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This place is infamous and you must take a walk through. There are specialty food concession stands like cheese, spices, meat, fish, produce and desserts. There are other spots throughout the marke... read more

The Italian Market is the popular name for the South 9th Street Curb Market, an area of South Philadelphia featuring many grocery shops, cafes, restaurants, bakeries, cheese shops, butcher shops, etc.

These four or five blocks of 9th Street are some of the liveliest in philly. There are cheesemongers, butchers, spice merchants, taco restaurants, and stores selling cheap housewares. And then the ... read more

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Third biggest mall in the world, second biggest in the United States! If you go by retail space square footage instead of just square footage, it's actually bigger than the Mall of America!

One of the biggest malls in the country, with both luxury and normal priced shops. Great for inclement weather or to get some shopping done. Also close to many big box shops in the area, includin... read more

The second biggest mall in the country is just a short drive away. Amazing selection of stores and restauarnts (including the Cheesecake Factory) that you won't find anywhere else. New additions ju... read more

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The Ultimate Vintage shop that is so ridiculously low priced you can actually have cool old things in your life. They have a world famous instagram business that is very successful.

Jinxed is an antique/thrift store. They always have new revenue. It is a fun place to buy a few trinkets for your house or even furniture.

Really cool antique store, they find interesting old pieces and lightly refurbish them. Some stuff is still pretty rough, but the prices are fairly reasonable for a city antique shop.


VIX Emporium

5009 Baltimore Ave·Map·Hours·Website·

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Looking for a made in Philly gift item to bring back home? VIX is filled with hand-made items from local artists and crafters and has a lot of wonderful, unique offerings. Five blocks away.

Items are often Philadelphia related so this is a great place for a souvenir and/or gift. Items are created by local Philadelphians. Truly unique stuff!

This shop features art, cards, jewelry, and other crafts from artists in the Philadelphia area. Great place to pick up a unique souvenir.

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Very high end local outdoor mall ~10 minute drive. Apple Store, Starbucks, Lululemon, Trader Joes, Macy's, Farmer's Market and much more.

Outdoor shopping center with stores like Apple, Kate Spade, J. Crew, Banana Republic, Trader Joes Supermarket among others. On a beautiful day you can't go wrong walking around and shopping!

This is a fun little area with familiar stores like the Apple Store and Banana Republic and Trader Joes... but also a great covered farmers market with some Amish baked goods and gourmet foods.

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Favorite store for clothing and it's in an old ritzy mansion. I think it's their landmark store as the company is local to Philly.

The architecture​ is very neat inside this store!

More than just clothing. Go to the basement for the fun stuff. Also, remember this used to be a Philadelphia mansion. Gaze in awe at the amazing architecture.

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Volunteer run, local bookstore. Great fun selection of books.

Cooperative owned bookstore. Unique titles. Great selection of kid's books. Wonky hours.

On a walk along Baltimore Ave., this is always a fun stop.


The Bottle Shop

$· 1616 E Passyunk Ave·Map·Hours·Website·

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Sells take out beer. Great selection but a little pricey. They do have a rotating tap selection and you can drink onsite

Want to pick up a mix-a-sixpack or a growler of some delicious beer? This little place has it all. Plus, there are a few tall tables if you're interested in staying for a pint.

A cash and carry beer store in the neighborhood. Excellent selection of beers. They even carry some sour beers.



$$· 1300 Market Street·Map·Hours·Website·

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While shopping for clothes, go hear the largest playing musical instrument in the world: the Wanamaker Grand Court Organ: M-Sat at noon, Mo, Tu, Th, Sat at 5:30 and We & Sa at 7 PM.

Better to go by train to this big department store in the center of downtown Philly. Has a spectacular Christmas Light Show in December. Explore the surrounding down town area.

Make sure to stop by during Christmas​ time to see the light show and go upstairs to walk around​ Dickson​ village!

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One close option for wine and liquor. For those of you not from Pennsylvania, grocery stores do not sell alcohol. If you are looking for wine and spirits, you must go to a state-run store. Some sto... read more

Wine and Spirits are sold in start run stores in PA. A very old law that has stuck around.

Liquor Store This Wine and Spirits Liquor Store has an incredible selection of wines. They have the Chairman Picks which highlight special wines of the week and month. Open 7 days a week.

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This is your wine store, right around the corner from Acme. Pretty good selections. Cast of characters works there.

When you want to bring home a beer or a bottle of wine you will notice in Philly we don't have alcohol in stores. You have to go to a wine and spirit store. Your nearest spot for bringing home alco... read more

Local Wine and Liquor store - State Run so their hours of operation are not great.

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Loads of stores, high end as well as affordable fashion. It is the 2nd largest mall in the United States

Used to be America's biggest shopping mall. They are adding on. Maybe they are trying to get the title back.

Second largest shopping mall in the country! If you like to shop this place can keep you till you drop.

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In Pennsylvania you can only buy liquor from state stores. Luckily a new one just opened a few blocks away. M-Sat 9-9; Sun 12-5

In PA, liquor and wine are sold exclusively by the state, and the state store hours are somewhat old fashioned. Weekdays the store is open until 9pm, but on Sundays it closes at 5pm.

This is a good wine and liquor store with a HUGE variety of choices. Open 7 days a week, make sure you check on line for their hours. Normally open till 9-10pm. Easy to get to.

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Do you love locally owned book stores? Check out Big Blue Marble. Good selection including children's books.

Need a book? Hit this local shop! Good selection for adults and kids. Cozy reading nook. Walking distance!

Local bookstore with carefully chosen selection, including local authors, children's, fiction, non-fiction, and all genres. Same block as the Coop!


The Foodery

$$· 837 North 2nd Street·Map·Hours·Website·

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This may be the biggest assortment of craft beers in the city that you can buy by the bottle. We also appreciate their huge 'jerky' and snack selection. Not cheap though.

A vast selection of single or 6-pack bottled beers plus sandwiches, hoagies & panini to stay or go.

If you're into beer there is no better place to grab a six pack. This is a high end convenient store where you can get a tasty sandwich or some artisan beef jerky. Don't miss this place if you like... read more

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A beautifully curated collection of vintage home furnishings and clothing, handcrafted jewelry, and home decor. The back of the store connects to Rare Co Vintage. Be sure to check out both!

This eclectic, earthy and somewhat California boutique has everything from a beautifully curated collection of vintage clothing, to all natural beauty products; small bath, hand made artisans items... read more

Great place for quality gifts - air plants, stylish furniture, scented goods all found here

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Local Wine and Spirits Store for Stocking up.

Wine/Alcohol store a few blocks away

If you need wine and spirits for the famous Philadelphia BYOBs.

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Vintage clothes, not thrift store style... real vintage couture. Tell Sarah I sent you.

Vintage | Jewels | Mid-Century Modern Furniture+Lighting | Found Objects | Original Design

Vintage shop next door! I love this place and the girl who owns it is super nice! Great vintage selection of clothing and little knick knacks. You could spend a good amount of time in there taking ... read more

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In Pennsylvania, wine and liquor are sold in special stores.

This is the closest wine and spirits shop, although there are several bars which serve carry out beer.

In Philly you must by wine and Spirits in this chain ! Check their hours! Closes early on Sundays and usually at 9pm during the week. Just starting in 2017 certain markets will sell wine.

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This thrift shop has everything - two floors of clothing, furniture, books, kitchen items & ridiculous cheap stuff you won't find anywhere else! Proceeds support local AIDs service organizations.

Big thrift shop with a fun staff that tag items with creative remarks. Be sure to check out the $1 room upstairs! There are a number of other vintage shops along the same block, too.

You might find some rare and amazing find. Plus, when you shop here, you are contributing a non-profit that benefits the HIV+ community. So, go here.

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Never know what you'll find here!

Incredible vintage clothing and goods here for awesome prices. All pieces are in great condition and are hand-picked for style

Vintage clothing and housewares at great prices. I always find a treasure here.

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Located in the middle of Center City’s shopping district, The Shops at Liberty Place feature more than 55 of the shops and restaurants in a chic, urban setting. With popular shopping destinations ... read more

Located in the middle of Center City’s shopping district, The Shops at Liberty Place feature more than 55 of the shops and restaurants in a chic, urban setting. With popular shopping destinations ... read more

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Great mall just a mile from our home.

This mall is smaller than Cherry Hill Mall but has several stores and is great if you are trying to stay away from the crowds. Lord and Taylor, Boscovs, and its own movie theater as well.

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It has everything you need plus lots of places to eat such as PF Changs, Red Stone, Dave and Busters and is closeby.

Shopping mall on a little more human scale than the King of Prussia mall.



108 South 13th Street·Map·Hours·Website·

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Cute boutique store- one of my favorites!

One of my favorite stores for beautiful handmade jewelry and other gifts.

Verde has it all...artisan chocolates, jewelry, local Philadelphia artists, clothing and handbags. This is one of my go to gift shopping spots.

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Boscovs, Sears, Barnes and Noble. Movie Theatre.

I love their movie theater. Great for watching 3D movies.

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A book lover's dream. Historic barn, endless rooms and levels of books, books, books! Very "Hogwarts".

A labyrinth of books in an old barn. I can spend hours here going through books displayed in old wooden fruit crates. Featured in the NY Times.

Proclaimed the "Tardis" of book stores, unique store featuring rare, unique and large selection of used books, maps and prints. The store itself is housed in a 5 story structure built in 1822, full... read more

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Several blocks of fabric shops with gorgeous woolens and silks by the yard. Also a great place to buy buttons, notions, drapery tiebacks and all manner of things associated with fabric and sewing.

Fabric shops line 4th street - alongside other fun shops, galleries, restaurants, and cafes.

Great boutiques and shops along 4th Street, just south of South Street.

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If you need wine or liquor, this is the closest spot to go to. PA has some unique laws about this sort of stuff, so this may come in handy!

Local wine and spirits market. There's another one on 5th street, but this one has a much larger selection.

One close option for wine and liquor. For those of you not from Pennsylvania, grocery stores do not sell alcohol. If you are looking for wine and spirits, you must go to a state-run store. Some sto... read more