Best Movie Theaters in Austin

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Cold beer, hot movies, and delicious snacks and meals; The Alamo Drafthouse is dinner, drinks, movies and events, all under one roof. Our attention to detail in film presentation and programming ha... read more

It's raining, your hungry, and you want someone to serve you beer and food while you catch the latest release. This theater chain takes moving watching very seriously. It will be the quietest, mo... read more

Eat, Drink and Watch a Movie. If you’ve lived in Austin for more than five minutes, odds are you’re aware of Alamo Drafthouse. With quote-alongs, sing-alongs, food-and-movie pairings (or just plai... read more

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How to even explain the magic of the Alamo Drafthouse? Old timey movie theater with every other row removed - so that you have a table in front of you. Food and booze service all throughout the mov... read more

The Drafthouse has really fun events-- singalongs and quotealongs of classic movies and random fun events. Events sell out pretty far in advance, so check on this before your trip if you'd like to... read more

Alamo Drafthouse Ritz features two screens for new release movies, family and independent films, as well as the Alamo’s unique signature repertory programming. Guests are welcome to enjoy drinks a... read more

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Locally owned upscale theater with food & a bar. Shows some mainstream but mostly artsy, independent, documentary and international films.

Gem of a movie theatre downtown. Full bar. Outdoor patio seating. Artsy, independent films. The first row of seats are la-z boys. 'Nuff said.

Small movie theater downtown with reservable seats, small screening rooms with stadium seating, mostly independent/art/foreign films but some mainstream too. Food and bar available too - enjoy in t... read more

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Best movie theater on the planet, as are all Alamo Drafthouses. Tim, the owner, is frigging brilliant for coming up with this idea. Great food, great beer and wine, and movies, all rolled into one!

Well, it is the best movie theater in America. Truth: sometimes it is hard for me to live in Austin. My soul, deep down, is restless and lonely without the mountains and the ocean. But I could st... read more

There are several Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas in Austin, but this is the one within walking distance from my house. A waiter serves you food and beverages (including alcoholic) while you lounge in the... read more

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You will not have a better movie-going experience. Tasty food and drink (including adult beverages) brought to your seat in the theater, before and even during the show. Get the fried pickles. An... read more

Great place to watch a movie! The Alamo Drafthouse serves excellent food and cocktails during the show. Sound and cinema first class. They have several locations. The Slaughter Lane location is great.

The Alamo is an Austin favorite, and certainly a house favorite. Eat, drink, and be merry (silently) while watching a whole range of movie options. Book seats in advance & arrive 30 minutes early!

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Great outdoor mall with restaurants, large anchor stores, Whole Foods market, Dillards, Barnes & Noble, small local shops and a big outdoor area for kids to run around.

You'll find Whole Foods, great restaurants, shops and a movie theatre. We like to get a bottle of wine at Whole Foods, open it upstairs in the pub and enjoy a quite bottle of wine with our meal. ... read more

Retail stores, restaurants, movie theater and entertainment in a 152-acre upscale outdoor walking shopping plaza. Check website for live music outdoors. Large municipal library is located here, too... read more

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The worlds first and only Mini Urban Drive-in movie theater located in Austin, TX. Classic & art-house movies are shown at this popular, old-time drive-in in the middle of the city.

Small, classic Drive-In from the 1950s and 60s, complete with snack bar. 30-50 spaces, depending on size of vehicles, and also has space for pedestrian viewers ($5 per head). Enter under the water ... read more

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Ohhhh, yes. You read this correctly. There's an Alamo Drafthouse super close to the house. So, bring your appetite and sense of humor and get ready. Your only problem will be, once you experience a... read more

Eat/drink great food and awesome wine/beer selection while watching films. Reclining super comfy seats. Located at Meuller lake park with cafes, restaurants and pretty park.

Another Austin original! Check out the special events for theme movie nights, dance/singalongs, and comedy performances. ProTip: Skip the food except for homemade chocolate chip cookies.

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Every Alamo Drafthouse is awesome, this happens to be the nearest one. Get a full meal and alcoholic drinks in addition to the usual popcorn and soda fare. Special shows happen all the time.

We like going to this place because the seats are comfy and they have good draft beer and the food is pretty decent as well.

You get to order drinks and food in your seat during the movie! Also, keep your eyes on their website for special events.

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Reserved seating with recliner without the extra costs!

This is our local movie theater, and it was recently upgrade so that each theater has reclining seats and you can reserve your spot ahead of time. Love it!

9 min walk to bus station (bus line 238 - north) and 3 min bus ride. Or 30 min by foot.

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Reserve Seating with recliner seats and they give you a blanket! Serves food and drinks

Because recliners, blankets, and cocktails are now the only way to enjoy a movie!

The best movie going experience in Austin with all reserved seating and very good food and drink. (Alamo Drafthouse Mueller is closer and a close runner-up, though.)

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So fun to see a movie in an Imax theatre. Also visit the Bob Bullock Museum at the same time

The only IMAX theatre in central Austin.

The Bullock Museum provides the largest IMAX screen experience in Texas

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This theatre has an arcade, full bar and a bowling alley. If you would like to sit and enjoy a beverage during the movie tell the bar and they can put you beverage in a plastic cup so you can do so.

This Theater is reasonably priced, has a bowling ally and arcade, and bar and grill. Nice theater with EVX.

Great place for kids and adults! Watch a movie, go bowling or play arcade games!! So much fun!

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Great, clean and close movie theater for a low key evening.

You can get to this theater by going through the neighborhood!

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This isn't the nicest cinema around, but it is the only one where you can see weird, indie, and art movies.

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Closest movie theater with lots of options - especially new releases.

Movie theater right down the road!

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Movie theater in outdoor mall 10 minutes away.

Located in the Galleria mall, next to several good restaurants including Tony C's (fire oven pizzas), Tadashi Sushi and Cafe Blue (seafood).

Some shop, some watch. Something for everyone. :)

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A non-profit regional theater located in Austin.

Enjoy an upscale evening or enjoy bringing the little ones to the family series. Not a bad seat in the house and the local talent is awesome.

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New and clean movie theater with shopping outlet nearby.

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I walk to this movie theater all the time! Crossing Little Texas Lane is much easier/safer to cross than crossing Stassney on foot!

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Stadium theater 3/4 miles from property