Best Schools or Universities in Philadelphia

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Walk the campus of one of the oldest Ivy League schools in United States. Make sure to see The Quadrangle at 36th and Spruce. (University City)

Ivy League University within 15 minutes walking!

Right over the bridge is home to Philly's Ivy League college. A beautiful campus with lots of good food and shopping surrounding it.

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We are an easy walk from Drexel, as well as UPenn, so stopping by to check out the university can't get any easier

Where the Bar Code was created! Known for their Engineering and Nursing!

Drexel University is ~15 mins by train.

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Especially if you have a car, this beautiful arboretum within city limits (but about a 25 min driver) is a beautiful space. Tree house too! Admission is NOT cheap but worth it if you like gardens.

The Morris Arboretum of the University of Pennsylvania is the official arboretum of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Worth the drive. Spend a whole day. An amazing public garden run by the University of Pennsylvania. One of our favorite spots!

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Temple University is close by and our place would be a great retreat for Parents.

Are you Temple Made! Visit the Campus of one of Philadelphia's largest universities.

Temple University is 10 minutes by car.

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Wonderful Independent Movie Theater. Highly recommended.

Great old time movie theater. New releases, independent film and re-releases of classics.

This independent, non profit movie theater is one of my favorite things about my neighborhood. It is walking distance and recently renovated with four screens showing digital films. Great movies, ... read more

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Entire campus is an arboretum and open for touring/viewing - great place to take a walk. Excellent research library, variety of lectures and performances, all free.

Walk to this beautiful campus. Take a campus tour. Worth your while. A jewel of a school. Read about this great college before you visit.

We are only 35 minutes from Swarthmore College. If you are dropping off, picking up, or visiting the lovely campus for any reason, our home could be your convenient launchpad.

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You can hear the world's best musicians for free.

An incredible music university and conservatory with free, world-class student concerts sometimes 2-3 times a week.

This music conservatory is world-renowned for turning out some of the best musicians. They have a free student recital series for most of the year.

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One mile away with beautiful walking trail, walking track, spectacular buildings and grounds.

2.5 mile nature trail and arboretum if you are looking to take a relaxing walk. Just a mile from the house.

This is a beautiful arboretum with a 2.2 mi hiking trail around Haverford College. It is a very peaceful place to walk or run.

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1 mile from St Josephs University

Minutes to Saint Joseph's University

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Another great institution nearby

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Walk through the beautiful campus: try the cafeteria

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Wonderful summer programs for allied health professionals.

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This place has an AMAZING playground. If you're bringing your kids, they'll absolutely love it!

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Sister college to Haverford, gorgeous architecture and history on the Main Line. Close proximity to Bryn Mawr with adorable shops, library, very walkable.

The Bryn Mawr College Campus is beautiful with fountains, gothic architecture and so many nooks and crannies. The campus is open, feel free to explore!

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Great area to walk around and take in Philadelphia's most interesting architecture.

1 of the finest art colleges in the US. See their collection which includes art from director David Lynch (Twin Peaks, etc) who began his training as a painter.

Great museum and school of Fine Arts.

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We are just 15 minutes up the road from Rowan, just off I-295. Our two-room guest suite is a perfect base for graduation or homecoming visits or for when you drop off or pick up your student.

For staff & potential students.

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Try a drop-in dance class! Look online for their calendar.

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Our home is a few blocks away and in walking distance for graduation and sporting events.

If you are visting the college I am very convenient

Famous University with beautiful grounds, chapel and buildings.

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Close by for doctors in training or rotating.

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Great Liberal Arts University.

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We are near this medical school for any student looking to rent a room.

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On Sunday, September 27th at 9:30 a.m, Pope Francis will meet with bishops at St. Martin’s Chapel in St. Charles Borromeo Seminary.

The pope will be staying here during his weekend visit