Unique things to do in Bahia

Unique things to do in Bahia

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Afro-Brazilian Salvador in Five hours -All included
This Experience Will Immerse You in the Afro-Brazilian Culture and history that is rooted in the city of Salvador. All this through the Music, Dance, Arts, Food, Popular Culture and Afro-Brazilian Religion Candomblé. We will explore the historic downtown , visiting the Popular Market where you will taste spices and alcoholic beverage, Museums, monuments, important institutions by the Pelourinho's colorful streets, while I share relevant facts and curious in the afro culture and history. During this exp We stop to eat the traditional street-food: the afro-religious Acarajé. This tour is for everybody, but specially for you that wanna Feel proud and learn more about the africans and their descendants who built this city and all this heritage called Afro Brazilian Culture! Much more than a tour, we will have a memorable experience! Join Me, and I'm Sure You'll fall in love by The largest Afro City Outside Africa. *20% of the value of this service is dedicated for the Airbnb as a service fee. * Street food, soft drink and Museums are included on the value of this experience. *Tip is not included
Explore the Historic District of Salvador
A very nice architecture view about the portuguese colonial city. You will learn the history of the formation of the original nucleus of the city of Salvador from the vision of an architect, urban planner and a professional tour guide. You will get in touch with details of the Portuguese colonial urban design and baroque architecture present in the mansions, churches and public buildings. Our starting point will be the Lacerda Elevator and some of the main public buildings of the Upper City. There you will know a little of the history of the city's foundation and its geographic and urban disposition in Cidade Alta (Upper City) and Cidade Baixa (Lower City). From there we will depart towards the Pelourinho where more information about the Portuguese colonial urbanism and the baroque architecture will be presented. From Terreiro de Jesus Square, we will leave to explore San Francisco's Church, one of the main baroque monuments of Brazil, where we will enter for a quick visit. Then we will continue along other streets of Pelourinho always with information about the architectural characteristics of the Baroque city to the Largo do Pelô, where new information regarding the society of the time will be presented. At this point we will finish our walking. Other things to note: Access to the San Francisco's Church, which costs BRL$ 10 per person, is not included.
Pub crawl around the city
My name is Lelis and I have already planned for you the best bar tour in the city! We will leave bar with the best views of this beach town. You'll pass 4 bars frequented by locals with a fun and friendly guide.
Capoeira Class -
We will meet outside at a historic landmark, and I will introduce guests to the Brazilian combination dance and martial art of Capoeira. These lessons are for any level and any age. As we stretch, I will explain the style and beauty of capoeira, followed by the history and philosophy of this beautiful martial art while we warm up. Basic foundational moves and their symbolism will build toward a final activity, tailored to the group's ability and dynamic. We will cool down by drinking from coconuts and having a conversation answering the guests' questions. Outras observações Classes can be in English or in Portuguese or both, as guests please.
Lunch in a Favela by the beach - All in
Let's enjoy an exceptional afternoon by the Bay of All Saints. Our experience will begin at the cozy Modern Art Museum , where I will explain the history of the place in addition to visiting the current artistic exhibitions. Then we'll go for a typical and special bahian lunch called Moqueca. This will be in a local restaurant in one of the alleys of the fishing community. After lunch, we will go to an intimate beach to enjoy the beautiful Bay of All Sants and finish on a good vibes watching the sunset. Depending on the day, we might be lucky enough to enjoy great live music by the beach bar . Other things to note: - The tour includes a meal and access to the museum . - If the dates/times listed don’t work for your schedule, don’t hesitate to reach out to see if we can accommodate you! - The tour can accommodate vegan and gluten free diets! - If you are allergic to palm oil I will suggest another traditional meal. - This tour is suitable for locals, national and international tourists! - Doesn’t included artistic couvert in case of a live music. 20% of this payment goes to airbnb as a service tax.
Feira Local e Aula de Culinária Baiana
Amazing opportunity to visit the largest Local Market, and make traditional Afro Brasilian Food! I will show you the most incredible places with the best food suppliers and craft products in the region. The Local Market is large in scope and deep in history. It’s corridors form a large maze, where you will take a guided deep dive, without filters, directly into the soul of Bahia culture. After that we will have a cooking class of Moqueca Baiana - Fish/Shrimp/Vegan. I will be delighted to welcome you to my house to teach you the steps to my beloved family recipe, to make the Best Moqueca Baiana. You will also learn how to prepare pimenta, arroz, farofa (with palm oil) and pirão (with palm oil) - side dishes. Moqueca is the most famous and traditional dish in Bahia, rich in flavors and made with local ingredients. It is the dish that best represents Afro-Brazilian cuisine. The recipe is a connecting cultural agent and practically its own tourist attraction in Salvador! To cool off, I will also teach you how to make the most popular drink in Brasil, the Caipirinha! We also offer seasonal fruit juice and water. Be prepared to take videos in the market, eat amazing food, laugh over drinks, and create memories that last a lifetime. Vamos!
Come and discover and taste the Salvador's typical foods
If you are one of those travelers who love to eat and try new flavors, textures and combinations, this is the best experience you can have! In 2023 I was invited by the TV program in France, Echappées Belles to participate in the documentary about Brazilian treasures where I shared my knowledge acquired at the Senac gastronomy school and my experience as a native of Salvador presenting typical foods and drinks during a walk through the streets of Salvador. Now I want to share this experience with you! We will visit from bars to restaurants. This tour is perfect for couples, solo travelers and groups! Expect drink prices of R$8-35 for beer and R$14-40 for premium/specialty cocktails. Appetizers range from R$20-60, but are usually well served. About 5 places to stop to eat and maybe enjoy a live music..
Bonfim Church and surround areas
Let's get to know the Other Side of Salvador? Yes! We will leave the tourist trail to discover a part of the Lower City, a peaceful Salvador, with fishing communities, full of charm and that every Bahian loves to visit! We will visit the famous church of Bonfim, beautiful beaches, forts, bars, local restaurant and the traditional ice cream shop! All this Walking by the pretty coast . I'm sure that after this tour you know more about the local life!
Capoeira Class in Barra
We will experience the Capoeira de Angola through its history, musicality and body movements that will allow a unique learning of this noble Brazilian art that is immaterial heritage of Humanity! Feel free to choose the best time for our experience.
Fotos em Ponto Turístico de Salvador
Através de um agradável tour fotográfico pelo Centro Histórico de Salvador, registraremos as melhores fotos para você eternizar a sua visita à capital baiana. Não somos guias de turismo. A proposta da experiência é conhecer o ponto turístico da cidade escolhido e fazer registros fotográficos. Começaremos pelo Mercado Modelo, visualizando o lindo mar e os artesanatos que podem ser encontrados dentro dele. Em seguida, subiremos o Elevador Lacerda, que liga a cidade baixa à cidade alta. E por fim, rumo ao famoso Pelourinho. Durante o passeio, fique à vontade para comer, beber o que quiser, tudo na tranquilidade, pois a proposta é desfrutar do que o local pode oferecer e ainda ter esses momentos registrados! Informações Adicionais - Fotos enviadas para seleção no fim do dia da experiência; -O cliente tem 15 dias corridos para enviar as fotos selecionadas, após este período a escolha será feita pelo fotógrafo devido a demanda. - 20 fotos tratadas em alta resolução via Wpp em até 5 dias úteis; - 1 troca de roupa (opcional) Recomendações - Levar somente o necessário (nada de valor); - Roupas/calçados leves e confortáveis. OBS.: Faça-nos saber se você quiser trocar de ponto turístico: * Ou Barra- Orla/Cristo, Farol da Barra e Porto da Barra. * Ou Bonfim- Igreja do Bonfim, Ponta do Humaitá e Forte do Monte Serrat. Vem com a gente transformar este momento inesquecível!
História, arte e cultura, uma aula VIVA
Uma caminhada , na história, com arte e cultura, nos encontraremos na Praça Castro Alves, conheceremos o Palácio Rio Branco, primeiro Palácio do governador Tomé de Souza, primeira praça do Brazil , primeira prisão, visitaremos o Elevador Lacerda, com vista para a Bahia de todos os Santos, e história do Forte de São Marcelo , Mercado Modelo, Ilha de Itaparica, igreja do Bonfim, convido para entrar no museu do primeiro Hospital do Brazil, Santa Casa da Misericórdia (opcional) , a antiga Catedral, a Catedral Basílica a primeira faculdade de Medicina do Brazil, a praça Terreiro de Jesus, entraremos na Igreja de São Francisco , e desceremos a ladeira do Pelourinho , conhecendo lugares onde normalmente os turistas não conhecem e finalizaremos, na Igreja do Rosário dos pretos, onde filmou Ô paí ô, Dona Flor e seus dois maridos, Orquídea selvagem , a música de Michael Jackson e o pagador de promessas, a fundação casa de Jorge Amado e conhecer a história da Igreja do Rosário dos pretos . Outras observações Usar sapatos confortáveis , água e chapéu.
São Joaquim Fair: colors and flavors!
Minha experiência é visitar a icônica Feira de São Joaquim, descobrir sua importância histórica, cultural e econômica para a cidade. Nos encontraremos na entrada principal (ala reformada) e dali caminharemos pelas vielas. A Feira possui diferentes segmentos - ervas, artigos religiosos, peixaria, grãos, frutas, verduras, cerâmicas, restaurantes e muito mais. Conheceremos um pouco deste incrível espaço. Vale lembrar que a Feira é um espaço simples, em algumas partes a infraestrutura é bem básica, mas nada que dificulte a experiência. Ao final, será oferecido um típico acarajé ou abará! Outras observações: A Feira tem uma parte revitalizada, mais iluminada e arejada e outra parte mais antiga e tradicional, mais escura e menos ventilada. É muito movimentada. português and english
Eternize your trip: Workshop to Create Your own Silver Ring
Create Your Own Silver Ring and Immortalize Your Memories! If you're looking to try something new and unique, this is the perfect opportunity! Our workshop is specially designed for beginners, requiring no prior experience. Come and delve into the age-old art of goldsmithing in a warm and inspiring environment, where each participant leaves with a silver ring crafted by their own hands. What We Will Do: Throughout the workshop, we will immerse ourselves in the millennia-old techniques of the jewelry trade, guiding you step by step in creating your own distinctive ring. This is more than just a workshop; it's a creative journey where every detail matters. Frequently Asked Questions: Do I need previous jewelry experience? No, the workshop is tailored for beginners. What happens if I make mistakes? Mistakes are part of the creative process! We'll be here to guide you every step of the way. Should I bring anything to the workshop? Not necessary. Why Our Workshop is Unique: Proven Experience: Designed so that a complete beginner can leave with a self-made ring in three hours, based on dozens of successfully conducted workshops. Sturdy and Unique Ring: Unlike most rings on the market, the ring created in this workshop has a silver weight that makes it robust and distinctive. Customization Possibility: Participants have the opportunity to personalize, making each gem unique
Cavalgada ecológica em Trancoso
Vou te receber no meu sítio, que fica em local muito bonito há 10 minutos do centro de Trancoso. Em seguida, vou te apresentar meus cavalos e sairemos para uma cavalgada (que também gosto de chamar de passeio ecológico) durante aproximadamente 2 horas, passando por lindas paisagens de florestas e trilhas, com vista para o Vale dos Búfalos. Enquanto vamos conversando sobre a experiência, eu vou preparando os cavalos e orientando sobre a cavalgada e os equipamentos. Passo orientações detalhadas e fazemos uma conversa sobre segurança antes de partirmos. Durante o passeio, vou monitorando a condução dos cavalos e também apresentando a fauna e a flora dessa região do sul da Bahia. Nós retornaremos ao meu sítio, onde oferecei um café (lanche rural), com pratos típicos da região, como bolo de milho e suco de jenipapo ou melancia (cardápio pode variar de acordo com frutas disponíveis na estação). Outras observações Sempre bom se previnir, logo, os trajes são muito importantes. Recomendamos usar sempre calça comprida, bota, blusa com proteção e chapéu ou boné, pois em alguns momentos ficaremos expostos ao sol.
Dinner in an agroforest with beautiful sunset and live music
contemporary german food @valedasninfas, km.4 Itacaré, Bahia Our dinner experience will take you straight to a late afternoon in the middle of an agroforest! Vale das Ninfas Permacultura welcomes you at home and offers a menu that aims to explore a new wave of flavors in vegan and vegetarian cuisine. The menu includes Vorspeise, Hauptgericht and Nachtisch - obviously accompanied by wine or Radler, you name it! The experience starts with an incredible view of the sunset at 5:30 pm and ends at 7:30 pm - perfect time to recharge your batteries and get ready for that party or take a walk downtown at night. How about coming with the family and eating good and different food? Or maybe bring that date to a romantic night in the middle of a forest? :) INCLUDED IN: Full menu with starter, main course and dessert (vegan or vegetarian, notify in advance) 1 bottle of wine (per 2 people) or 1l of Radler (per person) or 1l Apfelschorle (per 2 people) Classical music pocket show (piano).
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