Plan a trip with tips from a local

Video chat with a local Host who knows your dream destination inside out. They’ll find out what you’re into and provide an insider’s perspective with personalized ideas and recommendations to help inspire your plans.

How it works

How it works

How it works
  • Meet up

    Hop on a video call with a local Host who’ll treat you like a local—taking you behind the scenes and revealing exciting insights into their corner of the world.

  • Dig in

    Talk through a trip plan: from how to get around and where to go—to what to eat, do, and check out when you get there. Not sure what you want? Your Host has plenty of ideas!

  • Go like a pro

    Equipped with insider knowledge and personalized recommendations, you’ll be ready to hit the ground running and make the absolute most of your time, energy, and budget on your well-deserved getaway.

Chat with local Hosts around the world

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Plan The Perfect New York Vacation
From Price:$19 / person
Design your trip to Barcelona with Gemma
From Price:$51 / person
Live Tulum like a local
From Price:$11 / person