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Best things to do in Waikanae

Discover the city according to locals. Find the best things to do, places to eat, and get priceless advice from the people who live here.

Natural Feature
“Kapiti Island is an island about 5 km off the west coast of the lower North Island of New Zealand. It is 10 kilometres long, running southwest/northeast, and roughly 2 kilometres wide, being more or less rectangular in shape, and has an area of 19.65 km²”
12 locals recommend
“Department of Conservation have tours to Kapiti Island. It is worth a trip if you have a day to spare. The Waikanae library has excellent information”
16 locals recommend
Zoo Exhibit
“Ngā Manu is a nature and wildlife sanctuary set on 35 acres of lowland swamp forest in nearby Waikanae. ”
28 locals recommend
“Distance from home =seven kms. Ten minutes drive or thirty minutes cycle along cycle tracks all the way ”
20 locals recommend
Movie Theater
“Great food, coffee, fully licensed. great variety of drama, arthouse, childrens holiday and new release movies. 3 intimate cinemas with luxury seating.”
19 locals recommend
“"We believe in Waikanae Beach, and so took the opportunity to beautify two main corners at Waikanae Beach; Long Beach Tavern and Olde Beach Bakery. We created a point of difference by using vertical integration in our businesses, from growing the produce for the beverages and food we serve in our Veggies Patches, to making products from scratch".”
18 locals recommend
“10,000 US Marines stationed in Paekakariki during WW2. There is a memorial to commemorate their efforts. And lots of bike tracks, walking tracks, and quite often a deserted beach too. Also has the Kapiti Tramways Museum and you can go on a tramride for a very reasonable price.”
14 locals recommend
“I wouldn't call it a zoo, more like an open farm. Most 4 legged animals are fenced but it's a great place for kids, old and young. Its a drive into a land with no reception but they have wifi at the cafe. Free parking.”
11 locals recommend
“The views on this walk are said to be the best coastal views in the entire Te Awaroa walkway Not for the faint hearted. ”
16 locals recommend
“Sunshine and Romantic sunsets. Outdoor dining on calm nights. Indoor cosy dining. Laid back vibe. Also takeaway pizzas. Friendly people.”
16 locals recommend
“Delicious croissants, pastries, cakes, pies and sandwiches. They also have a stall at the Waikanae market on Saturday mornings.”
13 locals recommend
Shopping Mall
“Coastlands is the biggest shopping mall in the district with over 100 stores, including large chains such as Farmers, The Warehouse, Briscoes, Noel Leeming, Harvey Norman, Rebel Sport, Kathmandu, Paper Plus, Event Cinemas, and other amenities such as medical centre, banks, hairdressers, post office, etc.”
9 locals recommend
Grocery Store
“Bigger range of international foods and a few minutes further away on foot. Open until 10pm every day.”
7 locals recommend
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4 locals recommend
“The Front Room has a relaxed atmosphere with a modern interior and provides great food and service for small to large groups. Brunch is available from 9-3pm and lunch from 11:30-3pm. Dinner is from 5:30pm till late. ”
14 locals recommend
“Best food and best restaurant but best off all, can rely on awesome live music. Well known on the coast. Takes 11 minutes to drive from the cottage to the venue.”
12 locals recommend