The Creative Class
This month we’re celebrating the creative minds who share their craft through Airbnb Experiences. Take the time to turn your own ideas into reality with the help of world-class artists, chefs, and designers.
United States
Weave a Tapestry with Mindful Zen Arts
From Price:$75 / person
Perfume creation workshop
From Price:$70 / person
Create a bust from your imagination
From Price:$77 / person
Design Luxury Jewelry in amazing Le Marais district
From Price:$163 / person


It’s Shakespeare’s setting, Banksy’s canvas, and The Clash’s soundtrack.

United Kingdom
The Vegan Taxidermist
From Price:$89 / person
United Kingdom
Learn Calligraphy with Alice Gabb
From Price:$103 / person

Los Angeles

Chase your own creative dreams in the city that continues to shape pop culture.

United States
Hands-on Pasta Class in Inglewood
From Price:$125 / person
United States
Design A Hand-Woven Wall Hanging
From Price:$69 / person
United States
Create Hollywood Sound FX!
From Price:$120 / person
Paint a mural with a street artist
From Previous price:$58Discounted price:$46 / person
Brush and Ink, Japanese calligraphy
From Price:$55 / person