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Unique things to do in St. Andrew Parish

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Create a Vision Board for Success
You will learn everything you need to know about vision boards: definition, setting goals, designing a board, creating a board, why it works and how to use it. You will gain clarity and focus on who you want to be and what you want to attract into your life. This session is all about spending time to set clear goals for the future. I offer a small workbook - "The Art of the Vision Board" - with the session. We will used the book throughout the experience, the session is a safe space to share and connect with others and create SMART goals. After setting goals, we actually design a physical vision board. I provide the glue, scissors, magazines, pictures and embellishments to bring the board to life. This cathartic experience will help participants connect with future plans and be excited about the plans for their lives. A drink/wine will be provided. Persons can take their own snacks. I provide guidance on how to use the vision board and some practical ways to incorporate in in their lives. Persons will leave the session with clear goals for the future and a pictorial representation of the dreams that will manifest in their lives.
Breath Work & Tea Time At Rasta's Riverside
Upon arrival, we will go to the river to wash our feet, refresh and ground into the space, greeting the natural elements. We will then pick a spot and begin our breath work and life reasoning session. During this time I will check in, ask how you are, what brings you to Jamaica and any other conversation topics that flow as we connect with one another. Breath work is a powerful practice used to tune us in to the present moment, and align our bodies with our minds. This simple practice helps us to pay attention to something that we tend to not really give much thought to, but that sustains our life — breathing. Our breath is our life. Through the natural elements, we will receive prana — life force energy, which is believed to be the subtle energy that helps us to remain inspired and high in vibrations.
Holistic Day Retreat At Rasta's Riverside
Private Riverside Session to relax, rejuvenate and nourish the mind, body and soul. Each experience will include, nature exploration, relaxation, meditation, breath work, spiritual life guidance, delicious plant-based cuisine, Ganja and more. In the hillsides of St. Andrew, Jamaica we are will spend the day connecting, reasoning (talking), eating, relaxing, rejuvenating and replenishing. This is a retreat from the hustle and bustle of modern living. Below, we have shared the typical schedule: 9am-10am: arrival, grounding 10am-11am: breath work/meditation 11am - 12pm: Riversides Reasonings (talk, connect, vibe) 12pm - 1pm: Jamaican Vegetarian Lunch 1pm - 2pm: Unwind, Explore, Relax, Enjoy.
Multi-Destination Road Trip from Kingston to Portland
Waterfalls, Photos, Beaches, Rivers, Rafting & did I say photos? Can you imagine the feeling of the warm sun on your face, the cool breeze swishing by, hearing the crash of the waves, or maybe you can feel the river waters rushing by you and leaving you feeling relaxed and calm? Let's make that a reality! Join me on a cross-country journey from Kingston to Portland and enjoy all that this lovely little island has to offer in between. Our journey begins when I pick you up in Kingston. We'll do some meet and greet after which we'll get some snacks for the road. (I'm Buying) List of places we will visit: 1. Falling Edge Waterfalls 2. Sommerset Falls & River 3. Rio Grande River Rafting 4. Frenchman Cove Beach Each of these experiences displays in its own way a small piece of this paradise we call Jamaica. Along the way, we will enjoy sightseeing while taking pictures and enjoying the fresh air of the countryside. Things to note: 1. You can reach out to me and ask about other destinations in Portland not listed here. 2. While the entrance is free for some of the destinations, you will need to pay for the services they provide. (For example to go on the raft at the Rio Grande) 3. Wear comfortable shoes and bring clothes for swimming. 4. Be prepared to have the time of your life :) 5. If you have any questions, please feel free to send me a message. See you soon!
Luxury picnic at black sand beach off the beaten path
Our mission is to curate experiences as unique as our clients. We will start our tour at the beach in a place full of nature, enjoying the waves until we reach a beautiful setting for your private picnic in front of the beach, where you can connect with the magic of the place and enjoy good food. You can observe local sea birds, fishermen and surfers while you enjoy local food. Picnic ends with a beautiful sunset over the Caribbean sea. We are unique in providing personalized approach and generating memorable experiences for very special occasions. We offer the ultimate picnic experience. Each picnic set up is designed based on the occasion to make it memorable for the group. Seasonal grazing boxes that are sourced from local businesses are complementary with this experience. You will be also contributing to local businesses to grow. We want your experience to be perfect from start to finish. This experience includes three features: food + drink + nature observation. Come in sandals so you can enjoy your experience barefoot. The beach can get windy at times so leave hats or anything that can blow away at your hotel along with anything valuable like travel docs.
Stunning Photoshoot in the Heart of Kingston City and Beach
Join me in a one of a kind photoshoot in the heart of the Caribbean . I will take you a unique spots within the Kingston city and capture stunning images of you. Professional quality images which will last a lifetime. Our tour will start at the Kingston Creative Art Hub. This will be our meeting point. I will capture images of you within the art hub. The hub is filled with spectacular murals by local artistes. this will showcase the passion and culture of the people as well as providing you with Instagram worthy shots We will then move to Kings Street to take photos in the hustle and bustle of the city. You will be photographed around street vendors and After which you will be provided with a cold red stripe beer or a sparkling bottle of coconut water. Secondly I will transport you to the beautiful Bob Marley beach. This venue captures the the sun kissed skies and beaches of Jamaica. This segment will last another 45 minutes. We shall take professional photographs on the beautiful coastline of the Caribbean This beach is a hidden gem in Kingston, It provides an colorful authentic experience of country. The tour will conclude at this point and you will be transported back to the meeting point. NB: Pick up and drop from your accommodation is available for additional cost. Contact me for details
Rum and Reggae Bar Vibe
Experience a small taste of our easy going Jamaican culture. Sit in with the locals and join them in a game of dominoes or play some bingo Jamaican style. Enjoy some of our curried goat and jerked pork prepared on the outdoor grill. We also provide a vegetarian option. Taste a selection of our local rums and liqueurs while enjoying some authentic reggae music played by our resident DJ. Everything is included in the pricing so there are no additional costs, all you have to do is show up.
Bob Marley Birthday Month Tour
A truly Jamaican cultural story tour beginning at the famous Devon House with its rich history of centuries past, then on to the world famous Bob Marley Museum tracing the ascension of reggae music and the rastafarian who made that genre spread globally. Our next stop would be The National Gallery, archiving our famous artists depicting all the rich vibrant moods of the Jamaican art scene. The Trench Town Culture Yard Museum the roots of many Jamaican superstars, probably most notably, Bob Marley would be our final stop. The culture yard is a piece of history that was preserved in time. The tour gives an authentic feel of what it was like growing up in a Jamaican "government yard" in the 60s coming forward and highlight personalities that evolved from Trench Town. There will also be a stop at our Heroes Park showcasing our National Heroes burial ground with war memorials & funerary monuments. This rich experience for the day would leave the individual with a fulfilled cultural experience complimenting any Jamaican vacation. Other things to note Excellent safe knowledgeable driver with years of experience doing small group or individual cultural tours in the city capital and across the island. Guests should wear comfortable footwear and adequate sun protection. Each venue MAY charge an entry fee for guided tour so CASH is recommended.
Kingston NightLife Entertainment
We would meet up at the famous and trendy Usain Bolt's Tracks and records Restaurant and Bar indulging in the delights offered on the particular night ,then taking our tour on the road to a high energy street type dance. Depending on the night of the week determines the event. Monday we visit the Uptown Mondays, Wednesday it is off to the Renown Stone Love Entertainment Weddy weddy Wednesdays, Sunday treat is Wet Sundayz. Thus offering a different experience to immerse in our a different dancehall fare. Other things to note Adequate cash to cover the night's entertainment. Comfortable footwear
Welcome to Kingston City, the capital of Jamaica and the perfect foodie spot. Kingston Foodie Tour is an all inclusive experience that includes and showcases authentic Jamaican cuisine from two of the island most rated restaurant. This is personalized just for you based on taste, mood or general curiosity. - when you book, no cash required. (Tips are welcomed) All you need is just you and and an open appetite. This tour will provide public/private transportation to both restaurant location. Where we go is all about you and your interest. Please don’t hesitate to let me know if you’re celebrating or just in the mood for a night out on the town. If you’re down to eat up a storm then I’m your girl. All  restaurants suggested are  5 stars and selected based on Diversity, Culinary Innovation, Taste and Ambiance. Bring your tummy and let’s go get something yummy!. #kingstonfoodie.. talking with our mouthful!
Hike to peace of mind in Blue Mountain
Our hikes will take us on multiple trails such as the Blue Mahoe trail, Oatley mountain trail, Waterfall trail and Shelter trail while experiencing breathtaking views of surrounding areas such as the Kingston harbour, Portland and St. Andrew. Guests will learn about various flora and fauna along the trails while meeting and interacting with other hikers. Guests will come as strangers but leave as friends.
Cocktails and Canvas
This activity feeds your creativity, you will get to know about Jamaican arts and quench your thirst as you enjoy our cocktails. Guest who choose this experience will be following instructions of an experienced artist to create their own masterpiece while sipping on a tasty drink...or two! Other things to note Cocktails and Canvas has to be booked in advanced. Guest can be transported from their gate to venue upon request.
Kingston Yacht Party & Sports Bar Event
I Offer Private Yacht Events. PREFERRED GROUPING EXPERIENCE. THIS IS A NON DISCRIMINATING LOVE FOR ALL ENTERTAINING HOSTING EXPERIENCE EVENT. (1). My Airbnb Experience is for groups, party goers & love birds to get to know each other & have fun while enjoying themselves. Come & experience THE ONE AND ONLY KINGSTON, ST. ANDREW JAMAICA YACHT PARTY BASHMENT ENTERTAINMENT VIBES, with an All Inclusive Tour Of The Kingston Harbor. Your Experience Package Includes: Music Entertainment, A Tour Of The Kingston Harbor, Viewing The Port Of Kingston Jamaica, Sailing Around Docked Ships, Having Fun, Liquor & Food & ETC. (2). We then head to the bar for a drink. We will then head to another location on the roof of a specialized sports bar lounge in The Kingston 10 Area where you will be introduced to another entertainment segment of music, card games, board games and some pool. Seats, tables and a special area will be provided to you for your comfort & satisfaction (3). I might also show you my company nightclub & its operation of how we run the club (4). During our Airbnb Experience, we will be taking some JPEG non edited pictures & video content shots of which you will obtain by email or social media. (5). After our Experience Event, you can head back home. If you have a drive great ,if not. I might assist you with a taxi or I might take you home once your destination is near
Super Tour
Hello' I'm Lamar, I'll be able to offer transportation and guides to beautiful sites throughout Jamaica and experience many different places, mountains, beaches and city life. Great for memorable once in a life time photos.
Paint, Sip and Inspire --Creating a Beautiful Picture
The activity will take place in the Masterpiece Gallery and Studio. In the space the participants can view my art gallery and learn about my art journey as a Jamaican Creative. Then they we will paint a picture together. All the art supplies: artboard, apron, brushes, paint etc. will be laid out for the session. Persons will follow step by step instructions on how to create the piece of artwork. They are encouraged to tap into their own creative space to create a unique piece of art that will help them to connect with and remember their visit to Jamaica. I will provide guidance and feedback to each personally individually as we go along. During the session, we will have story time, where I share my stories and inspirational insights on being a creative in Jamaica and my journey to painting my life beautifully. At the end, the participants will take away their completed artwork. For the Holiday Season, I will be gifting copy of my book: "Life on Canvas", The Art of Painting Your Life Beautifully.