summer, Finding a bruise or cut on your body and not knowing how you got it, They guy who invented copy and pasting has saved me many hours of my life:), You Do Realize That You're Not Cool And Everyone Wants to Punch You Right??, Trying To Hint Something Out To Someone But The Idiot Doesn't Get It, i liked you , i move on - now you like me? W.T.F is this bullsh!t, Theres a firedrill 'LEAVE UR STUFF' naa i dnt want my stuff to burn (:, Someone tells me something about another person, then I start to notice it., When I Was Younger, I Put My Face Close To The Fan To Hear My Robot Voice, Stop acting like your gangster. IT'S BERMUDA for god sakes., In 2013 I will watch 2012 and laugh, i hate when people TEXT you all the time but act like STRANGERS in person!, I TRY SO HARD NOT TO LAUGH WHEN IM GETTING IN TROUBLE!, "Oh, they look hot.."*clicks profile* "SUCCESS! THEY HAVE AN OPEN PROFILE", "Dude, did the teacher come?" "Yeah, I saw him in the morning" "Dammit!", laughing at things that shouldent be funny but are, You Cough.......Five More People Cough.......Then the Whole Assembly Coughs, I Hate People Talking To Me When I Have My Headphones In, I walk into a room ... then forget why, hate when nobody comments on your awesomely thought up status, Uncontrollable swearing after stubbing your toe in a dark room, ifuspenthetimetoreadthiscarefullythenbecomeafanplease:), Saying Huh? Then answering the question before they repeat it., Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, WAIT WHAT ?, I Miss You!! I Miss You Too We Need To Chill................Never Happens!!, "OMG you are so gorgeous!" "NO you are!" K shut up, you're both hideous., I say "Nevermind" because I'm too lazy to repeat myself, "Hi can I help you?"... NO I JUST WALKED INTO THE STORE !, If your NOT an only child, become a fan!!!, "What does IDK stand for" "I dont know" "God, Nobody does!!", YOU NEED A ROPE!, JOIN IF U USE TO DRINK THIS WHEN U WERE YOUNGA!!!!!!, Why does Everybody Raymond, but Everybody HATES Chris ? . . . RASCIST !!!, I use the word 'THINGY' when i forget what thats called., "Don't see me, don't see me, don't see me"... "HEYYY!!!" ... "f*ck", Pandas are the least racistt animal, they're black, white AND asian!, getting a message, and thinking "how do i reply to that ", When a teacher disses a student and the whole class goes "OOOOOOHHHHHH!!!!", Somebody Calls You And Ask Who Is This.....Muhfucka You Called Me, What is said at a sleepover, STAYS at the sleepover. ;), Trust me, I am not jealous of you., This is the 20th time I've had to pause my music. PLEASE stop talking., get a room!...get a life COCKBLOCKER, That Face Patrick Made When He Told SpongeBob, "Who You Callin' Pinhead?", Hey Do You...... SHINY OBJECT...Sorry What Was I Saying?, this is Face book NOT My space... we use real names here!, Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming,swimming,swiming, No mom and dad you just yelled at me... i don't want to talk to you, excuse me, excuse me, excuse me, GET THE F U C K OUT THE WAYYYYYYYY!!, having a bestfriend of the opposite sex, On Relationship Status there should be "And is cheating with ______" option, Guys Who Can Actually Stick To One Girl., i've liked you ever since i met you and i still do! <3, Hi, I wasted a very long time liking you., "Can i copy your homework?" " yea but IDK if there right." " I dont care", Little do you know, I am DYING to talk to you. All the time., when i was little i used to say "a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h, i, j, k, ELEMENO P, DON’T HIT KIDS!!!!!!!!!!!!! No, seriously, they have guns and knives now., Did I get over it? No. Did I get through it? Yes. Big difference., i see your name pop up on my phone and i smile :), Chillin In Ure PJ's All Day' Lookin A Mess :), I hate mondays, tuesdays, wednesdays, thursdays and half of friday., I hate cocky kids who think they're better than everyone else., shutup, no one likes you. espically me. so stop talking, I hate expecting a text from that someone and you look and its someone else, "Dude that song is so old." "so is your mum but you still listen to her", That time in 09 where if someone said 'I'm sick' everyone yelled 'Swiinee!", FINALLY A BUS!! *not in service*...FFFFFFUUU, There is a BIG DIFFERENCE between FLIRTING & LIKING, Teacher: "Don't pack up, It's rude." Students: *Pack up slowly & silently*, S.C.H.O.O.L - Seven.Crap.Hours.Of.Our.Lives, Say "i 1 2 4 Q" out loud. Join if you get it ; ), I HATE Not Being Able To Tell Someone You Like Them, biggest lie ever: "i have read and agree to the terms of use" , JOIN ONLY if you were born in (phone number hidden), Drunk people taking care of drunker people, School for 12 years, College for 4 years, Work until you die...Great, WHY'S HE/SHE COMING WITH US ????, "Tell me, i promise i won't laugh"... HAHAHAHA, If We Get Caught We Are F*CKED.. Mkay Lets Go., That one person you see EVERYWHERE...but don't know their name, ughh i hate class (walk in, see sub) YES, We may not be blood related, but your still family to me <3, Join if u used to watch Dexters Lab Powerpuff Girls Ed Edd and Eddy and KND, Its funny how fast you can wake up when you realize you've overslept.., Parents call it "Back Talk" We call it "Explaining why they're WRONG!", SUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR 2010 CANT WAIT <3 :D, If We Are All Going To Die In 2012; Why Are We In School?, some teachers NEED to b slapped, I WISH I HAD FAIRLY ODD PARENTS :|, There is always that one class that you hate going to everyday, we started to watch a movie, but we ended up...not watching a movie., "OH, I GET IT! " ( Teacher walks away ) " Dude, i STILL dont get it", I didn't change, I just grew up. You should try it sometime., teenagers need nap time wayyyyy more that kindergartners do!!!!, So ref... exactly how much is the other team paying you?, Blanket on, TOO HOT, Blanket off, TOO COLD, I dont care what you heard, Im telling you what really happened. So shut up, why are you late?! mate, your lucky i even came, so shutup and teach yeah?, "YES WE'RE FINALLY LEAVING! Oh no, mom ran into a friend.", If I text a person in the same room as me, I stare at them till they get it, Wow. i really dont like you. like at all, To be TOGETHER, you need TO-GET-HER <3, DAMN IT I LIKED THAT DREAM....IM GOING BACK TO SLEEP!!!, I Bet I Can Find 2,012 people who think 2012 is fake, If ex's can still be friends, they are still in love or they never were, If there's a fire at school who is actually going to stay quiet and walk., ONLY JOIN if your name starts with A, C, D, F, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, S, T, i am willing to risk salmonella to eat raw cookie dough, It's Been Like 12 Years, That Rabbit Deserves Some Flippin Trix Already!, I'M SHORT AND I'M PROUD! Go hit your heads on a doorframe u big people!, OH NO TOMMOROW IS MONDAY :(, i hate not seeing my spelling error until after i post a status, I Hate Dumb Bitches, 420!, I say "I'm on my way", when, I'm still at home., I hate when people tell me something then won't tell me who said it., Middle School: "Shut up, it was a dare" High School: "Shut up, I was drunk", If you like me, Tell Me, if you miss me, Show it, if you love me, Prove it, "What are you gonna do there?" "Smoke pot, get drunk, and kill people, Mom", In Kindergarten, we called it cooties. In High School we call it STDs., OHH! I DO THAT! I'M GONNA BECOME A FA....nvm. Its a group. Too much effort., There needs to be a "Become a Fan" Rehab, I forgot your name, so i'm waiting for somebody to say it., Waiting until 12:00a.m. to say "HAPPYBIRTHDAY" to a close friend :), Wanting someone to say a certain thing because you have the perfect answer, My parents have called me by the wrong name., I HATE CIGARETTES, Falling asleep on the couch and waking up with a blanket on you, Government of Bermuda, London Office, I THE WEEKEND, I Love My Mum by (website hidden), Ice Crеam, Mc Flurry Oreo, Windows Live Messenger, ICE CREAM!, BlackBerry®, Money, Kolkata Knight Riders, Oh Google, you always seem to know what i mean to spell...., Ever wonder who looks at you?, I HaTe WheN PeOpLe GeT In My BuziiNezz WeN DeY HaVe nOthinG 2 dO With It, Frozen Computer...maybe if I click EVERYWHERE it will start working again.., That mood when you just dont feel like texting anyone back..., when i was younger," bop its" were the shitt!, "Can you shut my door please?" sure! *leaves door cracked* "sigh...", WHERE DO ALL MY SOCKS GO ?!?!?!?!?!, Saying something, then realizing it sounded extremely sexual, Grabbing The Nearest Person Next To You When You Slip, The Royal Gazette, Choking on a lifesaver, how ironic, Parents call it answering back, we call it explaining why they're wrong, Friday,last period,2 minutes to go till the bell rings...Best feeling ever., I PIZZA, Omg. We're JUST FRIENDS, Don't text me while im texting you, now i have to change my text, I need a Massage!!!, I hate when my parents watch me while I am on the computer, Love waking up in the middle of the night and, realising u have hours left!, All those years I watched "Blues Clues" I Didn't know Blue was a girl., Can you like, shut up for just 2 minutes?, Fairmont Hamilton Princess, Bermuda, I CANT WAIT TO GET MY DRIVERS LICENSE!!!, Sliding on wood floors in socks, Oreo, Wendy's, I hate 'fake' notifications, Bermuda Tourism, shop run!!!, TEXTING!, Dislike Button, (email hidden), I HATE POLICE, Bermuda Hogges FC, I really hate slow computers, Texting, Shirley Temples, PUMA, Boston Red Sox, Skittles, That time of year when caring about school just goes downhill., R.I.P SPRING BREAK 2010 ; you will be missed, Saying "no" before someone finishes their question., Teacher:"Do you want to go sit in the hall" You:"YES IT BETTER THAN HERE!", Dear 12 year olds, just cause you smoke and drink doesnt make you cool., the feeling after you just finished a shitload of homework, Last Day of School!, Mafia Wars, I love listening to lies when i know the truth, if u gone tlk abt me in ur status, jus tag me! especially if u tlkn s***!!!, 10 Ways To Tell That She is Faking It, Texting the person next to you stuff you cant say out loud!, F U C K THAT, F U C K THIS, F U C K OFF ... F U C K YOU ! ;), 10 Things You Didn't Know About Weed, Trying NOT to look when someone is staring at you., head, I Don't Care if it Doesn't Matter, I Want to Know What You Said, hello friday, ive been waiting for you, My level of maturity changes depending on who im with., STOP EXAMS AND SAVE TREES!!!.....wht an idea sir ji..., I know your lying but im acting like i beleive you., Teenagers are either drunk, having sex, stressed, b*tching, or asleep, "I'm hungry" "Didn't you just eat?" "What are you trying to say..?"