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August 1, 2019
Santiago's most important church is stunning both inside and out. There has been a cathedral on this site since the city's inception in the 1520s, though a series of pirate raids, earthquakes and dodgy architects put paid to at least three previous incarnations. The present cathedral, characterized…
February 9, 2017
Beautiful architecture
June 1, 2015
por su arquitectura
The Roy'S Terrace Inn Family
The Roy'S Terrace Inn Family
May 15, 2015
Many times destroyed by the flames, coveted by corsairs and pirates, victim of earthquakes and hit by hurricanes, it stands as one of the oldest and most beautiful buildings in town.
September 16, 2019
Es además un mirador.

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“éspedes Park is the main square of Santiago de Cuba, and, as such, bursts with life and joy from morning until evening, although activity gradually increases as it gets dark. ”
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“Santiago's shrine to the power of traditional music is still going strong five decades on, continuing to attract big names such as Buena Vista Social Club singer Eliades Ochoa. Warming up on the ground floor in the late afternoon, the action slowly gravitates upstairs where, come 10pm, everything starts to get a shade more caliente.”
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“Hotel Casa Granda - Rooftop Restaurant - the sun is beating down but you are in the shade, the band is doing its thing, you have your ice-cold cocktail in hand and you have the best view in town of the cathedral, Parque Cespedes and Santiago de Cuba as a whole. What more could you ask for?”
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Scenic Lookout
“Built in 1516 and one of the oldest houses in Latin America, the Casa de Diego Velázquez boasts sober lines enlivened by a superb loggia with lattice screens. Inside, the Museo de Ambiente Histórico Cubano exhibits a rich collection of furniture dating from the 17C to 19C, presented in chronological order so that visitors can follow the evolution of the Spanish style into something uniquely Cuban.”
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Scenic Lookout
“Construido en el siglo XVI, el Balcón de Velázquez tenía como función principal la observación del tráfico por mar para evitar los ataques por sorpresa de los piratas y corsarios. El lugar es un bonito destino para una visita a la ciudad de Santiago de Cuba debido a las hermosas vistas que se pueden contemplar desde el mirador del Balcón de Velázquez. A pesar de que sólo algunos muros son los originales de la edificación, la instalación actual los ha integrado y el efecto es igualmente enriquecedor. En la actualidad, la ciudad realiza diversas actividades artísticas y culturales en este lugar, así, podrás asistir a obras de teatro, actuaciones musicales o, incluso, a algún desfile de modas en este emblemático espacio.”
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Santiago de Cuba, Santiago de Cuba