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Tucson, Arizona, United States · Member since May 2010
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Biking, Movies Etc, Hanging out with friends, I Can't Think of Any, Contemporary R&B, Electronica, Rock music, Blues, Music, BROTHER, Gin Circus, Aubin Thomas, Owl City, David Bowie (Official), Il Divo, Depeche Mode, Michael Bublé, ELO (Electric Light Orchestra), SWEENEY TODD, Scrubs, The Big Bang Theory, Whose Line Is It Anyway?, How I Met Your Mother, House, Doctor Who, Tucson, Arizona, There Should Be A "Nobody Cares" Button., Irish Accents, I hate finding things after you need them, I have a tendancy to do things LIKE A BOSS., Alec Guinness, singing really loud in your house when no one's home, Trying New Recipes, CHOCOLATE!, Tom And Jerry, House M.D., Dear Mom: Thank You For Everything, Boy Scouts of America Catalina Council, Park Place, I always wonder what I look like from someone elses eyes., Dr. House MD, Sorry McDonald's, but I really don't think Olympic Athletes eat your food., Sea Of Green - Hydrogardens - Urban Garden Store, When I Miss you, I re-read our old conversations and smile. :'), "do me a favor?" "does it involve me getting up?" ".....yes." "then no.", I actually pay attention to the "L" and "R" on my headphones. Always., dear bed, im sorry i left you this morning, take me back? ):, I BET ARIZONA CAN FIND 100,000 FANS BEFORE ASU CAN!, "HAH YOU FLINCHED!" "NO SH*T! YOU ALMOST HIT ME IN THE FACE!", "Why do you talk to yourself?" "Because I enjoy intelligent conversation", I've lived in 3 decades, 2 centuries & 2 milleniums & I'm not even 20 yet!, U of A beating the crap out of ASU, Open fridge, nothing. Freezer? nothing. Might as well try the fridge again., Waking up next to the one you love, I don't know what to talk about, but i wanna talk to you., I Hate When Other Drivers Pass Me Because I'm Going The Speed Limit!, Music, When I Was Younger, I Put My Face Close To The Fan To Hear My Robot Voice, Amusement Parks, ¡¡¡ɹǝsol ɐ ɹnoʎ ʇuɐɔ noʎ ɟı˙˙˙uɐɟ ɐ ǝɯoɔǝq sıɥʇ pɐǝɹ uɐɔ noʎ ɟı, Arizona Monsoon Weather, I use proper english when texting., Giant George, Level 3 Inspection LLC, Muppets, (website hidden), Finding Money In Your Pocket, sleeping, Tucson Meet Yourself, trampolines, Diffen, Looking in the fridge, staring at it for a while but you dont get anything., Pretending to Text in Awkward Situations, Celtic Thunder Official, being random, Watermelon, Powell's Sweet Shoppe, Laughter, Randomely laughing because you remembered something funny., Smiling, Western Region, Order of the Arrow, Getting Paid, I love walking on the beach, I Dont care How Comfortable Crocs Are, You Look Like A Dumbass., Summer Break!, Sleeping In, Laughing until it hurts and you can't breathe!, Falling asleep while cuddling, i like the smell of rain, Arizona Theatre Company, Laughing, Hugs, i hate "battery low!", The Gaslight Theatre, I SLEEP, The Beach, Tucson Originals, FML, Music, Morgan Freeman's Voice, A walk in the rain, Love, Thunderstorms, Fresh & Easy, Winter, Road Trips, Knitting., PostSecret, St. Patrick's Day, Order of the Arrow - Boy Scouts of America, Dogs, The University of Arizona, If our olympic athletes really eat McDonalds... We're screwed., " guess what?".. "what?".. "nevermind".." dude you cant just do that to me", 5 Gum, Athenos, Chex Mix, That feeling of relief when the cop behind you turns., I'm sorry, I don't know how to reply to "k.", i totally take back all those times i didn't want to nap when i was younger, Flinching in bed because you had a dream you were falling, Listening to Music, Fresh Baked Cookies, I HATE CIGARETTES, DQ Blizzard® Fan Club, i love driving, Inside Jokes, Chipotle Mexican Grill, Kellogg’s Pop-Tarts, HERSHEY'S, TEXTING!, Unlimited Texting, Dislike Button, 96.1 FM KLPX, 5 More Minutes of Sleep in the Morning Really DOES Matter, British Accents, Bubble Baths, Cash, REESE'S, I Love the Sound of the Pouring Rain By Jm Jimenez Duban, I really hate slow computers, Hot Showers, The Hangover Quotes, Snuggling!, Tucson, AZ, I HATE CIGARETTES, Spinny Chairs, I THE WEEKEND, Abbott Taylor Jewelers, Chicagoland, Not Drowning, Safeway, I Love Cookie Dough, Ronstadt Insurance, Inc., Butterfinger, Kissing!!, pasta, I need a vacation!!!, Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies, Brownies, I Hate People That Dont Text Back, Glow sticks, cookie Dough, Mexican Food, The Sound & Smell of Rain, Almond Joy, Hot Baths, Bacon, Scotch Duct Tape, Staying Up Late, Cookie Dough, Kisses, Papa John's Pizza, Orange Chicken, Chocolate Milk, Trampolines, Chocolate, Krispy Kreme Original Glazed Doughnut, Water, Free Food, SUBWAY, Pudding, Dairy Queen, Best Buy, AT&T, Water, Target, "Goodmorning" Texts From The Person You Were Texting The Night Before :), Maguire Academy of Irish Dance, Arizona, Your brights are on...Your Brights are ON!....YOUR BRIGHTS ARE ON!!...dick., I dont care about your farm, or your fish, or your park, or your mafia!!!, Lion Brand Yarn, (website hidden), Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, Rain, Roller Coasters, Mozilla Firefox, Tucson Children's Museum, Southwest Airlines, Fighting the urge to put a sarcastic comment on someone else's status, I Speak Fluent Sarcasm, My level of maturity changes depending on who im with., Watching karma bite the person you hate right in the ass, I don't care if it's 4 am, you're my best friend and ill take care of you., Sarcasm (n.)- the ability to insult idiots without them realizing it., biggest lie ever: "i have read and agree to the terms of use" , I Call Gatorades by Their Color, Not by Their Name, 365 Things to do in Tucson, Barats and Bereta