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University of Canberra, St. Clare's College
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Hey, I’m Lauren!

Canberra, Australia · Member since June 2010
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I have a number of interests which I used to list here but Facebook deleted them and I can't put them back because Facebook will make me link to some bogus community page that has nothing to do with me., Spice Girls, Gred and Forge, The Moaning Myrtles, Harry and the Potters, The Remus Lupins, Catchlove, Ministry of Magic, Draco and the Malfoys, Luke Lukess, Los Capitanes, MY FUTURE LiES, Hancock Basement, That sinking feeling when you flip the card over, and it's the fourth King., The Time Traveler's Wife, Catcher In The Rye, The Into the Wilderness Series, Brave New World, All in the Blue Unclouded Weather, The Eyre Affair, The Tomorrow Series, Saving francesca, The Beach, Twilight, The Cross Stitch Series, Jane Austen, Harry Potter, Looking for Alibrandi, Janet Evanovich, Chuck Palahniuk, Pirates of the Caribbean, V for Vendetta, Love Actually, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Lords of Dogtown, Love Me If You Dare, Official Tomorrow When The War Began Movie, Fight Club, The Princess Bride, I actually find Chandler's jokes funny, Sex and the City 2, Mean Girls is actually the best quotable movie ever made, Twilight: The Story Of A Girls Choice Between Beastiality And Necrophilia., All those years i watched Arthur, I never knew what animal he was., ART ATTACK, Friends, Stalin brings all the Russians to the yard & theyre like lets kill the Tsar, "And I say hey, HEY! What a wonderful kind of day..." :D, Band of Brothers, The " I love you too " from Chuck Bass, Grey's Anatomy, Glee, The Chaser's War on Everything, Animals of Farthing Wood, NCIS, Skins, How I Met Your Mother, "3 Words, 8 Letters - Say It And I'm Yours", Gossip Girl, simply walking into Mordor, Move out of the way children I've been waiting 11 years to see Toy Story 3..., I was first in Mario Kart, I fell off a cliff, and then I was twelfth., The awkward moment when B1 doesn't know what B2 is thinking of, Not going to ANU, Merici Girls Are Hotter Than St Clares'., wagamama australia, The Vikings Group, At 11:56p on December 20, 2012, I'm Going To Blast "4 Minutes" by Madonna., Texting in Proper English, "We could have been killed- or worse expelled.", What lesson do you have now? "Defence against the dark arts, you?" .... English, The awkward moment when you can't tell if someone is a Muggle or a Wizard., Pronouncing "Target" like "Tarjay" to make it sound fancier, What do you call a man who joins pages about girls making sandwiches? Single., The Ginger Ninja, Sometimes when I'm in civic I pretend I'm in a real city., One Million Gen Y's with respect for the RSL and ANZACS, I hate it when my pet rat turns out to be Peter Pettigrew, Let Constance Take Her Girlfriend to Prom!, I hate it when someone secretly puts your name in the Goblet of Fire, Limelight Cinemas, Gandalf brings all the orcs to the yard, and he's like, YOU SHALL NOT PASS, Can this sanitary napkin get more fans than Tony Abbott?, The hatred you feel when your Pokémon 'hits itself in confusion' and dies., I see a new commodore and get suspicious its an undercover cop car, Sometimes, when I'm sad, I like to cut myself...Another Slice of cheescake., 'Are you serious?'... 'No, I'm Regulus', Boy if you could just be a bit like Chuck Bass., Everytime someone wears runners and jeans i die a little inside., Lily Loveless, reaching the point where harmless procrastination meets "oh god im screwed", When I was your age I was catching Pokémon not STIs, Tomorrow, When the War Began MOVIE, Tony Abbott is Evil., Dear customers, don't say my name, you don't know me and it's kinda creepy., mentally saying "Wed-nes-day" when writing the word "Wednesday", I hate people who talk "lyk dis", "Have you met Ted ?", IloveCBR, When Chuck Bass says : " I'm Chuck Bass". , Jenny & Nate , Banjo & Kazooie, Chuck & Blair, Kerry O'Brien, The Croft Institute Melbourne, PostSecret, Mr. Darcy, Barack Obama, Continental Cup-a-Soup, "And i was like f*ck you.'" "Did you say that!?" "Nah, but i thought it..", I LOVE CANBERRA :), Changing lanes without hitting any bumps, No, I'm not an idiot in a sleeping bag. I am being a caterpillar., Saying "I'm almost there" when you actually haven't even left the House, I was owning on mario cart, then i realised i wasnt the top screen...., EmptyJets (Australia), In the ning nang nong where the cows go bong..., Lily's 50 Reasons To Have Sex., The Student House, Why Can't my Shampoo and Conditioner Run Out at the Same Time?, If Tony Abbott becomes Prime Minister I am leaving the country!, I Hate Rivers Ads, PokitPal, Tiger Airways, Ichiban, lipstick for men!, Tomorrow, When The War Began, (website hidden), (website hidden), Sex and the City 2 Quiz, " Mum, mum ,mum ... mum MUM" "what" " well its not ganna be funny now coz ur angry ", Kristin Davis, The Moment Of Glory When You Find Out Everyone Hates The Person You Hate., David Cameron's face when the Minister for Magic turns up in his office, friends don't let friends vote for Tony Abbott, "Tell Him He's Dreamin", Love 40%, 5 MINUTE CHOCOLATE MUG CAKE, First Class Thursdays @ Mooseheads, ABC News Online, I'm not trying to impress you but I defeated Voldemort when I was a baby, Good Grades, Enough Sleep, or a Social Life... Pick any two., The awkward silence when Gordon Brown asks you to form a coalition., I can't hear you, so ill just laugh and hope it wasn't a question, Having professional photos taken does not make you a model, Lin Hatfield Dodds for the Senate, University: It's like being on the dole but your parents are proud of you., Simon says teaches dictatorship, Haaaaaaaaaave You Met Ted?, I dont look out windows at night because Im afraid of seeing a face., I hate when its quiet and your eating something crunchy, If you tailgate me, I will intentionally slow down to piss you off., I wonder if my neopet is dead..., Dear fringe, Please stay were I put you. Thanks., SBS Six Billion Stories and Counting..., "Guys be quiet I'm calling my mom!" Person in background: "COME BACK TO BED!", My magic brings voldermort to the yard, and i'm like that's hurting my scar, Hey cyclist, what's wrong with the perfectly fine bike path NEXT to the road?, I hate when I'm looking for Tyler Durden, and it turns out I'm Tyler Durden., ROLLER DERBY, People who investigate strange noises in horror movies deserve to die, I've Been Waiting 12 Years For The Venga Bus To Come, Nurses Should Be Paid More Than Footballers......because they save lives!!!, Hey Draco, I like your bed, can I Slytherrinn?, A paper cut is a tree's last revenge., The loch ness monster is CLEARLY a lapras, Kate's going to need a pretty big bowl of chips., snape, snape, severus snape.....DUMBLEDOREEEEEEEEEEEE!, I don't trust the first straw at maccas, Samsung Capture, Sorry mate i can't, i've got Quidditch, when you realize you over slept you jump off the bed like a ninja, When Chuck Bass says, "Im Chuck Bass", University of Canberra, Harry Potter pick up lines, community channel, Having a Floordrobe, How many Canberra high school students does it take to change a lightbulb??