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Presentation College Tuam, University of Limerick
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Hey, I’m Saoirse!

Limerick, Ireland · Member since May 2010
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Ag Labhairt as Gaeilge, Nah Fuck That, My Fish Died, Wanting to Go Back to College, Your Mother, The Interference, I want Michael Buble in my stocking, Cheryl Cole, Paolo Nutini, I've never been to america but i've been in some States!!, Glee, Tuam, Limerick, Ireland, You think you know maths? Heres proof that 7x13=28!, Roflcopter!, When your fake tan runs on your communion dress and destroys the limo seats, I Got A Job Yesterday.. Lol Jk Im Not Polish., Having a sidefringe in an exam makes you consider shaving your head., Tonight Mathew...I'm going to be..."OFF MY FACE"..., Chinese People, I'm Going To Take Over The World!!! .....tomorrow.. I gotta shear the sheep today :), You cannot fathom the immensity of the fuck i do not give, This is my cup of care \_/ oh look its empty!, "Know your limit!" Whats the fun in that!? Drink until you're on the floor!, I'm not a sexist. Sexism is wrong, and being wrong is for women., What ALL guys think when girls start to CRY!, Pie doesn't equal 3.14. It equals nom nom nom., being a sarcastic little fuck., "I swear, if that volcano ruins my summer plans, I'm going to bomb Iceland", I'm so screwed for the Leaving Cert LOL jk I'm in college, The Legend Who Wrote This On A Condom Machine!!!!, No microsoft word, i am pretty sure i know how to spell my name, "hey, didnt you get with ?" "Stop, just stop", This Is How Science Simulated Worlds Most Beautiful Woman, Theres no way im drinking that, LOL jk I'm Irish, give me two, "When I Get Drunk, I get Handsy", Water into wine? I turned my wages into vodka, your move Jesus! :), Rule #1, I am always right. Rule 2, if you think I am wrong, read rule #1, i lined up for hours for free willy and it turned out to be a film, I'm just waiting for my rap career to take off, I will name my child stacy, i will be stacy's mom and i will have it goin on, You know you've had a good night when you wake up in bed fully dressed!, Eoin Whelan Facts, Dear maths, Grow up and solve your own Problems., I Hate it when my Drunk Twin Gets me in Trouble, That one drunken night you will NEVER live down, Being Stubborn, It makes me sad that there are people who have no idea how awesome I am, Ugh.. Effort., OMG im so full..i feel sick..i cant move..oooh CAKE!!!!, Bad Decisions = Great Stories, I try not to laugh at my own jokes, but we all know i'm hilarious, Headfirst Hair Salon, Overheard in Plassey Village, I'm actually not funny.I'm just really mean and people think I'm joking., What do you call a gay dinosaur?... Mega-sore-ass., No Expectations, No Disappointments, hi Daddy ......... can i have some money please, I didn't fall , i attacked the floor., Lodge after Kate's, TUAM SHAM AND PROUD OF IT, too much of anything can make you sick,maybe for cheryl but i eat forever!, Mom... One Day Ill Make You Proud But Untill Then Im Getting Drunk, Ken On The Course, She's no prize pony but she do for a ride around the house, Wishing I never Looked at Special Fried (URL HIDDEN) Everytime I walk into Maths, A little part of me dies., Real tuam sham, no blowins allowed!!!!, I DONT GIVE A FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCKK, Overheard in UL, Three Gorges, Sorry mate i can't, i've got Quidditch, University: It's like being on the dole but your parents are proud of you., when sluts hate other sluts for being sluts, I hate it when you're with MC Hammer and he doesn't let you touch anything., Thats funny. You're funny. I like you., I'm from Ireland but more importantly I'm from Galway, I'm never wrong. One time, I thought I was wrong, but I was mistaken., You say something funny & then someone says it louder & gets the credit., Sorry, I've Just Realised I Didn't Listen to Anything You Have Just Said., UL Business Students Are Wasters, 2nd floor molly's appreciation club!!!, ULSU Education Officer, Proud To Be An Asshole!, University of Limerick Students' Union, Angel Lane, The Stables Club, Zach Braff, The Lodge Nite Club Limerick, I COLLEGE, OXEGEN, Pushing your friend into a bush, i'm clearly the favourite child., Pre-Drinking may save you money... but sadly costs you your dignity., "I wasn't that smashed" "We found you in a bush...", I HAVE A " DRUNK FACE ", I Hate When Your Awesome And Your Friends Are Jealous, I dont think you know what I am. Im Cook. IM FOOKIN' COOOOOKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!, Licking peoples' face when you're very drunk, That moment were you stop and think, im such a legend., Waking up and smelling of Vodka and Shame, Severe Can't Be Arsed Syndrome, bein grabbed to dance by a freaky man and mouthing HELP to your friends., ULSU ENTS, i like your dark brown roots, they really match your bleach blonde hair.., Tuam Slang - "Are ya wide Sham", I'm from Galway but more importantly I'm from Tuam!, Just For A Day, I Want A Willy, Your skirt is so far up your arse... but then again, so is your personality, Darragh Carroll is a shhhlippery aul bashhhtard...almost reptillian like..., Physics doesn't exist, it's all gnomes., When DRUNK, My phone should say, "Are you sure you want to send this text?", I'm not hungover because I'm still drunk, Yelling "Run Forrest Run!" when you see someone running, Waking Up Drunk, Sleeping with one leg out of the covers, Sandra Mullen Make-up Artistry, Fotissima Photography, If you dont love the Situation , im gunna make you love the Situation ., Being unreal, Presentation College Tuam, I pretty much hate everyone, so if I like you, then you know you did good!, Saying "Suck my Dick" even though your a girl, I Have The Strangest Roommates, I'm drunk, therefore what I'm about to do is DEFINITELY an amazing idea., WAVIN, No i don't wanna dance; jus gimme the shift!!, I sometimes wonder if my Mum ever thinks 'My child is a retard', Hi, I'm a girl, I can't handle my drink and end up making a fool of myself, being with the biyz, havin' a buzzzz., There should be a relationship status that says: On The Prowl., Being way cooler than your roommate, "what you get up to last night","mate when i find out ill let you know", Being scum. It's a tough job, but someone's gotta do it., J1 New York 2010, to party, Partying 'till the cows come home, then partying with the cows., Knacker Drinking, Shtop Yer talk..., Dear Maths, I don't want to solve your problems, I have my own., I wish i could remember last night... i bet it was fun