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Best bars in Prague 1

“Interesting Czech restaurant where little train bring your food to the table on rail :))”
54local recommendations
Night Club
“Double-decker Nebe offers comfortable seating, video projection and also the warm kitchen. Of course there are excellent cocktails and good alcohol. Try the feeling of heaven on earth”
53local recommendations
“biggest strip club in Prague, transport by limo, VIP reservations, adult entertainment”
3local recommendations
“Como Mediterranean Restaurant & Café is the place to be seen in Prague. Its cozy terrace overlooks Wenceslas Sq and Museum. Don't do breakfast here as I hear its bad, but do lunch and dinner its gr8!”
4local recommendations
Strip Club
Theme Restaurant
“In Restaurant Vytopna the service is provided by model trains riding on 400 metres long railway. "The trains will serve your drinks without any delay."”
2local recommendations
Juice Bar