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Sightseeing in Warsaw

“The royal park. MUST SEE Chopin concerts from June till September on Sundays”
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Art Museum
“Located in the historical Ostrogski Castle, it is one of the few multimedia biographical museums in Europe. Among the exhibits you will find the composer's last piano and manuscripts of his letters and compositions.”
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Historic Site
“The Core Exhibition is a journey through 1000 years of the history of Polish Jews – from the Middle Ages until today. Visitors will find answers to questions such as: how did Jews come to Poland?”
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Monument / Landmark
“Historical monument of a Polish- Swedish king Sigmundus Vasa 3rd that moved the capital of Poland to Warsaw.”
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“The Royal Park. The biggest and most beautiful park in Warsaw. You can meet there a lot of squirrels and peachocs.”
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“Quite and peaceful, here it's possible to have nice and long walk in a beautiful park between squirrel and peacock in the city centre.”
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Historic Site
Monument / Landmark
“Pomnik na terenie cmentarza powstańczego ku czci powstańców i ludności cywilnej, która zginęła podczas Powstania Warszawskiego.”
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