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Originally from New England, I transplanted myself to the City of Brotherly Love a few years ago and have not looked back. I love the murals that tell the stories of the people of this place, the ... read more
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Things to do in Philadelphia

156 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Like stepping back into the 1800s. Open stall market, great ethnic feel, new and old shops. Philly attitude abounds. A nice place to wander through.

404 local Airbnb hosts recommend

It's freaking amazing. The ancillary buildings across the street house fantastic photography; much more quiet and unseen space. Near Fairmont Park and Fairmont district; great eateries and the Sk... read more


Johnny Brenda's

Drinks & NightlifeBars
$$· 1201 Frankford Avenue·Map·Hours·Website·

105 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Great music for people 20-50. trendy Fishtown. Pretty good eats too.


Geno’s Steaks

Food SceneRestaurants
$· 1219 South 9th Street·Map·Hours·Website·

90 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Not the best cheesesteak in Philly, but famous (along with next door Pat's).But they’re famous (=tourist trap?), so you can say you went? I won’t eat it, it’s gross in my mind.☺. Philly culture e... read more

184 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Bus 47 on Moynamensing, 10 min ride. When you start hitting the tree streets (Locust, Pine, Walnut) you're there. Coolest history lesson ever. Old historical area you don't want to miss.



Food SceneRestaurants
$$· 1536 East Passyunk Avenue·Map·Hours·Website·

41 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Cool gastropub right by the fountain in Passyunk Sq. Hopping scene and fun to hang out in outdoor bar and table setting. $$-$$$

153 local Airbnb hosts recommend

It's supposed to be very cool according to several guests I've had. I've only walked around it, but evidently there are fascinating tours!. Very nice area of town, lots of good eateries around the... read more

132 local Airbnb hosts recommend

It's awesome, just like Ben was.

33 local Airbnb hosts recommend

I don’t frequent diners, but this one is great. Naturally sourced foods, homemade everything. It’s close to shopping mecca, South St. I’d go there for breakfast on my way to do the “Mural Mile” w... read more

123 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Rent one of those blue bikes the city has all around town and take yourself for a bike ride down this amazing groups of trails that runs through the largest extended park in any city in all worlds.... read more

31 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Neighborhood eatery that's a total hero! FANTASTIC breakfasts. Totally packed, waiting in line is usual.

28 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Indy music. I am proud to say I was there openning week (2011) and saw the Felice Bros. I was there before my indy music son got there. He hasn't forgiven me.


Black N Brew

Food SceneRestaurants
$· 1523 East Passyunk Avenue·Map·Hours·Website·

27 local Airbnb hosts recommend

This is a great part of the neighborhood about 5 blocks west. Signature Philly mosaic mural.Their food is microwaved breakfast stuff; good coffee and brunch type items. SLOWWWW service.


Boot & Saddle

Food SceneRestaurants
1131 South Broad Street·Map·Hours·Website·

29 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Great Indy music. Check out their calendar on line.

26 local Airbnb hosts recommend

vegan coffeeshop with decent baked goods. no dairy at all served, so like your coffee black or try their coconut creamer. the folks working there are interesting and nice. a hood star!


Termini Bros Bakery

Food SceneBakeries
$· 1523 South 8th Street·Map·Hours·Website·

22 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Termini’s is THE MOST charming bakery. Just go and look at it. It’s CLASSIC everything, from the tin ceilings, to the wood show cases to the tiled floors, live music by old guys on Saturday.

21 local Airbnb hosts recommend

OMG! The very best croissants west of Paris. Paris trained Vietnam born boulanger works night and day. walk over to passyunk square after picking goodies up and sit by fountain to partake.

18 local Airbnb hosts recommend

nightlife, eateries, shopping, you name it. Cool part of the neighborhood.


Little Fish Byob

Food SceneRestaurants
$$$· 746 South 6th Street·Map·Hours·Website·

16 local Airbnb hosts recommend

excellent startup restaurant; passionate cooking, local sourcing. Wonderful tastings on Sunday, sittings at 5p and 8p. byob. Rezos!!


Bistrot La Minette

Food SceneRestaurants
$$$· 623 South 6th Street·Map·Hours·Website·

15 local Airbnb hosts recommend

great romantic ambience, wonderful authentic french seasonal bistro food, service can be good (sometimes isn't). $$$. A nice little walk. bad acoustics, don't go if you are hard of hearing.



Drinks & NightlifeBars
$$· 48 South 2nd Street·Map·Hours·

11 local Airbnb hosts recommend

More Jazz! Philly started it all and we're keepin it goin...

10 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Jazz baby Jazz....

9 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Interesting & nice staff, pleasant atmosphere, good panini sandwiches. near South St shopping and in Fabric Row.



Food SceneRestaurants
1301 South 11th Street·Map·Hours·

9 local Airbnb hosts recommend

It's a little gem. Nice stained glass. Honest Portuguese food fused with indy-Philadelphia charm. Near my wine store. i always stop by for a nosh when I go get the wine.


Federal Donuts

Food SceneBakeries
$· 1219 South 2nd Street·Map·Hours·Website·

23 local Airbnb hosts recommend

they sell lavender donuts and fried chicken with a lot of flavors. take out. cash. kinda cool place if you like those only two items: chicken and donuts. the donuts are FAB if you eat them warm.

17 local Airbnb hosts recommend

This is your wine store, right around the corner from Acme. Pretty good selections. Cast of characters works there.


ACME Markets

EssentialsGrocery Stores
$$· 1400 East Passyunk Avenue·Map·Hours·Website·

61 local Airbnb hosts recommend

"Regular" run of the mill grocery store. Have italian specialties, but otherwise, basics.


The Dutch

Food SceneRestaurants
$· 1527 S. Fourth St.·Map·Hours·Website·

5 local Airbnb hosts recommend

New to the neighborhood, run by Dutch food enthusiasts (?) it has a great brunch menu. A block down on 4th and Cross.

6 local Airbnb hosts recommend

as quaint as quaint gets. another world....



Drinks & NightlifeBars
$$· 1400 South Christopher Columbus Boulevard·Map·Hours·Website·

5 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Jazz in the hood. Mixed eclectic types of jazz (check net) $15 cover; food is new orleanish, southern soul, pretty good, reasonable prices; service very good. Rezos needed. :-)