What to bring to Oak Bay (Sustainable Cost Savings)

What to bring to Oak Bay (Sustainable Cost Savings)

Traveler advice

Traveling with kids

What should you expect to see when you arrive?

What do we supply? All linens - Your beds will be made up with fresh linens. All towels - We have all the towels you will need with a few extra in the cupboards. Shampoo Conditioner Hair dryer Soap Hand soap Make up wipes Make up mirrors (2) Cotton swabs Paper towels Toilet paper Air freshener Coffee Coffee filters Sugar Tea BBQ BBQ propane BBQ tools All dishes A full spice library Cooking oils Cooking sprays. All cook wear including strainers, shredders. All glass wear All serving dishes Laundry supplies Iron Ironing board Board games Cards Tiddlywinks Scrabble Clue Monopoly Books
What to pack

Here is a list of what you should consider to bring.

Curling irons Hair straightener Shaving kits Shaving creams Coffee creams Milk Sweetener Phone chargers iPad chargers TV game accessories if you play.. like Xbox wires and such. If you use Noise canceling machines for sleep or CPAP machine.. bring those.
Traveling with kids

Do you have a baby under 2?

We have a crib, a pack and play, a play mat, a mommaroo, a bassinet.. baby towels. If you want a baby breeza for formula as have that also. Just ask anytime Crib Playpen All Crib and Playpen Linens Stair case guard Plug covers Door Jams Baby Breeza Mommaroo Children's Dishes Children's Cutlery Play mat Toys Bath Toys Baby Shampoo Baby Towels Nursing Pillow Bassinet Bean Bag Chairs
Traveling with kids

Do you have any preschool toys?

We have a small basket of play toys and little play cars. If you need more, please bring along a container for your use. If we find a toy during clean up we will send it to you :)
Traveling with kids

What can my teenagers do?

This house is a perfect set up for older kids who want their own space. We have a loft with a TV that a gaming console can be attached to. We also have bean bag chairs to make the experience a little more cool. We have many board games as well. Suggestion: If you have teens, have them bring headphones that are wireless. It will really help with gaming noises.
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Yep… it’s Canadian slang… it is just a way we reinforce a sentence. “It’s a great day…eh?”
Don't miss

Sustainable packing to save you money! Myth vs Reality

Be sustainable.. rethink your packing ;) Myth We better bring bottled water. Who knows where the water is coming from? Reality Save buying single use water bottles, and bring along your reusable water container. Our water is municipally sourced and we also have a filter in the fridge for your drinking water. Myth We better bring disposable plates and cups. Reality We have service for at least 8 for plates, bowls, cutlery, mugs, glasses, serving dishes etc. Myth We should get small packaging. Reality Bring regular size , we have plenty of food storage in the fridge, freezer and cupboards.
Customs and culture

Collecting Food Waste - It measures up!

We do collect food waste here and you will find a container on the counter in the kitchen. Each country and region has their own way to collect food waste, but here in Muskoka, the rule is simple. If it can go in your mouth, it can go in food waste. Meat, veggies, trimmings, fat, dairy, cereal, crumbs, you name it, it goes in there. There are plenty of extra compostable bags below the sink when you fill the bin. Just tie it up and take it to the green bin in the garage, and start to fill up again. As of December 1, 2022, we are at 935 pounds of food waste that we have diverted!