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Arundel Senior High, Elizabeth Seton High School, University of Louisville
Hey, I'm Stacey!
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University of Louisville Properties, I Have No Idea What You Just Said, but I said "Yeah" And Laughed., 25 Fun Things To Do At McDonald’s, DO NOT CALL ME IF YOU GONNA TALK TO EVERYBODY ELSE IN YOUR BACKGROUND!!!!!!, Amanda Dare Creations, Original State of Mind! LLC, Making a folder tower in 1st grade so no one else could see your paper., That is NOT the John Wall dance!!! Its called the shizz!!!, "Did I Ask You?" "No" "Then Shut Up.", MSN, I Love College Hoops, I met you. I liked you. I got to know you. Your such a dick., Goodnight Moon, High Mountain Outfitters, VnC Cocktails USA, WriteCheck, DAMN YOU UGLY! BUT YO FRIEND CAN GET IT!!!, BossMan Productions, Call me old fashioned, but i actually take relationships seriously., "Ya mom old!", "No she not, she just didnt have me at 16, Like yours!", I didn't give up on you because I didn't care, I gave up because you didn't, If i actually did "live like theres no tommorow". I'd be in jail., You can pretend we're strangers, but i've seen you naked., Never underestimate a girl's abillity to find things out., i love my bestfriend :), i text you, bc i miss you. when i don't, i'm waiting for you to miss me., oh im sorry, i forgot i only exist to you when you need something from me, 2010=Everybody GAY ! && wunna be pregnant .. SMH !!!, She's ugly as hell who got her pregnant!, Messing up the first words when singing a song and then starting it over:), Apparently saying "Ok" is smart-mouthing your parents when they're angry, Saying something really wrong and feeling better when someone agrees., why should i make an effort to talk to you, if you dont?, "i don't get it""maybe you should pay attention more""maybe you cant teach", i ran out of things to do on (website hidden) .. yet i'm still on it., Dear Homework, You're Not Attractive and I'm Not Doing You, When I'm home alone and I hear a noise... I completely freeze., clicking the "pedestrian button" a million times, SLAP! "KEEP YO HANDS OFF MA MOMMA, KEEP YO HANDS OFF MA DORITOS", "GO TO SLEEP! its 2 in the morning" "OK MOM!" *grabs phone* "ok im back", Not Remembering whether it happened in a dream or in real life., " can i see your phone ? " ......" hang on," *deletes text messages., "Please?" "No." "Please?" "No." "Please?" "Sure." "Really?'' ''No.''', Cant Say Half Of What I Wanna Say On My Status Cuz My Whole Family Got My(website hidden) Natalie Nunn is ENTiRElY t(phone number hidden)much !;, i pretend like i dont see you, but im waiting for you to talk to me first., "Oh, test today!" , " Did u study", " No did you?"," No.... we're F**KED", Mars The Artist™, No mom.. that's not my BF/GF.. I'm just talking with them.. It happens.., "I hate when the teacher talks to everyone but stares DIRECTLY at me", Jesus Daily, The Piercing That Got A Student Expelled, B.A.B.E.S., Miss Black USA Pageant, That status was so about me, you're just to pussy to write my name on it., Join if you used to watch Catdog, Rugrats, Hey Arnold, Or Ahh Real Monsters, "heeeyy" "________ is Offline." oh i see how it is, "F*ck you" ..."F*ck you too ! " ..."Im donee " ..."alriqht" ....1hr laterr --- "BABY.........., I Thought u Was Cute. . .Til' I Went Thru the Rest of Your Pics =/, I hate cheaters !!!!, C'mon Son!, Lana Wilson Photography, Dwight Howard, You're ugly & ghetto.Being loud only adds to your unfortuate circumstances, Candace Parker, After Monday & Tuesday even the Calender says W T F..., UofL Student Government Association, no...your name does not include: minaj, lewinski, la flare, or flocka., Wiz Khalifa-Kush & Orange Juice Mixtape, Hearing part of a song and thinking.."that's going to be my next status", Jus J, CARDO, Nikki Minaj, Yung Reek, Dinero, DERRTY ENT, Arteest, SHEFLOWZ, Corey Smith, The Cool Kids, If your boyfriend/girlfriend only knew the things you text me, FiLife, I challenge u to stay 2 min. on the page without laughing, THERE WILL BE THIS PHOTO ON CIGARETTE PACKETS AFTER 01/07/2011, "You look pretty today!" "...Was I ugly yesterday!?", Lowering the music when looking for a street address so i can see better, Proof of epic fail photo