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This is how local Airbnb hosts recommend you get anywhere. Be it by land, sky, or sea.

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The best station to get off at, when arriving to my place. A 10min walk from my house. Also connects to the Market-Frankford Line (MFL). Similar to the Broad St line, the MFL is the fastest way to ... read more

Regional rail line is here. Transport to the suburbs, airport, train station.

For people who take the train from the airport and stop at Jefferson Station

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The Market Frankford Line (MFL) provides easy access to Old City (5-10 minutes), Center City (10-15 minutes), and 30th Street Amtrak Station (20-25 minutes), where you can connect with the airport ... read more

This subway station is equidistant from our house then the following station, but has a lot more stuff happening around it. You can also get Tokens at the newsstand downstairs from station next to ... read more

This is one of the main Subway Stops and is only two blocks from the rental. You can take this train into center city or to 30th station for Amtrak to NYC or Washington DC.

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Catching an uber/taxi from 30th street station to our location may be the same cost as catching another train. If you do decide to catch the "Airport Line" regional-rail train, you would get off at... read more

30th Street station is only a few blocks away from your stay and includes stations for Amtrak, Megabus, BoltBus, NJ Train lines, taxis and the Market Frankforkford Blue line. The historic station ... read more

Best way to get to/from my house is via Uber/Lyft/taxi in a 15-minute ride or a bus/trolley combo which would take about 25 minutes. This is the Philly hub for Amtrak and NJ Transit trains.

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The airport is 25 minutes by car or 45 minutes via public transportation on the Manyunk/Norristown and Airport SEPTA lines.

The ride to the airport is consistently 20 minutes, plus 5 for parking. It's just a short trip down 476 South and then up 95 North. With the right directions, all guests will find their way to your... read more

Closest airport to us. You can take a taxi for a flat rate of $27.50 to our house (plus additional charge for extra people) or you can take the regional rail line to city hall and then transfer to ... read more

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Septa transport. Need tokens to ride which are $2.25. For $1 extra you can get a bus transfer. This will take you into Center City. It takes about 10 minutes to get from here to City Hall, Read... read more

Berks Station 2 blocks from the house (Berks and Front Street) heading to 69th Street will take you to Northern Liberties, Old City, Market East, Convention Center, City Hall, and University City.

The subway that takes you to downtown! About a 7 minute walk from the house and to get to 15th street, which is the downtown stop, is about a 10/15 min ride.

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Broad Street subway (orange line) a 8 minute walk on Tasker Street. SEPTA now has easy to use card kiosks where you can buy one ride tickets or passes. The Broad Street line goes through the city... read more

You can buy a one-way trip for 2.25 using cash or credit card from the kiosks in the station. You can also pay cash at the booth for your trip. The subway is your best bet for getting to the histor... read more

The subway is just under 5 blocks away. The Tasker/Morris station runs north and south, with connections at City Hall for east and westbound trains. Very convenient!

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There is a subway stop on the corner of our house and it will take you wherever you need to go. Cost is $2 a ride

Closest broad street station to ride the underground underground SEPTA rail to center city

Great to get around the city if you don't want to walk. We walk everywhere!

16 local Airbnb hosts recommend

This is the closest local train station to my house. This will connect with all regional rail.

Take Train to Suburban and Walk to the Art Museum

Provides access into, around and outside of the city

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The closest SEPTA station from the house is accessed at Dauphin Street.

Broad Street Line to Center City and South Philadelphia.

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Closest station for the Broad Street Line (there are entries on Spruce Street!). This is the North-South train.

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This the Patco Speedline station, a commuter train to center city Philadelphia. Arrive early and purchase a pass that you must hold on to to exit as well as enter. It runs less frequently at night.

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Electric Train to Philly and points in between


SP+ Parking

Getting AroundParking
36 South 19th Street·Map·Hours·Website·

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You can purchase tokens from a cash vending machine or get a transit pass with a certain $ amount. Quick access to Center City (this stop is only 2-3 blocks from where you'll be staying)

Easy Transportation using the train

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Target, Food and Wine Shop, Verizon, Family Dollar, Chinese food, Popeyes Chicken, Dunkin Donuts, and Doctors office

3 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Easy & reliable access into center city - approximately a 10 minute ride. Get off at the City Hall station for World Meeting of Families.

This is the subway stop near the stadium complex.

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Train to and from Philadelphia

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The easiest way to walk to our home from the station is to walk up Cresson then, left down Calumet, 1/2 way down take a right into a small parking lot, and you can see our home across the street.

Closest train station, 12 minute ride to Jefferson station (formerly Market East)

East falls train station will get you in and out of the city for $4

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SEPTA Train Station at the bottom of the street. Wissahickon is on the Norristown line. The train will take you in to center city including Jefferson, Suburban and 30th Street Stations.

Manayunk/Norristown train station to downtown!

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Public Transportation. Convenient access to Center City Philadelphia.

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Close enough to drop of your rental and walk to town!

Car rental option close by, within a 15 minute walk.

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This is where you will arrive if you take the train from the airport. It is also the quickest way to get to downtown or to 30th St. Amtrak station

Regional train, to/from Airport, suburbs and NYC.

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Most trolleys pass through this stop to center city. The 34 Trolley also runs within a block of my house.

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Can get a bit sketchy late at night. Be aware of surroundings!

Closest Septa train stop to head to Center City. "Blue Line," "Elevated Line," "The El"

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Train station on the Chestnut Hill West (Regional Rail) line. About a 7 minute walk from the house. High Point coffee shop is also here.

Chestnut Hill West line PLUS has a coffee shop! (High Point Cafe)

2 local Airbnb hosts recommend

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