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Mezcal & Tequila Cocktail Masterclass
From Price:$33 / person
United Kingdom
Hidden Jazz Club
From Price:$19 / person
United States
Drinks and Fun Group Tarot
From Price:$35 / person
United Kingdom
Cocktails Masterclass With Uk Champion
From Price:$13 / person
Cradle of wine, eight thousand years old culture in Georgia
From Price:$2 / person
United States
Making most popular Miami's rum based cocktails
From Price:$0 / person
Fun Argentine Wine Class with a Local Somm
From Price:$21 / person
Worlds Top Coffee Masterclass
From Price:$9 / person
United States
Cocktail History & Mixology Class
From Price:$29 / person
Make Samosa & Cilantro Chutney From Scratch -Vegan Friendly
From Price:$22 / person
Teams making Spiced Drinks with Dancing Indian Chef
From Price:$22 / person
United Kingdom
Gin History & Cocktails at Home
From Price:$19 / person
South Africa
Plan a trip to Stellenbosch
From Price:$15 / person
Boosting Immune with Jamu herbal drink
From Price:$11 / person
United States
Boozy Drag Queen Bingo
From Price:$30 / person
United Kingdom
Rum Cocktail Masterclass With a Pro Mixologist
From Previous price:$19Discounted price:$15 / person
United States
All About Mezcal with a Oaxaca Sommelier
From Price:$16 / person
Hungarian wine tasting by a local expert and wine judge
From Price:$14 / person
Wonders of Winemaking From Our Vineyard
From Price:$9 / person
Izakaya & Sake Culture with a Sommelier
From Price:$12 / person