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My sister and I have been hosting on and off for almost 2 years. The vast majority of guests are satisfied with the service. We have met a lot of wonderful, interesting people through hosting, and we are happy to answer questions and give advice about the area. Occasionally we slip up and miss a spot cleaning when we are in a hurry or we make some logistical mistake. We try to learn from these mistakes and avoid repeating them. If there is some issue you have with our service, we encourage you to let us know and we will be happy to do what we can to fix the situation. If it's a really bad mistake, we'll offer you a refund. If you know yourself to have particularly high standards of cleanliness, we recommend you avoid the room with the sauna. Though in many ways it is the best room in the house, the floor is concrete, so it will look somewhat dirty even when it is as clean as it gets. For most people this is not a problem, but for some it will be. Last, there is no kitchen access. This is pretty much our one house rule. Thanks for reading!

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