Robin And Ashley's Guidebook

Robin And Ashley
We are a music-loving couple who has spent a collective 48 years living in Austin. Robin is a nurse, and Ashley is in education and owns a small recording studio on the side. We love to travel fo... read more

Things to do in Austin

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This is a MUST-DO in Austin. It's a huge swimming hole in the middle of the city- the pool has a natural bottom, cement sides with concrete walkways around it, a great diving board, and huge grass... read more

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Super fun bar and venue to catch local country bands. Great for two-stepping. Everybody welcome- it's a good mix of young folks, some older folks, straight, gay, whatever. Nobody's gonna give yo... read more

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Great outdoor patio in the back! Excellent food, coffee, and New York style ambiance.

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This is a bar/restaurant/upscale mini-market. Huge beer selection on tap, great wines and delicious food. Our favorites are the vegan breakfast tacos, the "Radio" tuna salad sandwich, and the hat... read more

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The Mohawk is not only the place that we first met, it's also one of the best music clubs in town. It's about a 12 minute walk from our house, in the Red River Music District (downtown).

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Cheer Up Charlie's is our favorite bar/hang-out/music venue. It's queer owned and very queer-positive, but attracts a mixed crowd of anybody who loves good cocktails and a relaxed atmosphere. Gre... read more


Barton Creek Greenbelt

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3755 S Capital of Texas Hwy·Map·Hours·

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This is a great hiking area, where, in the spring and sometimes into the summer, you can hike down to a few natural swimming holes. It's close to Barton Springs pool and Zilker Park.

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Local dive bar beloved by the neighborhood- just about 2 short blocks from the house. (3 minute walk.) Small, dark, and cozy.

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Fun all-day (and evening/nighttime) spot to hang out, drink beer, play board games, and catch up with friends.

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When in Rome... go see the Texas Capitol! We're about 8 blocks away, it's about a 15 minute walk.

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6th Street has two sides: "East 6th"- technically they both have East 6th addresses, but the east part the street refers to the several blocks starting a block east of I-35, stretching for 5-6 bloc... read more

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Not only because of the beautiful grounds, but also because you'll find some famous folks buried at this beautiful state cemetery.

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Amazing African food- half their menu is vegan/vegetarian, the other half is meaty. Favorites: plantains, black-eyed peas, cabbage. It's a food truck in "Kenny Dorham's Backyard", a local outdoor... read more

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AMAZING Columbian food. Try the arepas, and don't miss the guava empanadas! It's a food truck in "Kenny Dorham's Backyard", a local outdoor hangout that doubles as a music venue, sometimes-outdoo... read more