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Unique things to do in Sonora

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All activities near Sonora

Snorkeling with a marine biologist
NOTE: You have to be able to swim and feel comfortable doing so in the sea. For more information and before making any bookings please contact the host. 9:30-10:00am : We will meet at Hammer Heads restaurant, located in the Marina San Carlos, where we will start with a brief PowerPoint presentation on the natural history and ecology of the region. We will also review the most common species we will likely encounter during our snorkel. If needed, I will provide snorkel gear which we will try on to ensure a comfortable fit and that everyone is well equipped for the days activity. 10:00-10:15am : We will drive in our vehicles to the snorkel destination. 10:15-10:30am : After parking our vehicles, we will review the snorkel site and discuss our general course to be followed while snorkeling. The route will be based on the current conditions (e.g. currents, wind, visibility etc.), and the ability and snorkeling experience of the group as a whole. 10:30-12:00am: We will snorkel the area and observe the spectacular marine life the Sea of Cortez harbors. 12:00- 12:30pm: We will reconvene as a group and discus our observations from the snorkeling experience while we enjoy a freshly prepared ceviche.
Avistamiento de Ballena Gris - La más amigable
Visitaremos el Santuario de la Ballena Gris para conocer a este hermoso y amigable animal. Viajaremos al corazón de la Laguna Ojo de Liebre, en donde se encuentran la mayor concentración de Ballenas y Ballenatos. En 1993 la UNESCO incorporó a dicha laguna al Patrimonio Mundial Natural por su valor universal y excepcional. El complejo más grande, Ojo de Liebre – Guerrero Negro de 163,765 hectáreas, cumple el Sitio de Importancia Hemisférica por albergar más de 30 % de la población biogeográfica de ballenas, no solo de una sino de varias especies, el complejo lagunar es el principal atractivo turístico, pero no el único motivo al que los viajeros deciden ir o visitar la región.
Hike desert palm oases with a biologist
NOTE: The hike described to Canyon El Silencio and El Ojo de Agua involves desert hiking and is only possible in the cooler months of the year. 1:00pm: We will meet at the restaurant El Esterito 1. 1:00pm-1:30pm: We will leave the restaurant and drive in our own vehicles to the property where the first trailhead is located. 1:30pm-2:30pm: We will hike to Canyon El Silencio, taking time to observe the geology of the canyon as well as the unique species of plants and animals we may encounter. 2:30pm-3:00pm: We will return to our vehicles and drive to the property where the second trailhead is located. 3:00pm-4:30pm: We will hike to the spring of El Ojo de Agua. This mountainside spring has water year-round and harbors mosses and ferns. In addition, we will see many Mexican fan palms and stunning views of the coastline. 4:30pm-5:30pm: We will reconvene under a shady palapa and enjoy freshly prepared ceviche from locally caught fish served on a tostada with sauces of your choice. If you find you are still hungry after the ceviche, we can visit the restaurant El Dorado where you can purchase excellent seafood. This palapa restaurant is located on a beautiful sandy beach where you can observe local fishermen, or enjoy a pleasant swim (weather permitting).
Explore San Carlos from the Mountains by Bike
The places we will visit you will enjoy in the best way, by bicycle!! Get to know the best slopes in the region, with incredible views, where you can see the Teta Kawi, the mythical hill of San Carlos in the background. San Carlos is recognized by National Geographic magazine as the most spectacular ocean view in the world and you can see it from different angles. At the end of the tour we can delight in the freshest seafood in the region and the select meat of Sonora.
Travel with a cause, be part of the fight against hunger
1 in 4 Mexicans do not know if they are going to eat today, which means 3 of us can help! At the Hermosillo Food Bank, you will learn everything about the environmental impact that food waste generates, what food insecurity is and how you can help . In addition, you will also live the experience of volunteering and directly support people to get access to nutritious food.
Oceanfront Yoga- Amazing Views and Vibes
We will do an hour of yoga over-looking the beautiful Sea of Cortéz. The class is located at the Hotel Peñasco Del Sol. We will also incorporate meditation and breathing techniques that are beneficial for health and wellness. Yoga is combining movement with breath to help aid in the alleviation of anxiety, stress, and to produce mindfulness, as well as, learning to be in the present moment. Other things to note We will be practicing yoga, breathing techniques, and movement.
Beach Yoga / Qi Gong Morning or Evening
Whether morning or evening, we will use our practice to attune you with the special energy of this beautiful place. Other times/dates or Experiences available. Our first and last steps will be safety and sanitation for ourselves and our equipment. In either class, our practice will begin with gentle warm-ups to shake off the cobwebs and prepare us for the deeper work. We will focus on gentle breathwork and imagery to guide our minds and bodies to our core while tapping into nature around us. Through stretches and movement, our bones will strengthen and align, as our muscles have a chance to become long and lean. Even our internal organs will get a refreshing wake up for optimal functioning. Our energetic systems will get a flush and reset, as moving through poses or practices loosens up all those things we no longer need, freeing our resources for the best life has to offer. In each class, you will have instruction on how to move, suggestions for breathing and positioning, options for increasing or decreasing the level of difficulty, and individualized attention. We will end practice with a brief meditation, tying the work together as it settles in your nervous system. When it is safe to do so, Yoga classes can include Savasana assists, or gentle adjustments in your final relaxation pose. You may take time to yourself in nature for integration. No experience necessary.
Kayak ride on Puerto Peñasco Beaches
Kayak the main beaches of Puerto Peñasco: Playa el Mirador, la Choya, Las Conchas, Estero Morua. The person will be given the option to choose which beach to take the kayak.
Not necessarily spicy, world food prep like a Mexican
Jump with us to the authentic flavor and history of food, let us share our experiences of travel, friends and trades; We are specialized in Mexican food but we have also had the wonderful opportunity to cook Spanish, Colombian, Peruvian, Cuban, Italian and French food on site; Allow us to share our stories, the meanings of food in our lives and learn with us the essence of the products, of what it represents for each culture and each heart. We are going to get to know the products, then we will learn techniques and versions, we will taste some snacks while we cook, chat and say cheers;
Cycle of the Moon; Wheel of the Year, a Magical Celebration
You will arrive a bit before sunset. After introductions, we will settle into a brief discussion of the lunar, solar, and astrological energies of the moment from the Western European perspective here in the northern hemisphere. Then, we will explore the general symbolism of the tools we will be using throughout the evening. There will be time to ask questions before we begin. Our little group will set boundaries and sacred space using a modern interpretation of the Old Ways of Europe. I will lead the circle in focusing, getting grounded and centered, and preparing for our lunar and solar seasonal celebration: the Turning of the Wheel. Finally, we will begin our meditative activity. This is truly a time for healing, growth, release, and self-exploration. We will use the energies of the cycles to boost our intentions and send them off. Once we have done our inner work there will be time for reflection and celebration as we share "cakes and wine" together. In other words, we will have snacks and drinks while we sit and share anything inspiring that came up during the evening. Finally, we will re-open the circle of sacred space and say farewell to the friends we have made - until the next cycle of the seasons!
Hike to The Aquarium with a biologist
NOTE: This hike can also be arranged in the evening (2:15pm-6:15pm). Please contact the host Michael, before making a reservation, if you would like to do this hike during the evening. 9:30am: We will meet at the restaurant El Esterito. 9:30am-9:35am: We will leave the restaurant and drive in our own vehicles to the property where the trailhead is located. 9:35am-10:00am: We will hike to the beach of El Tomate, taking time to observe the beautiful Bahia San Carlos as well as the unique species of plants and animals we may encounter. 10:00am-11:00am: We will hike to the beach of The Aquarium/Martini Cove. This hike provides stunning views of the town of San Carlos and the entire coastline towards Guaymas. We will discuss the prominent features and the various islands visible along the hike. 11:00am-12:00pm: On the beach of The Aquarium/Martini Cove we will enjoy freshly prepared ceviche from locally caught fish served on a tostada with sauces of your choice. We will spend some time here to enjoy the beautiful sandy beach, or a pleasant swim (weather permitting) in the crystal clear water of the Sea of Cortez. 12:00pm-1:30pm We will hike back to our vehicles, again taking time to enjoy the spectacular scenery from a different perspective. Other things to note The hike described to the beaches of El Tomate and The Aquarium/Martini Cove involves desert hiking and is only possible in the cooler months of the year.
Local Mulege Community Healing Circle
Get access to an intimate community experience while you travel and be involved with improving the quality of life of the people who live here. Support the local community of Mulege by helping facilitate an Acupuncturists Without Border healing clinic without needing any special training yourself. Our experience starts 30 minutes before the clinic is scheduled to begin. You will have a chance to learn about ear acupuncture and Eastern Medicine. Then, we will set up our room and have a brief guided meditation. During the clinic itself, you will not need to speak Spanish or to have any special skills beyond a warm smile. You will help greet participants at the door and show them to their seat, keep the supply table organized, watch for anyone that has questions, and take supplies to the acupuncturist while she is working with someone. Once all community members are seated and cared for, you have the opportunity yourself to receive "ear seeds" - the small seeds on a piece of adhesive tape used to stimulate acupuncture points. The entire group will sit together for approximately 30 minutes experiencing the group healing. After all of the community members have left, we will clear away the supplies. We will take time to talk about our observations. Taking a few deep breaths together, we will close our healing circle, completing your experience.
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