Best Points of Interest in Austin

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ATX is home to the largest bat population in North America. 3 million bats! During certain times of the year, you can go at sunset and watch the millions of bats fly out from under the bridge.

Underneath the Ann W. Richards Congress Avenue Bridge lives the largest urban bat colony in North America. When they emerge in the evening during “bat season,” it’s like a cloud flying toward the e... read more

If it's summertime, the bats are here! This is a great spot to watch North America's largest colony of Mexican freetail bats wake up and fly out over the river. It's a sight to see millions of bats... read more

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If you like Texas history, you'll love a stroll through the Texas State Cemetery just across the street from us. Our most famous neighbor -- Stephen F. Austin.

Another spin on Texas history - see where Texas' movers/shakers (Stephen F. Austin, Ann Richards, Barbara Jordan...) are laid to rest. Trivia: Shortest freeway in the state runs right through it.

The state cemetery is lovely for a shady stroll and checking out the final resting places of many notable Texans. A visitor's center provides historical info.

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The Cathedral of Junk stands quietly in the backyard of a small house on a suburban street on the south side of Austin. Unlike other busybody constructions that we've visited -- the Forevertron, th... read more

Intricate, 3-level structure made of junk & electronics in a private backyard. Make sure you call ahead to make an appointment! The owner graciously accepts donations.

This massive art piece sits quietly in the backyard of a South Austin residence. Call ahead to make a reservation. Donations accepted.


Inner Space Cavern

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4200 N Interstate 35 Frontage Rd·Map·Hours·Website·

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This is a beautiful cave, discovered during construction of I35. Discount coupon can be found in the Focus or Insight magazines.

The Inner Space Cavern is open year-round and the temperature stays the same, so it's quite a nice way to escape the heat of the summer.

Discovered in 1963, this underground cave system stays a constant 72 degrees (great way to beat the heat in the summer!) There's three tour guided options.


Stevie Ray Vaughan Statue

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Ann and Roy Butler Hike and Bike Trail·Map·Hours·Website·

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A statue of musician Stevie Ray Vaughan along Auditorium Shores Park and the hike and bike trail. It is a popular location to take photos of the Austin skyline.

Stevie Ray Vaughan Memorial is a bronze sculpture of Stevie Ray Vaughan by Ralph Helmick, located at the intersection of Town Lake Hike and Bike Trail in Austin, Texas, in the United States.

You've got to visit and take a picture with the infamous Stevie Ray Vaughan. A music icon in this town.

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This is the visitors bureau. The Convention Center is even closer but I can't get it to show up on the map.

Small shop of Austin souvenirs and information.

Get your maps here so you wont get lost :)

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Unique Shopping and eateries located along The Drag.

Iconic shopping strip in Austin featuring clothing stores, vintage finds and food.

The Drag located on Guadalupe between 21st and 25th street. It is right across from the University of Texas. There is lots of shopping and food places to choose from.

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Good place for a rodeo, car show fun just plain fun events of all kinds.

The Rodeo BBQ Cook-offs Triathlons

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What a wonderful way to see downtown! Great fun and something you likely have never done before!

So dorky, yet so much fun, and informative too!

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Modern, musical, non-denominational church with all sorts of support groups and great people to make new friends if you're new in town. Seriously, you'll love the music!

Closest nondenominational church. Very progressive and modern.

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Breathtaking architecture, friendly, 200 acre grounds with hiking trails to top of mountain.

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The city cemetery for years. Has many famous graves. Watch out for fox in this natural habitat. Great place for a stroll.

Our house faces the cemetery. It's a great place for a walk or run. It's historic, but unfortunately not terribly well maintained. Bring your camera and get all artsy.

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Great views of Austin. Don't fall off.

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Good place to meditate and relax

In case meditation is your thing.

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Unique gifts in a historic building.

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A beautiful old church. Well worth a snapshot even if you're not attending services.