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North Devon College, Sir John Colfox school
Hey, I'm Neil!
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada · Member since May 2010

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Manchester United F.C., Life, melanie louise john, Traveling, Building Pc's, Politics, Punk, Geography, Soccer, Knowledge Is Power, Dead Kennedys, Rudimentary Peni, Operation Ivy, No Commercial Value, Conflict, Leftöver Crack, Choking Victim, UNION JACK, Mclusky, Crass, Dead Subverts, Iron Maidenָ, Jello Biafra, WHOREHOUND HERBIE AND THE LOVE DRUGS, Fantastic Mr Fox, Lord Of The Rings, The Naked Gun, Sherlock Holmes, Old School, RoboCop, Terminator, Terminator II, Dude, Where's My Car?, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Labyrinth, The Krypton Factor, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, RaceRacer, mate, its my house, so im player 1, Nvidia 3D Vision, Terry Wogan, Dude, Wheres my car?, GeForce GTX 295, Freddo's, I would love to repeatedly smash you in the face with a brick